How Old Is Valkyrae? Age, Boyfriend, Career, Networth & More Info In 2022!

American YouTuber and social media personality Valkyrae is well-known. Hofstetter is well known for being the most popular female broadcaster on YouTube since the year 2020.

She also supports women in online gaming and occasionally participates in matches with all-female teams.

Biography of Valkyrae

The internet superstar Rachell Marie Hofstetter, well known by her stage name Valkyrae, is a very successful woman in the United States. On January 8, 1992, she was born in Washington, DC, the United States.

She lived with her German father and Filipino mother for the majority of her early years in Washington. Her mother is likewise of Swiss and Spanish ancestry.

Valkyrae also has a sister, who she spent the majority of her early years with. However, they lost their father in 2017 when he passed away from cancer. After completing her education, Marie began her first employment at GameStop, a retailer of video games because she had a strong interest in them.

Marie worked there for almost one and a half years but subsequently quit because she found the work to be monotonous. She has been a YouTuber since.

Age of Valkyrae

how old is valkyrae

Born on January 8, 1992, Valkyrae. Valkyrae has reached the age of thirty. A well-known American YouTuber is Valkyrae.


In Washington, where Valkyrae spent most of her formative years, she completed her early education. She then proceeded to Community College to finish her graduation paperwork. Soon after graduating, Valkyrae began working at GameStop for the first time.

Relationships, Family, and Boyfriend

how old is valkyrae

German-born Mr. Hofstetter, who works for a corporation, is her father.

Mrs. Hofstetter is her mother; she is a Filipino who works as a teacher.

Her sibling existed. She had a sibling who tragically lost his life through suicide.

The marital status of Valkyrae is single. Michael is her boyfriend’s name. After being together for four years, Valkyrae and Michael decided to end their relationship earlier this year.

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Valkyrae: Careers and Professional Life

how old is valkyrae

With the American retailer “GameStop,” which sells video games, gadgets, and cellular services, Valkyrae began her career.

Later, she started working for a gaming business, which sparked Valkyrae’s interest in video games. After that, she joined Twitch and began making live streams.

Valkyrae started playing Fortnite after beginning her career on Twitch. She also took part in the Battle Royale add-on for Fortnite.

She frequently collaborates with other streamers including Alexia Raye, Myth, Pokimane, and Soni. The star has a similar level of fame on YouTube, where she currently has more than 3.61 million subscribers.

The Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, NES, GameCube, PS2, Xbox360, and Original Xbox are just a few of the gaming devices Rachell owns.

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Salary and Net Worth for Valkyrae

Valkyrae is a well-known YouTube personality who makes a respectable living from her work. She and her family lead an opulent lifestyle.

According to rumors, Valkyrae will reportedly have a $3 million net worth by 2022.

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Valkyrae: Interesting Facts

Here are some more fascinating fun facts about Valkyrae:

  • The first female player and content producer for the competitive sports team 100 Thieves is named Valkyrae.
  • 2014 saw the beginning of her YouTube channel postings.
  • She continued to grow and succeed after a YouTube official tweeted in 2020 that Valkyrae was the live streamer with the fastest global growth rate.
  • She also took home the prize for a best content producer at the Game Awards in the same year, which means she will be honored in 2020.
  • Valkyrae dated Sony D, another well-known Twitch streamer. They started dating in 2016 and have been together for almost 4 years.
  • Along with streaming live games, Valkyrae enjoys dancing and daring feats.
  • When hanging out with her friends in lounges and pubs, Valkyrae is frequently noticed.

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