How Old Is Jon Voight? Age, Wife, Career, Networth & More Info In 2022!

An American actor named On Tonight is well known for his work as “Soe Suck in Late Night Showboy.” Hardly a role exists where Voight has not appeared, and he is clearly a talented actor.

He has received recognition and awards for numerous of his works throughout his life. But how many of us know the background of his life, his education, his family, his professional life, his personal life, etc.? So let’s explore more of Soe Voight’s life.

Young Life

On December 29, 1938, in Yonkers, New York, Jon Voight was born. A father who played professional golf brought up Jon Voight and his two siblings in a Catholic home.

His other brother, Chip Taylor, went on to become a successful singer-songwriter while one of his brothers at Penn State became a volcanologist.

After participating in school musicals while a high school student and became interested in acting, Voight. After finishing high school, Jon Voight attended The Catholic University of America where he received a B.A. in 1960 before relocating to New York to pursue an acting career.

Weight, Age, Height, and Body Measurement

how old is jon voight

What are On Voight’s age and height and weight in 2022? Well, On Vaughn is 83 years old as of today’s date, October 8, 2022, having been born on December 29, 1938.

Hugh is 6′ 1.5″ in height, 187 centimeters in length, and weighs 84 kilograms in kilograms and 194 pounds in pounds in pounds, respectively.

Personal Life

how old is jon voightVoight married a woman named Laura Seters in 1962. They first met when they both appeared in the original roadside production of the song “The Sound of Music,” but they later divorced in 1967.

For around ten years, he was single. Later, in 1971, he wed another woman named Sarcheline Strange.

They had a boy, whom they named Same Savel, in 1973. Two years later, a girl, whom they named Inglelina Solis, was born to them. They too entered the entertainment industry, becoming actors and producers, following in their parent’s footsteps.

But their marriage was unsuccessful, and in 1978 they filed for divorce. They eventually got divorced in 1980.

After his second divorce, he remained alone for approximately 40 years, but throughout this time, he dated any woman, including Linda Sommer, Rebecca De Sommer, and others.

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how old is jon voightIn the 1960s, television jobs marked the start of Jon Voight’s career. Episodes of Gunsmoke featured him in some of his most noteworthy early roles.

His appearances on shows like Naked City, The Defenders, Twelve O’Clock High, and Cimarron Strip would also help him build a reputation. With Broadway appearances in musicals like A View From the Bridge, he had also made a reputation for himself by 1965.

Jon Voight made his movie debut in 1967 with a humorous part in Fearless Frank. After landing a small role in the western Hour of the Gun, Voight secured a major role in the divisive but influential movie Midnight Cowboy, which helped him establish his name.

Jon Voight nearly missed earning an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as a male prostitute in the X-rated movie. The only X-rated movie to ever do this was Midnight Cowboy, which won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

In addition, Midnight Cowboy, which had a $3.2 million budget, made nearly $45 million at the box office.

Following this achievement, Jon Voight landed a number of prominent leading roles in other movies throughout the 1970s. Before becoming a critically acclaimed actor with 1972’s Deliverance, Jon Voight starred in films like Catch-22 and The Revolutionary.

The movie received numerous award nominations. In the drama A Streetcar Named Desire, Voight received plaudits for his portrayal of Stanley Kowalski.

Voight then continued to make appearances in movies from the 1970s, including The All-American Boy, Conrack, The Odessa File, and End of the Game.

Toward the close of the decade, he once more dazzled critics with a stirring performance in Coming Home, earning him an Academy Award for Best Actor. Voight portrayed a Vietnam War veteran who was disabled in the movie. Then, in the movie The Champ, he portrayed a boxer.

Voight made appearances in movies including Lookin’ to Get Out and Table for Five in the early 1980s. After starring in Runaway Train in 1985, Voight was once again nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. He appeared in the movie Desert Bloom to cap out the decade.

Voight made a comeback to television with made-for-TV films in the 1990s. Additionally, he played himself in an episode of Seinfeld. Voight joined the Heat cast in 1995, joining a star-studded ensemble.

He would appear as the “spymaster” the following year in Tom Cruise’s first Mission: Impossible movie. Anaconda and Rainmaker were two more movies with Voight in the 1990s.

Voight demonstrated his exceptional variety with a number of significant roles toward the end of the decade, beginning with one as an adversary in Enemy of the State.

After that, he portrayed an investigator in The General before making an appearance as a high school football coach in Varsity Blues in 1999.

With a significant role in the sweeping World War Two film Pearl Harbor, Jon Voight had a solid start to the 2000s. Jon Voight received special recognition despite the movie’s lackluster critical reception.

Another intriguing event involved Voight’s appearance with his daughter, Angelina Jolie, in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, which is considered to be one of her defining movies.

He portrayed Jolie’s character’s father in the movie. In Zoolander, he played a parent once more, and he won praise for his work in Ali.

Additional parts in movies including National Treasure, Glory Road, and Transformers appeared in the 2000s. Voight became well-known for playing the antagonist in 24’s seventh season during this time period as well.

In the TV show Ray Donovan in 2013, Jon Voight made an appearance.

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What is Jon Voight’s Net Worth and Salary?

Jon Voight is an American actor who has a net worth of $55 million.

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