How to Obtain Free Emotes and Buy Free Fire Max Diamonds..!

One of the top video games in the battle royale subgenre is called Free Fire MAX. Millions of players worldwide enjoy it every day, giving it a massive fan following. They are provided with graphics of the highest caliber and engaging gameplay elements, such as real-life-inspired characters, weaponry, and emotes.

Diamonds are a unique in-game currency that has also been added by the developers. These can be used by players to buy a variety of things, such as Elite Passes, characters, weapon skins, and much more. The most recent update from Garena includes a brand-new event where players that spend diamonds will receive a legendary emote.

This article describes how to buy diamonds and acquire a free emote in Free Fire MAX in detail.

Get Free Emote by Purchasing Free Fire Max Diamonds

To acquire the free emote and weapon skin, players can go to the Boxer Top-Up event. Agile Boxer and Pigmented Splash MP5 weapon skin are the names of the emote.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for acquiring Free FIre MAX diamonds to obtain the emote:

  • On your device, launch Free Fire MAX.
  • Select the top-up event by tapping the diamond icon. You should select Boxer Top-Up there.
  • You can choose between two awards in the event, including an emote and weapon skin. The former can be purchased for a top-up of 300 diamonds, while the latter costs 100 diamonds.
  • You can purchase an INR 250 diamond top-up, which provides 310 diamonds, by going to the Top-Up area.
  • You can redeem the Agile Boxer emote by going to the top-up event section after making a successful purchase.


The character’s superb boxer impersonation in the emote is impressive. The selected avatar performs some punches in the action and moves around to avoid enemy attacks.

The Emote’s In-Game Description Is as Follows:

You Cannot Avoid My Blow, I Say.

The event also offers an MP5 skin with a stunning blue and purple theme in addition to the emote. Players that use the gun cosmetic can increase the weapon’s average basic damage and movement speed, which facilitates better movement in close-quarters fighting.

Difference Between Free Fire Max Diamonds & Free Fire Diamonds?

Once you top up from SEAGM, both Diamonds will automatically sync to your Free Fire Max & Free Fire Game ID. (For instance, Free Fire Max Diamonds and Free Fire Diamonds can both be used in the Free Fire Game.)

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How Can I Obtain Free Diamonds for Fire Max?

The primary method of obtaining Free Fire Max Diamonds is through in-app purchases. Additionally, you may trade them for FF Tokens, and Garena could even give you some of them. Additionally, Free Fire Max Diamonds may be bought using Garena gift cards. Both time and money are saved.

The easiest method to make sure you move quickly and establish your supremacy in Free Fire Battlegrounds is to purchase Garena Free Fire Max Diamonds! The Free Fire Max Diamonds code ensures you may get the in-game money quickly and easily.


All you need is a mobile game and an active Garena account. Use the digital Garena coupon code whenever and whenever you like.

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What Are Used for Free Fire Max Diamonds?

Free Fire Max Diamonds Operate in The Same Manner as Pubg Mobile Unknown Cash or Apex Legends Coins. Free Fire Max Diamonds Are an In-Game Money that Can Be Used to Purchase Cosmetics or In-Game Items and To Speed up Gameplay.

You Can Use Free Fire Max Diamonds to Buy a Variety of Well-Known Characters, Like Misha, Nikita, Kelly, Kapella, and Many More. to Get Additional Exclusive Skins and Upgrade Weaponry, You Can Also Take Part in Diamond Spin and Luck Royale.


to Stand out From Other Players, Buy Some Free Fire Max Diamonds and Some Shiny In-Game Goods!

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