How Old Is Alan Krashesky? Age, Wife, Career, Networth & More Updates In 2022!

Newscaster Alan Krashesky works for Chicago, Illinois-based WLS-TV, which is owned and run by the American Broadcasting Company. In 1981, Krashesky started working as a news reporter for WBNG-TV in Binghamton, New York.

Bio of Alan Krashesky

Alan Krashesky is a famous TV Show Host, who was born on October 19, 1960 in the United States. American news anchor and reporter who has reported for Chicago’s WLS-TV and hosted the weekly political and current affairs segment, NewsViews. According to Astrologers, Alan Krashesky’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Alan Krashesky (born October 19, 1960) is a principal news anchor for WLS-TV, an American Broadcasting Company-owned and operated television station in Chicago, Illinois.

He married Colleen Merritt Krashesky and together they have three children, Kaylin, Kian, and Kiera.

After graduating from college in 1981, Krashesky became a news reporter for WBNG-TV in Binghamton, New York. After just a year at WBNG-TV, he moved to Austin, Texas where he was a news reporter and weekend weather anchor at KTBC-TV. He gained his first broadcasting experience when he was a news anchor at WICB radio in Ithaca, New York.

Alan Krashesky Age

how old is alan krashesky

He was born on October 19, 1960, in Philadelphia, PA. He is 62 years old.

Alan Krashesky Wife

how old is alan krashesky

Colleen Merritt Krashesky is the spouse of Krashesky. Their son Kian Krashesky, who was born in South Korea and attends Columbia College in Chicago, their youngest daughter Kiera Krashesky, who was born in China, and their eldest daughter Kaylin Krashesky, who graduated from the School of Journalism in Missouri, are the couple’s three children.

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Alan Krashesky Career ABC 7

how old is alan krashesky

For more than 36 years, Krashesky has provided detailed and important updates to Chicago watchers.

The 5 PM and 6 PM broadcasts are two of ABC 7’s premier work day reports that the seasoned anchor and writer co-secures. He has held these roles since March 1998. In addition, he joined Cheryl Burton as co-anchor of the station’s premier 10 PM broadcast in May 2016.

For both his news mooring and news detailing, Krashesky is well known and respected. Prior to that, he worked with ABC 7 to co-secure its morning shows, 5 PM workday reports (from 1994 to 1998), and 4 PM workday reports (from 2005 to 2016).

(1989-94). He did serve as the main anchor for ABC 7’s morning newscast during the workday. Each report he has obtained has consistently received the top rating in the Chicago market. In 1982, he started working for ABC 7 as a general duty columnist.

Krashesky’s revelations received significant praise both in Chicago and overseas. He is regarded as one of the best columnists in the industry for covering important domestic and international events and has received praise in particular for including the Roman Catholic Church. Chicagoans will analyze his inclusion of both the famous abdication of Pope Benedict XVI and the elevation of Pope Francis from top to bottom.

He covered the beatification of Pope John Paul II in 2011 as well as the death of

Pope John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI in 2005.

His local broadcasting won numerous Chicago Midwest Emmy Awards. Krashesky previously worked as a journalist and weatherman for KTBC-TV in Austin, Texas (1982). He worked as a journalist, weatherman, and end-of-the-week sports anchor at WBNG-TV in Binghamton, New York, prior to joining KTBC (1981).

While still in school, Krashesky worked as a reporter for Ithaca, New York’s WICB-FM radio station (1979-81).

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Net Worth of Alan Krashesky

A Well-Known Newsreader, Journalist, and Presenter Are Alan Krashesky. Which a Lot of People Choose. You Should Study This Post We’ve Provided in Its Whole if You Want to Learn About the Enormous Net Worth.

How to Find out Alan Krashesky’s Net Worth. the Highly Regarded Newsreader, Journalist, and Presenter Alan Krashesky’s Net Worth Is Reportedly $1.6 Million.

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