How Old Is Jerry Springer? The Politician’s Bio, Career, Personal Life, and Net Worth!

Gerald Norman Springer is a broadcaster, journalist, actor, producer, former lawyer, and politician who was born in the United Kingdom on February 13, 1944. Between September 30, 1991, to July 26, 2018, he presented the tabloid talk show, Jerry Springer. In 2015, he launched the Jerry Springer Podcast. Judge Jerry aired on Springer from September 2019, all the way until 2022.

Jerry Springer Age

On February 13, 1944, Jerry Springer entered the world. Today, he is 78th years old. Jerry Springer’s given name, Gerald Norman Springer, is indeed his genuine name. Highgate Tube Station in London is where he entered the world.

He spent his childhood on Chandos Road, in the East Finchley neighborhood. Margot and Richard Springer, his parents, fled Prussia as Jews from Germany. Marie Kallmann, Jerry’s maternal grandmother, perished in the Chemno extermination camp’s gas vans.

Career in Politics

Springer ran for governor of Ohio as a Democrat in 1982. To demonstrate that he was not frightened of the truth “even if it hurts,” TV ads for Springer’s campaign made reference to his usage of a check to pay a prostitute.

After coming in third place in the Democratic primary election, behind former Lt. Governor Richard F. Celeste and Ohio Attorney General William J. Brown, his political career was placed on pause. He was instrumental in the late 1980s in keeping the Cincinnati Union Terminal open and preserving the building’s history.

In 2000 and 2004, Springer pondered running for the U.S. Senate but ultimately decided against it because of the stigma associated with his name. There was some thought given to him running for governor of Ohio in 2018, but he ultimately decided against it because of his advanced age.

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Springer Got His Start in Radio as A Student at Tulane University

He worked on the progressive-format WTUL New Orleans FM. Even while he was mayor of Cincinnati, he kept it going with WEBN-FM, a rock radio station known for its album focus and casual, humorous air personality. The channel often aired Springer’s thoughts under the headline “The Springer Memorandum.” His successful commentary helped him break into the broadcasting industry.

how old is jerry springer

At WLWT, the lowest-rated news station in Cincinnati at the time, Springer was hired as a political reporter and pundit. A broadcast catchphrase in the style of other famous newsmen was necessary once he was promoted to lead news anchor and managing editor. Taking care of yourself and each other was his signature line, which he came up with with the support of others at WLWT.

Together with his co-anchor Norma Rashid, he rose to prominence in Cincinnati’s media market within two years. His regular observations, which were widely parodied by Cincinnati radio personality Gary Burbank, made him the most popular one in the city for five years and earned him 10 local Emmy Awards. After a while, he turned those observations into his signature “Final Thought” segment on Jerry Springer. Until January 1993, Springer would continue to serve as a pundit for WLWT. During this time, he called Loveland, Ohio, home.

NBC’s affiliate in Chicago, WMAQ-TV, hired Springer as a news analyst in 1997. However, this was a huge flop with the audience, leading to the departure of veteran newscasters Ron Magers and Carol Marin. Springer resigned as commentator after two appearances.

Personal Life

In 1973, Springer wed Micki Velton, and the two had a daughter, Katie Springer (born 1976). In 1994, the couple decided to separate. Springer is one to keep his private life just that: private.

He occasionally makes it out to see the New York Yankees play at Yankee Stadium. Throughout his shows on “The Jerry Springer Show,” listeners would often yell, “Jerry, Jerry.” The show “Judge Jerry” has continued this tradition. Dr. Talk, Springer’s 1995 album for Fiddle Fish Records, was primarily comprised of cover versions of country songs.

how old is jerry springer

Springer was a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2006. On the third season of the hit show, he was paired with Kym Johnson. It was said that he entered the competition so that he could learn the waltz in time for his daughter Katie’s wedding. A week into the seventh round, he was eliminated.

Springer addressed the graduates of the Northwestern University School of Law during their graduation ceremony on May 16, 2008. Half of the crowd gave him a standing ovation, and his address was well-received by critics. The topic of his address, he clarified subsequently, was “the ethical decisions we all have to make in whatever business we get into.”

Jerry Springer moved his program tapings from Chicago to Stamford, Connecticut in 2009. Every Monday and Tuesday, Springer would leave his home in Sarasota, Florida, and travel to Connecticut to record an episode of “Judge Jerry.” Weekly, he would go into another studio in Kentucky and record his podcast. He makes trips all around the country to rally votes for Democratic Party candidates.

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Annual Wage of Jerry Springer’s Talk Show

Jerry Springer made $8 million a year at the height of his show’s popularity.

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