Candice Bergen Weight Gain: How Candice Bergen Gained 30 Pounds In 2022?

With her, critically acclaimed performance on the CBS sitcom Murphy Brown, multiple award-winning actress Candice Bergen became well-known all over the world. She received two Golden Globe Awards and five Emmy Awards for her work on the project.

In addition, the actress received an Oscar nomination for her work in Starting Over (1979). The Sand Pebbles (1966), Soldier Blue (1970), The Wind and the Lion (1975), and Sex and the City (2008) are some of her notable films.

Candice has a successful acting career and a respectable amount of wealth.

How Candice Bergen Gained 30 Pounds?

Candice Bergen had no qualms about eating a dish of chocolate ice cream after a bread basket.

In her new book A Fine Romance, the 68-year-old Murphy Brown actress discusses her most recent method for achieving health and happiness, in which she completely rejects diets and embraces carbohydrates.

candice bergen weight gain

She declares simply in the upcoming memoir, which was excerpted on the Today show Monday, “Let me just come right out and say it – I am obese.”

“In the previous 15 years… I now weigh 30 pounds more. I eat to live. I’m not interested in any of this ‘eat to live crap, she adds.

In the book, Bergen describes how she and her husband enjoyed chocolate ice cream and bread at a recent dinner gathering. “A woman who was close to me stared at me with disgust, and I thought, “I don’t care!” ”

The former fashion model continues by saying that she disapproves of her “slim pals” binge-and-purge behaviors because she assumes they must be “miserable.”

They regularly vomit after large meals that include a piece of steak or a fillet of fish in order to maintain their weight. She declares, “I am incapable of this. My attempts at dieting have always been overtaken by desires.

The actress quips in the tell-all, “I crave cookies all the things that dilate my pupils.

Bergen explores significant life milestones in A Fine Romance, such as her marriage to French filmmaker Louis Malle, the birth of her daughter Chloe, being a widow, and finding love again. The new autobiography, written as a sequel to her 1984 book Knock Wood, will be available starting on April 7.


candice bergen weight gain

Bergen started working full-time as a professional model after graduating from college, appearing on the covers of publications like Vogue. She was attending acting classes at the HB Studio in New York City at the time.

She made her acting debut in the 1966 film “The Group,” which was directed by a family acquaintance and featured her as a college student. The movie was a huge commercial and critical hit. The popularity of the movie led Bergen to concentrate on her acting career.

She co-starred with Steve McQueen in “The Sand Pebbles” the following year. Her career was begun by this film, which received numerous Academy Award nominations. She then acted in the 1967 Fox film “The Day the Fish Came Out.”

Despite the movie’s failure at the box office, Fox hired Bergen to a long-term deal. She continued to appear in numerous movies and TV shows, including “Getting Straight” and “Soldier Blue” in 1970, “Carnal Knowledge” in 1971, for which she received overwhelmingly positive reviews,

“The Wind and the Lion” in 1975, “Gandhi” in 1982, and “Starting Over” in 1979, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.

Bergen became the first female “Saturday Night Live” host in 1977. When she hosted “SNL” for the fifth time in 1990, she became the first female member of the Five-Timers Club.

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Candace’s most well-known character is arguably that of broadcast journalist Murphy Brown in the same-named program, which lasted from 1988 to 1998 before being revived in 2018.

Despite being a comedy, the program addressed serious topics. Candace portrayed a tough television reporter who subsequently battled breast cancer, was a recovering alcoholic and was also a single mother.

There were ten seasons of the show. Bergen received five Emmy nominations for her work as the lead actress in a comedy series. Following her sixth victory, Bergen turned down more nominations for the part. In 1996, Bergen co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in the independent film “Mary & Tim.”

When CBS recruited Bergen to cover topics for “60 Minutes,” she was given the opportunity to work as a real-life journalist after she played Murphy Brown. She said she declined the offer because she didn’t want to conflate her roles as an actor and a journalist.

Later in her career, she was commonly seen portraying an authoritative figure or social status symbols, such as in the films Sweet Home Alabama and Miss Congeniality (2002). She had an appearance in “View from the Top” in 2003.

On the Oxygen network, she also hosted “Exhale with Candice Bergen.” She starred in the popular comedy-drama series “Boston Legal” as the successful attorney Shirley Schmidt. For this role, she received nominations for two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. For five seasons, she performed in the part.

Following her tenure on “Boston Legal,” Bergen has numerous guest appearances on different TV programs and made an appearance in the 2009 film “Bride Wars.” She also contributed to, a forum for female users to discuss politics, culture, and gossip.

She appeared in “The Romantics” in 2010 and occasionally appeared on “House.” Later the same year, she appeared in a one-night-only performance of Stephen Sondheim’s “Evening Primrose,” which was staged.

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She made her Broadway debut in the 2012 revival of Gore Vidal’s “The Best Man,” and she returned in the 2014 production of “Love Letters.” It was revealed in 2018 that Bergen would return to a CBS reboot to play Murphy Brown. The relaunch was terminated by CBS on May 10, 2019, after just one season.

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