10 Strange Things About Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’s Wedding..!

It’s amazing to think that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos had been dating since the middle of the 1990s when Consuelos was a struggling actor living off the couches and Kelly had already established herself on the soap opera scene.

Given their celebrity and the pressures of the public, they are a loving and open family who are known for their commitment to one another and their children.

In addition to the rigours of working on a daily talk show for more than 15 years, movies, television, soap operas, and everything else, having three wonderful children and maintaining a successful marriage are challenging tasks, but they are up to the task.

Despite having been fortunate in life and in love, this picture-perfect family hasn’t always had it easy. The two have shared many intriguing moments live on television over the years.

Here Are 10 Peculiar Facts Concerning the Union of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

1. The Eerie Birthday Photo

Although the Ripa/Consuelo’s Family Is Cheerful and Upbeat, They Have a Dark Sense of Humour. Kelly Shared a Funny Photo of Herself Posing in Front of A Coffin on Instagram when She Turned 49.

the Celebrity Made Light of The Fact That This Was the Gift Her Live with Kelly and Ryan Colleagues Gave Her. Her Cake Boss Cake in The Form of A Baguette Was Purchased by Her Husband and Co-Host Ryan.

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2. The Replacement Husband Pillow

Kelly Ripa Is Frequently Heard Gushing About how Much She and Her Spouse Love One Another. a Supporter Gave Kelly a Life-Sized Pillow with Consuelos’ Image on It.

We Can All Agree That This Pillow Will Be Useful Whenever One of Them Travels. He’s Very Peaceful Today, She Was Heard Saying in The Video She Shared to Express how Much She Loved the Present. Such a Peaceful Baby,” She Said, Kissing the Pillow.

3. After Their Separation, They Later Got Married

Mark and Kelly Ended Their Relationship Unexpectedly After a Year of Dating. We Split up And Then Reconciled the Day Before We Eloped, Kelly remarked.

Yes, We Ran Away. We Travelled to Las Vegas to Get Married. Whatever the Cause of The Split, They Were Able to Move on And Spend the Remainder of Their Lives Together as A Result.

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4. “Daddy” Knows Best

Kelly and Mark Are Like Many Other Couples that Have Nicknames for One Another. Kelly Made the Decision to Put Her Husband up For Consideration for The Title Along with A Sexy Photo on Social Media After John Legend Was Awarded the Title of Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.

Some Supporters Were Frightened when She Referred to Consuelos as “daddy” While Announcing the Nomination. “daddy Looks Fantastic,” Anderson Cooper Said in Response to Her Tweet.

5. The Married Couple Who Runs Away Together

About a Year After the Two Started Dating, Mark Proposed to Ripa Over Wine and Pizza at His Place. This Occurred Shortly After Their Separation. “I said, ‘ask Me when You’re Serious,'” Ripa Recalled.

I’m Serious, He Added. Tomorrow, Let’s Get Married in Vegas. the Two Later Took a Romantic Trip to Italy After Eloping in Vegas.

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6 . Where Kelly Found Photos of Mark’s Ex

Kelly and Her Family Have a Custom of Keeping Significant and Significant Mementos from Their Lives in An Old Family Bible for Whatever Reason.

While Searching for Something, Kelly Revealed to Her Television Viewers that She Stumbled upon Some Unexpected Stuff, Including Pictures of Mark’s Ex-Girlfriend. the Good News Is That I Have Countless Pictures of Mark’s Ex-Girlfriend in My Possession Right Now, Kelly remarked.

Very, if You’re Mark’s Ex-Girlfriend and You’re Seeking for Pictures of Yourself, I Have Them. by The Way, You’re Wonderful and So Beautiful. and The Drawbacks! if You Simply Want to Reminisce About the Two of You in Italy.

7. Mark Responds to Critics

Mark Wasn’t Going to Remain Silent when It Was Stated that Kelly Couldn’t Possible Look as Nice as She Does without A Little Surgical Enhancement.

Mark Also Said as Her Supporters Defended Her and Reminded Trolls that This Was None of Their Business. “I Can Attest, Same Nose,” He remarked.

No Veneers and An Aggressive Retainer Kelly Responded with A Humorous Remark, Saying that She Would Wear Her Dental Appliance Tonight for Him.

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8. A Prominent Life

Being Renowned Puts You in The Spotlight. Many People Are Watching as Mark and Kelly Are in The Spotlight. Apart from The Paparazzi, the Two Enjoy a Sizable Fan Base.

Kelly and Mark Each Have 1.9 Million and 2.6 Million Followers on Instagram, Respectively. a Newer Fan Base Has Become Interested in Mark Because of His Participation in Riverdale. as He Portrays the Complex Role of Hiram Lodge, Fans Love to Detest Him.

9. the Start of A Soap Opera

All My Children Brought Ripa and Consuelos Together Through Their Work on The Soap Opera. He Was Chosen to Play Her Romantic Interest in 1995.

“I Was Pulled to Mark Because He Was Positively an Alpha Guy, and I Didn’t Think I Would Be Drawn to That,” Kelly told Elle Magazine. but All I Do Is Worship Him.

unknown facts about kelly ripa

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10. The 18th Birthday Gift Their Daughter Was Not Interested In

Maintaining the Romance in A Marriage Can Be Challenging. Fortunately, Mark and Kelly like practising, much to their kids’ dismay. On her 18th birthday, daughter Lola entered the room and found them in an inappropriate position.

It’s great that they still get along, but Lola apparently thought the whole incident was “disgusting.”

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