You Need to Know These 20 Weird Things About Kendall and Kylie Jenner….

The Kardashian-Jenners are renowned for exposing every aspect of their lives on their well-known TV programme so that everyone may see their highs and lows.

Kendall Jenner, however, has maintained a strict level of privacy while Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie have made their daily lives public on international television. She rarely talks about personal concerns and has never been open about her dating life.

In light of this, if the lanky supermodel is your favourite and you’re interested in learning a few personal information about her life, you’ve come to the correct place.

Here, we’ll share 21 interesting facts about Kendall Jenner that you probably didn’t know.

1. He’s a Basketball Player She Dates

Despite several paparazzi attempts (remember her yacht kiss with Harry Styles? ), Kendall maintains a very quiet relationship life. However, Kendall revealed that she was dating basketball player Devin Booker by posting a cute photo on Instagram on Valentine’s Day in 2021. Is this the beginning of Kenny’s extraordinary journey? We must hold off and see.

unknown facts about kendall jenner

2. Kendall Suffers from Anxiety Issues

As she entered the fashion industry, Kendall’s anxiety disorders, which she has openly discussed since a young age, became more severe. She acknowledged in a Vogue interview that occasionally she experiences such severe panic episodes that leave her feeling “dead” and with “numb limbs.” There have been occasions when she felt like she needed to be hurried to the hospital because she believed her heart was failing and she was having trouble breathing.

She also disclosed that she developed social anxiety as a result of the COVID-19 confinement (something a lot of us can relate to). She was really nervous when she had to see someone she hadn’t seen in a while. Kendall has acknowledged using “drawing” and “journaling” as a way to cope with her anxieties.

3. The Model Loves Big Dogs

Kendall prefers large puppies over Kylie’s cute small pooches. She is the proud owner of a greyhound named Mew and a Doberman pinscher named Pyro. In one of the final episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the canines managed to barricade themselves in a room, demonstrating just how cunning they are.

4. Kendall Enjoys Cooking

Kendall enjoys attempting new dishes and flavours. She has a tonne of family recipes to work through and finds it to be quite therapeutic. When she was in high school, she recalled that she used to bake instead of watching TV after school. “Growing up, I loved to bake; that was how I would pass the time after school after I finished my schoolwork,” she said. I like to let my thoughts be engaged in activities other than using my phone or watching TV since I find cooking to be incredibly relaxing.

unknown facts about kendall jenner

5. She Isn’t a Social Media Fan

Despite having more than 200 million Instagram followers, the model is not a big admirer of social media or the idealised image it presents. She admitted that she occasionally wishes she could take away her phone in an interview with the Sunday Times (reported by Harper’s Bazaar). There is “truly no escape it,” Kendall remarked, adding that she feels “addicted” to it as well.

6. Kendall’s the Easiest Sister to Work With

Kendall is the Kardashian family member that is easiest to work with, according to Kris Jenner, who said as much in a two-part KUWTK finale interview with Andy Cohen. The mother claimed that Kenny was the young child who, at age 7, would declare, “I’m done for the day, mama, my room is spotless,” before going to sleep each night. Kris views her as the most autonomous of all her siblings since she is obviously an independent lady who knows what she wants.

7. The Pepsi Ad Saga of Her

The Kardashian-Jenner family has experienced hostility before, and Kenny was the target in 2017. Kendall was being criticised after the contentious Pepsi commercial aired. Those opposed to police brutality criticised the video because it showed the model using the drink to mediate disputes between police and demonstrators.

After rumours surfaced that she was silent on matters of racial injustice, the celebrity soon appeared on KUWTK to issue an emotional apology.

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8. Kendall Eats a Paleo-Style Diet

The secret to Kendall’s supermodel shape is her balanced diet. The Paleo diet that the brunette beauty adheres to calls for just eating organic food, fibre, and lean proteins. She also consumes 12 cups of detox tea to get catwalk-ready before a show, however, we’re not sure how healthy that is as many of them contain natural laxatives.

9. She Would Have Made a Professional Rider.

Kendall would have liked to have followed in her father’s footsteps and competed in the Olympics as a horse rider if she hadn’t already become a well-known supermodel walking the Marc Jacobs or Burberry runway. The model admitted during the KUWTK reunion, “Honestly, I believe I’d definitely be in the Olympics or going to the Olympics for horseback riding.” Riding horses has always been a dream of mine. Kenny, you still have plenty of time to realise your dream!

unknown facts about kendall jenner

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10. Kendall Loves Sundays

The model-of-the-moment occasionally has a day off, believe it or not! In a live Q&A, Kendall said that Sunday was her favourite day of the week because she could relax in sweats, not worry about work, and prioritise some self-care. “I love a good Sunday with nothing to do, listening to some really good music with jazz or some slow R&B song,” she said. She takes a hot bath and has a large glass of wine to round off the beautiful day!

11. Her Celebrity Crush is Ryan Gosling

a fact that everyone can agree on. Ryan Gosling is Kendall’s celebrity obsession, so it makes logical that one of her all-time favourite movies is The Notebook. We must admit that after witnessing the classic love story, we were all left with major crushes on Ryan.

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12. She Belongs to The Group of “Super Natural Friends”

How adorable that she, Cara Delavigne, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber make up that bunch! Kendall acknowledged that the moniker is extremely “lame,” but it comes from the fact that they’ve all succeeded in living “awesome individual lives” after having fantasised about doing so since they were kids. The girls share a number of identical tattoos to further symbolise their undying love for one another.

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