How Old Is Landon Barker? Age, Girlfriend, Career, Networth & More Info In 2022!

Landon Asher Barker was born on October 9, 2003, in California, the United States, and is well-liked for his charisma and good looks.

Childhood & Education

In a nearby private school, he received his introductory instruction. He then transferred to Fontana High School, where he is still enrolled. He has always had a strong interest in performing and drama in addition to attending school.

He has participated in a few school and society show programs as a result of his interest. He is currently a rock star musician, though.

Age of Landon Asher Barker

how old is landon barker

Landon Asher Barker will be 18 in 2021 because he was born on October 9, 2003.

Landon Asher Barker’s Girlfriend

how old is landon barker

It would be safe to assume that Landon doesn’t have a girlfriend because he is still relatively young, but that is not the case.

He once dated Alisha but broke up with her because he thought she didn’t like him.

After that, he started dating Bella, with whom he is currently no longer in a relationship. He is currently, however, dating the young vocalist Danielle Cohn.

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how old is landon barker

The first episode of the family’s reality TV program, “Meet the Barkers,” featured Landon Barker. He was only two years old at the time. There were a total of 16 episodes throughout the two seasons of the show.

In 2008, after Travis Barker had survived an aircraft disaster, the show was once more broadcast. While the show was airing, Landon and his family rose to fame as reality TV stars.

When they were still very little, Travis—an Instagram user—allowed his kids to create their own accounts on the website. It appears that Travis himself moderated the accounts because Landon and his sister Alabama quickly built a sizable fan base.

Regarding Instagram popularity, they used to battle with one another, despite the fact that Alabama typically maintained a slight advantage over Landon. Recent history has seen the exact reverse.

Instagram and TikTok are two of Landon’s social media platforms of choice. He was raised as a superstar and is at ease with his share of fame and fandom. He regularly engages with his admirers and appears to enjoy the spotlight.

Landon is frequently lauded for his sense of style by both his followers and the media, and many of his admirers adopt his clothing code, hairdo, and hair color.

Fans frequently ask him if he wants tattoos like his famous tattoo-covered father Travis Barker, who is commonly compared to by them. He previously said he wanted to get his last name tattooed on his wrist.

With more than 3.9 million TikTok followers and most of his videos receiving over 10 million views, Landon is now incredibly well-liked on the app. He has featured TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, who has also been a factor in his ascent to fame on the platform, so his success isn’t just a result of his music or the renown of his famous parents.

In addition to this, he is well known for his musical collaborations with Machine Gun Kelly and Pop-Punk. The musician has collaborated with Landon on several occasions, which has only boosted his appeal to younger audiences.

Landon’s popularity has spread to other social media sites as well, with over 1.9 million Instagram followers and over 131k YouTube subscribers, despite the fact that the latter site only features two of his videos.

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Worth of Landon Asher Barker

Landon Asher Barker’s current estimated net worth is $1.2 million, compared to his father Travis’ estimated net worth of $45 million and his mother Shanna Moakler’s estimated net worth of $15 million. According to a guestimation, Landon Asher Baker and his family have a combined net worth of over $61.5 million.

Landon has amassed a sizable social media following. He also has various sponsorships and marketing deals that he capitalizes on to generate income. He might still be considered a young man who is just getting started in the entertainment business, though.

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