How Old Is Jamie Lee Curtis? Know About the Producer Lifestyle in 2022!

Actress, producer, children’s book, and campaigner Jamie Lee Curtis, Baroness Haden-Guest (born November 22, 1958) hail from the United States. It was as Lt. Barbara Duran on the ABC comedy series Operation Petticoat that she first came to widespread attention (1977–78).

She became known as a scream queen after her debut as Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s slasher film Halloween (1978), which led to roles in other horror films like The Fog (1980), Prom Night (1981), Terror Train (1982), and Road games (1983).

Jamie Lee Curtis’s Age

Born on November 22, 1958, Jamie Lee Curtis is now 63 years old. Santa Monica, California is home to the actress and author. She first came to prominence as the film’s lead in 1978, and she’s set to reprise the role in this year’s Halloween remake.

Jamie Lee Curtis Family

Parents Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh raised actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Mr. Tony Curtis is her actor father. Mrs. Janet Leigh, an actress herself, is her mother. Herself, she is the fifth of six children. Kelly, Allegra, and Alexandra Curtis are her sisters, while Nicholas and Ben Curtis are her brothers.

how old is jamie lee curtis

Currently, Jamie Lee Curtis is a married woman. She tied the knot with Christopher Guest in 1984. There are two kids in the family now, from the couple. Ruby and Annie Guest are the names of her two daughters. Christopher Guest isn’t the only celebrity she’s dated; Adam Ant, J. Michael Riva, Johnny Lee Schell, Shaun Cassidy, Kevin Pollak, and Jodie Foster are among her other exes.

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How Much Money the Star of Halloween Has Made

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Jamie Lee Curtis’s wealth at $33 million, which is roughly £27 million. The various films and TV shows she appeared in over her career contributed to this. She has also written several acclaimed children’s novels, one of which was a New York Times bestseller.

Private Life

On December 18th, 1984, Curtis tied the knot with actor Christopher Guest. She told her friend Debra Hill, “Oh, I’m going to marry that guy,” after seeing a photo of him from the movie This Is Spinal Tap in Rolling Stone, and she did so five months later. Annie, born in 1986, and Ruby, born in 1996 (and transsexual), are their adopted daughters. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has Curtis as his godmother. Curtis had dated British rock singer Adam Ant before being married to Guest.

When her husband’s father, Peter Haden-Guest, 4th Baron Haden-Guest, passed away on April 8, 1996, he became the 5th Baron Haden-Guest, and his wife became known as The Honourable the Lady Haden-Guest. Curtis refuses to accept this designation since, in his words, “it has nothing to do with me.”

how old is jamie lee curtis

Actress Sigourney Weaver is one of her best pals. She admitted in an interview in 2015 that she had never seen Weaver’s Alien film in its entirety because it scared her. After undergoing cosmetic surgery, Curtis developed a dependence on opioids, from which she has since recovered. She credits Tom Chiarella’s account of addiction for helping her get clean from opiates in 1999 and now considers her sobriety to be her greatest accomplishment.

She discovered after her father Tony’s passing that she and her siblings were disinherited. She enjoys World of Warcraft and One Piece and has gone undercover to Comic-Con, EVO, and BlizzCon.

Curtis responded to receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 78th Venice International Film Festival by expressing that she was “humbled and honored.” “felt so energized, like I was a 14-year-old starting out in the world for the first time. For this reason, I greet each day with the same sense of excitement and determination, and I am only getting started,” she said.”

Films Career

For her first cinematic role, Curtis portrayed Laurie Strode in the 1978 slasher Halloween. Often cited as a classic of the genre, the picture was a financial triumph and the highest-grossing independent film of its era. Since Curtis’s mother, Leigh, was a famous horror actress, producer Debra Hill decided to cast her in the role. Afterward, Curtis was included in a number of scary movies, earning her the moniker “scream queen.”

She also reprised her role as Strode in the sequels Halloween II (1981), Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), Halloween: Resurrection (2002), Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills (2021), and Halloween Ends (2022), in addition to an uncredited vocal appearance in Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1985). (1982).

how old is jamie lee curtis

The Fog, directed by Halloween’s John Carpenter, was her next picture after that. With its February 1980 release, the horror picture marked the beginning of Curtis’s career as a horror film starlet, albeit receiving mixed reviews from critics. The Canadian slasher film Prom Night, which she starred in next, was released in July 1980.

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Similar in tone to Halloween, the picture (for which she was nominated for a Genie Award for Best Performance by a Foreign Actress) was panned by critics and ended up being written off as a forgettable entry in the slasher subgenre. Terror Train, in which Curtis starred, had its October release that year and received similarly dismal reviews to Prom Night. Both movies did okay at the box office. Like Strode, the protagonist whose pals are killed and is essentially the only protagonist to survive, Curtis’ parts in the subsequent two films had a similar purpose.

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