4 WhatsApp Sending Methods to Saved and Unsaved Numbers.!

The majority of the time, you need to save someone’s phone number on your phone before you can message them on WhatsApp. If you just need to SMS them once or twice, this is time-consuming and adds needless contacts to your phone.

Thank goodness, there are numerous methods for sending WhatsApp messages without adding the recipient’s number to your contact list. Check out the many approaches.

1. Text Whats App Contacts Using a Url

You May Instantly Ping a Contact on Whats App by Entering a Url in Any Browser if You Know Their Whats App Number.

  • You Can Replace the Number with Your Contact’s Phone Number and The Country Code by Entering Https://wa.Me/number in The Url. the Url Will Be Https://wa.Me/19876543210 if The Phone Number Is +1 987 6543210, for Example. the + Sign Is Not Required in The Connection.
  • A Pop-Up Will Appear Once You Access the Url in A Browser and Ask You if You Want to Open the Website in Whats App. Open by Pressing the Button. the Conversation Will Now Start.

The Easiest Way to Text Somebody without Adding Their Phone Number to Contacts Is Probably Using This Technique, Which Works on Both Android and iPhone. We Say This Because You Don’t Even Have to Set up Any Third-Party Scripts or Code, Let Alone Modify Any Rights.

 ways to send whatsapp message without saving number

2. Respond to Particular Phone Numbers from A Whats App Group

You Can Also Start Whats App Conversations without Adding the Other Party to Your Contacts by Using Whats App Groups. the Catch Here Is that In Order to Message Someone, You Must Be in A Whats App Group with Them.

There Are Two Ways You Might Approach This. Follow These Instructions to Communicate with the Person if They Have Already Sent a Message to The Group:

  • To Text, Someone, Tap Their Message and Hold It in Place.
  • Click “more”
  • Next, Choose Reply Privately.
  • With This, You Can Start a New Chat with That Individual, and The Chat’s Header Will Now Display Their Phone Number Rather than Their Name.

You Can Ping the Aforementioned Person by Browsing The Whats App Group’s List of Members if They Haven’t yet Submitted a Message to The Group. You Must Complete the Following.

  • Select the Group Name at The Top of The Whats App Group After Opening It.
  • To View, the Group’s Membership List, Scroll Below.
  • Find the Person’s Phone Number that You Want to Communicate.
  • Press Info After Selecting the Number.
  • To Begin a Private Chat with This Individual, Click the Message Icon at The Top of The Screen.

These Techniques May Come in Handy if You Belong to A Sizable Whats App Group and Need to Communicate with a Stranger or An Acquaintance without Saving Their Phone Information. One Instance Is Showing Photographs of An Item They Want to Purchase to A Random Person in A Group.

 ways to send whatsapp message without saving number

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3. Limit Whats App’s iPhone Access to Contacts

Yes, You Can Easily Prevent Whats App from Texting People without Adding Their Numbers to Your Address Book. Observe These Steps:

  • Scroll Down and Tap Privacy in The Settings App on Your iPhone.
  • Choose Contacts Next.
  • WhatsApp Is Located Below. to Disable it, Flip the Switch Next to It. the Contacts Access Switch Will Be Green if It Is Turned On. if It Is Not Green, It Is Not Functional.
  • Once Whats App Is Open, Select the New Chat Option in The Top-Right Corner.
  • A Prompt from Whats App Will Appear Asking You to Enter the Phone Number of Your Contact. Enter the Phone Number, Then Click “done.”

Without Adding New Phone Numbers to Your iPhone’s Address Book, This Will Launch a Whats App Chat.

If You Use This Approach, Each Time You Wish to Start a New Chat with Someone, You Will Need to Copy and Paste Their Phone Number. Inconveniently, It Also Stops Showing Contact Names for All of Your Whats App Chats.

You Should Grant Whats App Access to Contacts Again After You Send the Message if This Restriction Annoys You. This May Be Accomplished by Selecting Settings > Privacy > Contacts and Turning on The Options Next to Whats App.

 ways to send whatsapp message without saving number

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4. Utilize a Siri Shortcut to Ping Unsaved Numbers on iPhone Whats App

Apple’s Shortcuts Programme Is a Different Method for Sending a Whats App Message to Someone without Saving Their Phone Number. Once You’ve Installed the App, Proceed as Follows:

  • Make Sure the Option to Allow Untrusted Shortcuts Is Turned on By Going to Settings > Shortcuts.
  • Launch the Shortcuts App Now, Select the Gallery Tab, Download Any Random Shortcut, and Execute It Once. Shortcuts Downloaded from The Internet Cannot Be Run without This.
  • Download the Shortcut for Whats App to Non-Contact Now, Then Launch It from The My Shortcuts Page in The Shortcuts App.
  • Entering the Person’s Phone Number Will Be Required by The Shortcut. Although You Don’t Have to Type the + Symbol, You Can Type That. Your Phone Number Should Therefore Resemble This: 19876543210.
  • To Initiate a New Chat with An Unsaved Number, Enter the Number and Tap Ok.

 ways to send whatsapp message without saving number

It Is Considerably Simpler to Share Links, Photos, and Other Items Directly to Whats App Unsaved Numbers when You Can Access This Shortcut from The Share Sheet on Your I Phone.

All You Have to Do Is Launch Any App, Like Photos or Safari, and Click the Share Icon. Now Scroll Down and Click the Shortcut for Whats App to Non-Contact. Now You Can Start Messaging People without Adding Them to Your Contacts by Entering the Phone Number as Previously Mentioned.

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