The Best Discounts Available on Apple Watches This Month..!

Deals on Apple Watches are readily available right now. Despite being one of the most sought-after smartwatches available, shops are constantly running Apple Watch specials that take between $30 and $100 off the company’s top-selling models. Additionally, now that the Apple Watch 8 is readily available, it won’t be long before Cupertino’s newest smartwatches are discounted.

The previous-generation Apple Watch SE (GPS/40mm) is currently on sale for $199 on Amazon (opens in new tab). For this watch, that represents an all-time low price. Amazon is currently offering the latest Apple Watch SE (2022/GPS/44mm) for $269. (opens in new tab). The first discount we’ve seen on any of Apple’s new watches is a modest $10 off.

There are other Apple Watch discounts available right now as well. We are looking around for the best prices on Apple Watches and presenting them to you. Here are the finest sales currently being offered, whether you’re looking for discounts on the Apple Watch Series 3, SE, or the upcoming Series 8. Read our Apple Watch 8 vs. Apple Watch 7 comparison as well.

Current Best Offers on Apple Watch

To compare costs for the most popular models across different retailers, use our automated price tracker.

Ultra Apple Watch

The initial price of this Apple Watch is $799/£849. It includes cellular.

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Series 8 Apple Watch

For Series 8, the 41mm and 45mm versions start at $399 and $429, respectively. A cellular Apple Watch is an additional $100/£100.

SE Apple Watch (2022)

Starting prices for the Apple Watch SE for the 40mm and 44mm models are $249 and £259, respectively. Cellular costs an extra $50 or £50.

Dated Apple Watch Models

Prior to September 2022, Apple was still offering these Apple Watches for sale. Although they are currently no longer available, you might be able to get a refurbished version through Apple’s Refurbished Store or from one of the resellers listed below.

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Series 7 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch 7 without cellular starts at $399/£369 for the 41mm model, while it costs $429/£399 for the 45mm one.

SE Apple Watch

Prices for the Apple Watch SE range from $279 (£269) for the 40mm model without cellular service to $309 (£299) for the 44mm model.

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Series 3 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch 3 is the least expensive, costing $229/£199 for the 42mm model and $199/£179 for the 38mm model. Neither one includes mobile.

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Design of Apple Watch Series 8

What’s up with the design of the Apple Watch Series 8? It certainly resembles an Apple Watch. Since the initial release of the Apple Watch in 2014, the company has maintained a very focused and obvious design philosophy.

While new models have enhanced things over time, the overall aesthetics haven’t changed all that much. It makes sense why that is when your design basis is this strong.

The Apple Watch Series 8 feels great to wear all day long, and even during the night if you’re interested in sleep tracking, whether you choose the 41mm or 45mm trim (the version I have).

The squircle shape of the watch is one I particularly enjoy looking at, and a WR50 rating ensures waterproofing for up to 50 meters of submersion. The watch fits well on my wrist.

The design of the Apple Watch has been executed by Apple with the best quality ever. The Digital Crown is a joy to use when scrolling through menus or notifications. To switch between apps or launch Apple Wallet, simply press the side button that is located beneath it. Apple’s band system is one of the simplest to use when you’re ready to put on a new watch band.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 offers little to alter your mind if you’ve never been a fan of how it looks. But if you do enjoy the way the Apple Watch feels and looks, the Series 8 is even better.

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Apple Watch Series 8 Temperature Sensors

However, the Apple Watch Series 8’s health toolbox does have one new piece of hardware: a pair of temperature sensors. The Apple Watch Series 8 measures the temperature of your wrist using two sensors—one on the back and one beneath the display—and displays the results in the Health app on your iPhone.

Before the Series 8 develops a baseline, you must enable sleep monitoring and wear it for around five nights. Once that is done, though, a new Wrist Temperature section will appear in the Health app.

Your “diet and exercise, alcohol consumption, sleep environment, or physiological factors such as menstrual cycles and illness,” according to Apple’s website, can affect wrist temperature variations. It’s a cool metric to have, but I’m not sure how to use it. The Health app shows my wrist temperature, but there is no explanation of what these data indicate.

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On September 19, my temperature was 1.05 degrees higher, but on September 26, it was 0.59 degrees lower. That probably has a meaning, but I’m not sure what it is. I’ll give Apple credit for using its temperature sensors in a novel way (unlike the Galaxy Watch 5), but what really interests me is what other applications will do with this information.

The Series 8’s temperature sensors have another feature, but I haven’t been able to test it yet. Users of Apple’s Cycle Tracking app will be able to get retroactive estimations for when they last ovulated after wearing the Apple Watch Series 8 for five nights, which might be highly beneficial for family planning.

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