Five Facts About Michael Blackson That You May Not Have Known.!

You’ve probably seen this guy around, and you may have even seen one of his stand-up routines, on a number of different shows. It’s safe to say that Michael Blackson is a funny guy, and he’s making a name for himself in the entertainment industry,

but he hasn’t yet achieved the stride that will make him as well-known as other comedians who have risen to the top and kept going strong. He has a chance at making it big while he’s still young.

The man is pretty funny and has accomplished a lot in his career thus far.

1. He’s Appeared on A Few Different Tv Shows.

He Has Made a Couple of Appearances on The Tv Show Are We There Yet? in Addition to Appearing on The Mo’nique Show. Blackson Has Also Collaborated with B.O.B. on Music Videos and Appeared on 30 Rock.

unknown facts about michael blackson

2. He Started Doing Stand up Comedy in 1992.

He took a Friend’s Recommendation and Began Performing Stand-Up. Since Then, He Has Performed Some of His Funniest Material in Clubs, on Television, and In Competitions. It’s Not Always Easy Work, but He’s Learned from The Mistakes of Other Comics and Understands Just What to Say to Keep the Crowd Laughing.

3. He Played the “angry African Man” Next Friday.

Since All He Really Does Is Go Into Pinky’s Record Shop While Yelling Obscenities and Making Baseless Charges, He Doesn’t Really Have a Major Role. the Addition of An African Accent Makes Him Sound Even Crazy, Which Is a Welcome Addition to The Character.

in His Attempt to Leave the Store After Confronting De De and Then Walking Away, He Is Stopped by Craig, Who Shoves Him to The Ground and Orders Him to Leave.

unknown facts about michael blackson

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4. His Biggest Inspiration Is Eddie Murphy.

For a While, Eddie Murphy Dominated the Comic Scene. Although He Was Extremely Filthy when It Came to Delirious and Raw, His Humour and Intelligence Were Such that He Became an Inspiration to A Generation and Beyond.

Blackson Decided to Pursue His Own Path, but He Gave Murphy Credit as His Largest Influence Because Murphy Was a Huge Star Who Made a Career as A Comic.

unknown facts about michael blackson

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5. He Was Born in Ghana.

The Year 1972 Saw His Birth in Ghana, and It Wasn’t until 1987 that He Arrived in the United States. A friend suggested that he try his hand at stand-up comedy because there wasn’t much else for him to do when he first arrived but try to build a reputation for himself.

He decided it was a good plan and set out to try out material to see whether he had what it takes to perform stand-up comedy. Since he’s been at it for so long, something must have clicked.

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