Twice Jeongyeon Weight Gain: Know About Her Weight Transformation In 2022!

Jeongyeon was born on November 1st, 1996 in Suwon, South Korea. A popular pop vocalist best recognized as the voice of the South Korean girl band Twice. Previously, she was a member of the JYP Entertainment girl groups 6mix and Nayeon.

She and fellow pop vocalist Nayeon were members of the South Korean girl group Twice. She applied for JYP Entertainment’s 6th audition in 2010 and worked as a trainee for five years before being selected to appear on Twice.

She is one of the popular singers who has achieved success. She has achieved recognition among the list of notable individuals who were born on November 1, 1996.

She is among the wealthiest pop singers to have been born in South Korea. Additionally, she is listed among the top pop singers. For 22-year-old age, Jeongyeon is one of the renowned individuals in our database.

What Caused Jeongyeon to Weight Gain?

That much is certain: not because she wished to. The spiteful insults and body-shaming statements Jeongyeon (@jy piece) received after gaining a little weight made it clear that she didn’t care for it. Not to add that the majority of K-pop idols are quite thin, which is a South Korean beauty standard.

Furthermore, it won’t be simple for you if you can’t keep up with them in the present K-pop music scene, where aesthetics is important. Therefore, the question: Why did Jeongyeon gain weight? emerges as someone who works in the industry.

The fact that Jeongyeon’s weight gain is entirely due to the health issues she has had to deal with makes the fat-shaming she experienced even more repugnant, cruel, and callous. She had also been sporadic in her participation in the group lately for this reason.

twice jeongyeon weight gain

The TWICE member has been in the headlines for the past three years mostly due to her absence from the group’s performances, which indicates that Jeongyeon has been constantly taking breaks, declining promotions, and skipping the group’s performances.

It all began in October 2020 when the singer took a break from TWICE activities and skipped the promotions for I Can’t Stop Me. Three months later, in January 2021, she made a comeback by attending the Seoul Music Awards with the other members. She astounded the fans at the time with her unexpected look and weight increase.

Since she didn’t discuss it at the time, it wasn’t known why she had gained weight, but it was subsequently discovered that Jeongyeon had to take time off due to health issues.

A few months before the break in June, just before TWICE’s return with their 9th mini-album More & More, she had to have a herniated disc in her neck surgically repaired. This is why she was admitted to the hospital.

A few months later, due to her panic disorder, Jeongyeon opted not to participate in the October promotion for TWICE. Her supporters now think that she had already gained weight at this point, something she was painfully conscious of, and the change in her body and the uncertainty of how others might react to it had made her anxious about appearing in public.

In any case, she once more stunned her supporters by losing weight in June 2021, just as she had done with weight gain. In the advertisements, she disclosed that she had shed 8 kgs so that ONCEs, TWICE’s fandom, could see her finest side. and alarmed them with so rapid weight reduction in such a brief time.

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When she seemed unwell and exhausted while the group was performing in Inkiyago, they became even more concerned.

In the behind-the-scenes videos for the music video The Feels, Jeongyeon could be seen gaining weight again by August 2021, indicating that she was unable to keep the weight off. She had shot the video, but since she took another break for her mental health, she didn’t participate in the single’s promotion.

With twice’s third full album Formula of Love: O+T=3 in November 2021, she recommenced her activity. She was heavily cyberbullied, harassed, and body shamed this time around due to her weight increase.

Her passionate defense against fat-shaming comments from the ONCEs split the internet in two, with the antis making fun of her weight increase on the opposite side.

For someone who was already dealing with anxiety issues, it was not a good time for her self-esteem and appearance. Maybe for that reason, she decided not to attend the first live performance in two years.

According to a statement released by JYP Entertainment on December 20 due to “health issues,” Jeongyeon “will be absent from TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ Seoul Concert, which will be held for 2 days on December 25th and Dec. 26th.”

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By that point, Jeongyeaon had taken numerous pauses for her health before returning with a weight increase each time, which deeply alarmed her admirers. They yearned to understand the health problems she was experiencing that were causing her weight to fluctuate so much.

The real truth about Jeongyeon’s health situation and the cause of her weight increase was disclosed in a video that reporter Lee Jin Ho posted on YouTube.

He said that she had gained weight while recuperating from the neck surgery, for which she had to take steroids. She soon put on weight due to the steroids’ main side effect, edema (limb swelling), which also increases appetite.

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