How to View the Remaining Value on Your Amazon Gift Card!

Gift cards from Amazon are more than simply a slightly cumbersome way to store money tied to your Amazon account. While giving someone an Amazon gift card is an easy way to send them money, if you frequently buy on Amazon.

it may also be a smart way to set yourself up for quick and easy purchases or even a smart way to stick to your budget. The best thing is that you may reload those gift cards for later usage, ensuring that your account’s gift balance is available for a speedy checkout.

Additionally, Amazon will clearly display your gift card balance as a payment option during checkout, so you won’t need to double-check your bank account. This tutorial will show you how to use the Amazon website or app at any time to check the gift card balance associated with your Amazon account. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate both manual and automatic balancing reloading.

How to Check the Balance on Your Amazon Gift Card

On the Desktop Website or The Mobile App, You May View Your Balance.

On a Computer:

1. Visit the Amazon Website And, if necessary, Log Into Your Account.

2. Click Account After Hovering Over Accounts & Lists.

3. Click Gift Cards on The Following Page.

Your Gift Card Balance Will Be Displayed at The Top of The Page.

amazon gift card balance

On a Mobile Device:

1. Start Your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device’s Amazon Shopping App, and If Necessary, Log In.

2. in The Bottom Menu, Select the Profile Icon.

3. Locate the Gift Card Balance Area by Scrolling Down. Your Current Balance Will Be Shown There.

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How to Manually Refill the Balance on Your Amazon Gift Card

Your Balance Can Be Manually Reloaded to Stop Any Unauthorised Card Charges. if You Don’t Use This Balance Much or If You Simply Want to Purchase One Thing, This Is an Excellent Solution. Your Balance Can Be Increased for No Less than $0.50.

On a Computer:

1. Hover Over Account & Lists on The Home Page of The Amazon Website, Then Click Account.

2. Choose Gift Cards on The Following Page.

3. Select Reload Your Balance from The Menu Bar at The Top of The Following Page.

4. Select or Input a Dollar Amount.

5. Press “Buy Now.”

amazon gift card balance

On a Mobile Device:

1. Start Your iPhone, IPad, or Android Device’s Amazon Shopping App, and If Necessary, Log In.

2. Click the Profile Button.

3. Scroll Down and Select Manage Under Gift Card Balance.

4. Pick Reload Balance in Step Four.

5. Select the Quantity and Click Buy Now.

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Can I Transfer the Balance on My Amazon Gift Card?

No, You Cannot Transfer the Remaining Balance on An Amazon Gift Card. the Following Banned Actions Are Specifically Included in Amazon’s Terms and Conditions and Severely Limit What People Can Do with Their Gift Cards:

  • Transferring a Gift Card’s Remaining Value to The Other Amazon Account After the Claim Code Has Been Used.
  • Transferring a Gift Card’s Balance to A Debit or Credit Card (like Mastercard or Visa).
  • Using a Gift Card’s Remaining Balance to Transfer Money to A Bank Account.
  • Transferring a Gift Card’s Remaining Value to Your Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, Cash App, or Other Online Payment Account.
  • Using the Gift Card to Purchase Another Gift Card.
  • Cashing out With the Amazon Gift Card (except in Certain Cases Where It Is Required by Law).
  • Moving the Gift Card to The Other Nation.

amazon gift card balance

Contacting Customer Care Is Your Sole Option if You Want to Move Your Amazon Gift Card or The Remaining Money to Another Account. but Because Amazon Clearly Tells Users to Check Whose Account They’re Linked To when Redeeming Their Gift Card, It Is Unlikely that They Will Reverse the Redemption and Enable It to Be Used on A Separate Account.

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