Free Fire Partner Program: V Badge and Requirements in October 2022!

The Free Fire Partner Program is a hot topic in the neighborhood. In order to promote FF-focused material in the game’s community, particularly on YouTube, Garena officially announced the program.

The battle royale game’s creators aim to keep it popular among mobile gamers, and by providing lots of benefits, the Partner Program has been successful in drawing in a sizable player base.

One of the many advantages of joining the game’s Partner Program is the V Badge. This emblem denotes one’s affiliation with Garena and establishes the content provider as a legitimate member of the gaming community.

However, it should be understood that not everyone is eligible for a position in the FF Partner Program. Before applicants can submit an application for a slot, there are formalities and prerequisites that must be satisfied.

According to The Website, the Participants Must Meet the Following Criteria:

1. Enthusiastic YouTube Channels with More than 100,000 Subscribers.

2. Content Creators that Have Used 80% Free Fire and Have 30,000 Channel Views in The Last 30 Days.

3. Tubers that Consistently Post Engaging, High-Quality Content on Social Media.

4. Participants Are Required to Upload Entertaining, Offensive-Free, and Clean Content.

5. Gamers Should Be Professional and Eager to Put in A Lot of Effort.

6. People Must Be Driven to Achieve as A Team and Have a Passion for Gaming.

Those Who Match These Criteria Can Apply to Join the Partner Program and Receive the V Badge for Their Free Fire I Ds.

However, There Is No Guarantee that You Will Be Accepted Into the Programme Because only The Best Applicants Are Picked After an Internal Screening Process.

free fire partner program

How to Apply for Partner Program V-Badge and Requirements in 2022

If Gamers Want to Join the Partner Program and Receive the V Badge, They Must Fill out A Form.

Their Name, Address, Channel Details (name, Url, Subscriber Count), and Other Things Will Be Requested.

Steps to Access the Form:

Step 1: Users Must Use a Device to Access the Official Partner Program Website.

Step 2: Users Must Select the “Apply Now” Option that Is Displayed on Their Devices.

Step 3: After Being Forwarded to The Google Form, All the Information Must Be Correctly Entered.

Step 4: After Completing the Application, They Can Submit the Form.

What Are the Things Partners Can Access

The Benefits that Partners Will Receive Through This Programme Are Listed Below.

  • Thousands of Diamonds, Personalised Room Cards, and Items.
  • A Preview of Upcoming In-Game Material.
  • Users Can Be Highlighted on The Br Title’s Official Social Media Accounts.
  • They Have Access to The Official Free Fire Client for Observers.

free fire partner program

  • They Can Speak with The Garena FF Team Directly.
  • Invitations to Esports Events and Official Free Fire Competitions.
  • Access to Specialised Goods

How Can I Register for The Partner Programme?

  • Visit the Partner Program’s Official Website (partnerprogram.Ff.Garena.Com).
  • On the Website, Click the “Apply Now” Option.
  • A Google Form Is Visible to Applicants and Participants, and They Must Complete It in Order to Move Forward.
  • Fill out The Form, Submit It, and Then Wait for Garena to Get Back to You.

These Therefore Are the Procedures and Specifications for The Partner Programme. Follow Inside Sport. In for Future Updates on Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

free fire partner program

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How to Join Free Fire Partner Program and Get the Verified Badge in 2022?

Step 1: Navigate to The “Apply Now” Button on The Official Free Fire Partner Program Website.

Step 2: It Will Take You to A Google Form Where You Are Prompted to Enter Some Basic Personal Data as well as Details About Your Channel.

Step 3: Fill out The Forms Completely and Send Them In. the Free Fire Support Staff Will Get in Touch with You Soon with Further Instructions if You Are Eligible to Take Part in The Free Fire Partner Program.

free fire partner program

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Upon Joining the Partner Programme, the Validated Badge Will Be Added to Your Free Fire Account. Players Should only Apply if They Fit the Criteria Since Doing Anything Else Won’t Have Any Beneficial Effects.

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