11 of the Very Best Minecraft Faction Servers Available in 2022

A fun method to explore Minecraft servers is by using the faction plugin. You can assemble a group or an army of gamers who are committed to the same goals as you. Inside the server, construct, farm, and produce a lovely kingdom. You can grow your groups and raid opposing factions as well.

You Can Accomplish so Much as A Group.

It’s not simply PVP or a battle royale, but a vast array of managing players to build a long-lasting survival environment where each player is tasked with turning a small village into a thriving town or banding together to plunder other players’ resources.

Build fantastic factions by putting in time and effort together. Protect your resources from rival factions as well, as there will be avaricious parties looking to expand their empire by robbing neighboring villages and cities.

Minecraft’s Best Faction Servers

The conflict between factions that results from a player of one faction intruding and killing players of another faction is the subject of a great deal of fascinating literature.

It has become the norm for factions to declare war on one another and fight each other to the death, but factions are primarily there to build and harvest resources with one another because it takes less time and is more enjoyable when you get to meet new people who are incredibly helpful and help you on your journey.

best faction servers minecraft


One of the biggest faction servers in Minecraft, with all the required groups participating in various activities like build battles, sky wars, bed wars, duels, and more.

Join forces with pals and go on a colossal quest to conquer the sky in sky wars, or engage in a global build battle with rivals from all around the world. If one is interested in operating a business as a merchant in Hypixel, the server also features a trading system. You won’t have any trouble picking up and getting going as there are hundreds of minigames and more than a million helpful Minecraft players.

The most enjoyable part is when you and your buddies work together to battle challenging bosses scattered throughout the server’s regions. These bosses will keep you on your toes. In addition to boss fights, there are occasions when things get exciting and you participate in different activities.

Customize your equipment with the hundreds of new and distinctive armor and weapons available. There are a lot of Minecraft gamers on the same server.

Massive Craft

People Can Concurrently Combine All the Mini-Games and Modes Into One on The Enormous Server Known as Massive Craft. from One Portal Into Another, Players Can Seamlessly Use Their Tools and Weapons.

Now that They May Do So, Players Can Unite with Pals and Claim Their Territory. Players Can Teleport to Their Home Base at Any Moment by Using a Simple Command to Set Their Home Spawn Place. Massive Craft Has Several Features that No Other Faction Server Has, Numbering in The Thousands. Mob Spawns, Bosses, and Items Are Just a Few of The Many Things that Players Can Customise.

Mox Mc

The Server Is Ideal for Those Who Want to Pick up And Get Involved in The Action Right Away Because There Are Server-Specific Factions that Anyone Can Join and Start Having a Good Time In.

The Toxic Server Will Provide You With The Necessary Tools Before You Start Your Battle, in Contrast to Other Servers Where You Must Play Through the Game with Others in Order to Gather and Make Items.

This Server Is Great for Novice Players Since It Has Towns with Seasoned Players Who Welcome Them and Teach Them How To Engage in Survival-Based Pvp Combat.

best faction servers minecraft


Players Will Devote a Lot of Time to The Enormous and Competitive World of Archon with Its Numerous Quests, Battles, Land Claims, and Seasons. One of The Greatest Factions with Committed, Aggressive Players that Are Capable of Creating Magical Goods.

The Real-World Prizes Given Away by Servers Each Season Are the Driving Force Behind This Tournament. a Financial Prize that Is Kept Inside the Server Is Awarded to Each Winning Group in A Variety of Games and Events that Are Held on The Server.

Because of The Magic Mod, Which Is Exclusive to The Faction Server, It Is Well-Known. as A Fantasy Server, the Game Maintains Its Magic Through the Mana System, in Which Each Magical Item, Spell, and Power Depends on The Expenditure of Mana.

Magic Cube

Mana Cube Has Consistently Provided Top-Notch Services Up To This Point. Players Who Want to Join the Server’s Different Events Are Welcome to Join a Clan and Play on The Faction Server.

By Adding Several Fresh Features with Each Update, Mana Cube Also Keeps the Server Dynamic.

Players Can Find Communities that Welcome New Members to Aid Their Clan in Expanding and Engaging in Competition with Other Clans Thanks to Its Weekly Events, Games, and Clans to Help One Another Out.

