10. Facts About Jimmy Kimmel You Didn’t Know..!

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a program that has been broadcast since 2003, is incredibly well-liked. Additionally, he has hosted the Emmys and the Oscars and had a successful run on Comedy Central. What do we know about the man, then, who consistently draws millions of viewers to his talk show each week?

He made the amusing “Mean Tweets” part of his program popular, and he also has an odd, protracted “feud” with actor Matt Damon. He once had a committed relationship with Sarah Silverman, another comedian, and got into problems for making fun of First Lady Melania Trump’s accent from Slovenia.

However, Jimmy Kimmel still has a lot of surprises in store for you. We’ve provided you with 10 facts about the talk show presenter in the post below. Discover the dangerous medical condition that Kimmel was only diagnosed with as an adult, and find out what weird childhood instrument Kimmel still plays today. Enjoy!

10. He Creates Programs

Most Fans Are Familiar with Kimmel from His Time on Win Ben Stein’s Money and The Man Show, a Comedy Series He Co-Hosted with Adam Carolla. Fans Are Certainly Aware that Jimmy Kimmel, in Addition to Hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Also Serves as The Program’s Executive Producer.

Fans Might Not Have Realised, however, that He Had Created a Number of Programmes Prior to It, Including the Andy Milonakis Show, Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, and Crank Yankers.

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9. He Was Selected as One of The Most Influential People in The World

Kimmel Was One of Many Celebrities to Win This Prestigious Award when Time Magazine Named Him One of The World’s 100 Most Influential People Back in 2018. Dick Durbin, a Former Student, Put Him Forward, and The Time Editorial Team and The Foreign Writing Staff Ultimately Decided to Include Him on The List.

He Was Joined on The List that Year by Millie Bobby Brown, Who Was the Youngest Person Ever to Be Included, as well as Celebrities Tiffany Haddish, Nicole Kidman, Kumail Nanjiani, and Issa Rae.

8. His Last Name Isn’t Kimmel

Okay, Technically It Is. by The Time Kimmel’s Family Generation Heard the Name, It Was Already Kimmel. However, the Original Name Was Kummel, Which Is German for “caraway.” This Is Due to The Fact that His Father’s Great-Great-Grandparents Were in Fact, German Immigrants.

Kimmel’s Mother Is from Ischia, Naples, Therefore He Is only Nominally Half Italian. Due to The Earthquake in 1883, the Family Moved to The United States.

7. Several Family Members Contribute to His Show

Kimmel Is Open About the Fact that A Large Number of His Relatives Work on The Programme. the Most Well-Known of These Was His Uncle Frank, Who Served as The Show’s Sidekick from 2003 until His Passing in 2011, at Which Point Guillermo Took Over. Additionally, He Has His Cousins Sal, Micki, and Chippy. but Things Don’t Stop There.

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His Son Is a Production Assistant, and His Brother Jonathan Also Directs the Show. Their Relationship Began Since His Wife Molly Is a Writer for The Show.

6. Carson Daly Worked for Him

When Kimmel Earned His Own Show in The 1990s After Beginning His Career in Radio, He Hired Daly as An Intern. Daly and He Were Previously Acquainted Because They Were Lifelong Friends of The Same Family.

This Was for The Programme that Was Broadcast on The Palm Springs, California Radio Station Kcmj. After Being Let Go from Station Kzok in Tampa, Florida, Kimmel Launched This One.

5. Jimmy the Sports Guy Was He

Kimmel Talked About Sports for Five Years as Jimmy the Sports Guys on The Kevin and Bean Morning Show.

He Met Carolla, a Struggling Comic at The Time when He Was Working on This Gig. Despite Kimmel’s Reluctance to Work in Television, They Later Collaborated to Develop the Man Show.

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4. His Cousin Sal Took Control of The Effort to Win Ben Stein’s Money.

Nancy Pimental Took Over for Kimmel when He Quit the Game Programme Win Ben Stein’s Money in 2001 After Four Years to Concentrate on The Man Show, Which He Was Performing Concurrently.

However, Kimmel’s Cousin Sal Iacono, Who Currently Collaborates with Him on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Took Over when She Quit a Year Later. He Held that Position Throughout the Remainder of The Show’s Run and Was Even Nominated for An Emmy for It.

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3. He Has Twice Served as Roastmaster

Since 1998, Two Humorous Roasts of The New York Friar’s Club Have Been Hosted by Kimmel and Broadcast on Comedy Central.

Hugh Hefner, a Former Playboy Founder, Died in 2001, While Pamela Anderson, a Canadian Actor, and Former Baywatch Cast Member, Died in 2005. in The No-Holds-Barred Comedy Show, She Was the First Woman to Be Roasted, and Man, Did They Ever Bash Her!

2. He Broke a World Record Set by Guinness

Kimmel Does, in Fact, Possess a Guinness World Record. What Reason? He Commuted Daily Between New York and Los Angeles During the Week of October 22–26, 2007, when He Served as A Guest Host on Live with Regis and Kelly so He Could Host Both that Show and His Own.

He Was Able to Achieve the Guinness World Record for The Greatest Distance Covered in A Workweek as A Result. There Are 22,406 Miles in All. It Appears He Continues to Hold that Record Today.

unknown facts about jimmy kimmel

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1. He Has Narcolepsy

Kimmel Has Openly Discussed Having Narcolepsy, a Neurological Condition that Makes It Challenging for A Person to Control Their Sleep-Wake Cycles and Leads to Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. Those Who Have Narcolepsy May Occasionally Even Fall Asleep Unintentionally.

He Jokes in Interviews that It Benefits Him when He Travels Because He Can Easily Fall Asleep on A Plane and Wake up When It Lands Feeling Rejuvenated, so He Seems to Handle It Well.

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