Additionally, You Can Establish Claims on Five Distinct Dimensions, Where You Can Dig and Harvest Each of The Unique Resources that Are Present There.

Life Steal

You Are Effectively Dropped Into a World of Drastically Altered Terrain on This Faction Server, Where You Must Not only Survive but Also Thrive in Order to Defeat All of The Bosses in The Game. the Life Steal Faction Server Has Hidden Secrets, Loot, and Treasures. in Essence, It’s Smp with A Modified Map.

You Must Instantly Create a Group or Join Another Faction Because Veteran Players with Superior Armour and Weaponry Will Easily Beat You in The Early Stages of The Game. You Can Better Safeguard Your Equipment and Resources if You Have a Team. as You Fight with Them, They Will Assist You in Moving Forward in The Game.

Op Blocks

It Offers a Variety of Games That You Can Play with Your Pals. You Can Build Unique Equipment to Liven up Pv P Combat or Use a Variety of Mods, Including Boosters and Magic.

The Fact that You Can Plate Opblocks on Bedrock Versions Is Even More Remarkable. Console Users Can Now Choose From A Variety of Games. You Can Choose From A Variety of Game Styles or Just Make Your Own Adventure and Invite Your Friends to Play It. the New and O Pblocks Have a Lot to Offer to Both Novice and Seasoned Players Thanks to Its Unlimited Levelling System and Seasonal Changes.

best faction servers minecraft


The Method Snapcraft Creates Its Servers Is Straightforward but Distinctive. the Game Is Fun to Play Because of Features Like Developing Relationships with Other Players, Creating One-Person Factions, and Claiming Territory Everywhere.

You Can Design Your Own Map Just for You and Host Pv P Fights with Server-Based Players. the Advantage of Snapcraft Is that You Can Enter an Arena Battle by Yourself. Because You Can Rely on Your Squad to Help Instead of Having Them Run Away in Times of Need, This Makes Combat Intense and Reliable.

With so many Game Types, Such as Creativity, You Can Construct Anything You Can Think of And Invite Your Friends to Play Survival on It.

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Mining Network

Through Its Central Hub, Mainland Network Offers Thousands of Games that You Can Access. the Server, Which Offers Thousands of Games, Is Exactly What Its Name Implies: It Will Keep You Occupied and Entertained for Many Hours. Nearly Every Mod Game We Found for Minecraft Is Included, from Bed Wars and Sky Block to Fortunate Block Mod.

You Can Join Thousands of Games and Start Your Own Faction to Develop Together. the Game Also Features Economic Elements with Trading and Buying Exclusive Goods. Similar to Roblox, Which Allows Game Makers to Develop Their Own Games and Upload Them to The Server, Mainland Likewise Offers the Ability for Game Creators to Create Their Own Games and Upload Them to The Central Network, Where Other Players Can Access and Play Them.

Cloud Lemon

Lemon Cloud Holds a Prominent Position Among Dedicated Servers Thanks to Its Continuous Improvements and Services.

Based on Its Op(operator Status) Faction. Now that The Server Has Implemented Numerous Command Methods, Players Can Use Them to Alter the Game Modes, Weather, Time, and Other Variables. Lemond Cloud Often Uploads Fresh Content to Its Server.

The Lemon Cloud Offers Users Additional Material Such as Op Prison, Op Creative Builds, Survival Rest, and Many More in Addition to Bed Battles and Sky Wars, Which Have Grown to Be Essential for Any Competitive Server.

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The Pika Network

Welcome to The Pika Network. You’ll Find Welcoming Gamers, Staff, and Administrators Here Who Can Assist You in Getting Acquainted with The Pika Network Server. Pika Network Features a Variety of Games, Just Like the Mainland Network.

best faction servers minecraft

Build Exquisite Homes, Expand Your Island, and Rise to The Top of The Game’s Players in Skyblock with Survival. You May Become the Strongest Player in Skyward by Showcasing Both Your Sword and Bow Talents. You Can Build by Claiming Plots on The Prison Server, Level up Through Mining, and When You Achieve the Free Rank, You Can Explore a New World. Likewise, Look at What Other Players Have Constructed.

Because of The Server Builders, You Will Witness Builds in All Server Game Types that Are Completely out Of the Box.

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