Download Share Me for Windows 10, 7, 8, and 8.1 on Your Personal Computer.!

A program called Shareme For PC was created so that computers may share files. Users can effortlessly send and receive files from smartphones to PCs. The Xiaomi company has officially published the Mi drop for PC program, which was previously known as Share Me for PC.

Because of its easy-to-use layout and the ability to move and exchange files without an internet connection, this program is incredibly helpful. This program is free of faults and mistakes, and Android users can share files easily by connecting it to any PC.

This program has a lot of features, but because it’s new, many users are unaware of them. For example, all the files are organized into categories like apps, music, and photographs, making it simple to search and share them. Due to the fact that it is a P2P file-sharing application without any adverts or promotions, the procedure is fairly straightforward.

About ShareMe App

With the ShareMe App for PC, sharing or transferring data is no longer a challenge because you can send and receive files fast without an internet connection. This app is being used by many users to move their info. With its speed and effectiveness, you may lighten your workload and complete shared tasks more quickly.

In order to learn more about this application, we have created this thorough discussion in which we cover all of its capabilities as well as how to download Mi Drop for PC Windows 7 and other related topics. So let’s move on to the features of this software that offer the users a variety of benefits.


Features of Share Me Latest Version 2022

ShareMe, the rebranded version of Mi Share for PC, stands apart from similar apps for sharing data thanks to a number of features. These are some of this app’s top features.

User Experience

The Mi Drop for PC has a fantastic and endearing interfere that is really good. Any computer user who uses an app will notice the UI right away. All users are conveniently located at the front of the Mi Drop for PC exe interface, which is slick and decent. From its home page interface, users may choose and make the best judgments. Users of this software can select from a number of categories on the screen before sending or receiving a file.


Users appreciate performance and speed when using their PCs and Android smartphones to complete tasks. Every user demands speed because they cannot spend the entire day waiting for a data transfer. Users may rapidly transfer any files or data between two devices thanks to this program, which is extremely speedy and effective.


Internet Not Necessary

The advantage of the Shareme application is that you can send and receive files without depending on internet connectivity or services. Simply establish an offline connection between the Android device and your PC to begin sending and exchanging data.

File Formats

It supports and transmits all file kinds, including mp3, video, JPEG, and a variety of additional formats for photos, audio, and video. Users may get the most out of this flexible PC app by sharing and transferring huge files quickly.

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No Device Restrictions

Since users can easily link it to all Android phones and PC systems to exchange and transfer data, this app has no device restrictions. An individual only needs to download the Shareme app from a reputable and reliable source.


You may easily download and transfer files without any adverts or promotions using the Share Me app or the Mi Drop for PC software. To avoid any disruptions from promotions, the designers were clear.

Language Assistance

You won’t need to worry about checking the language after downloading Mi Drop for PC because it supports a large number of widely spoken languages. You can choose from a variety of languages to use with the program, including Bahasa Indonesia, English, Bengali, Chinese, Espanol, Português, укрaнска мова, Ting Vit, and many more.

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Mi Drop for PC Download (Shareme)

There is no direct web link to the Shareme app download file. To get this program to function on your system, you must use an Android emulator on your PC. You can download Shareme for PC from 3 different sources and use it on your computer.


Installing Share Me on Pc with Nox Player

Many users utilize Nox Player, an Android emulator, to download and set up a variety of Android applications and games on their computers. Here are some simple instructions for utilizing the Nox player to download Share Me for PC.

  • Visit the Noxforpc player’s official website to get it.
  • Run the emulator after downloading and installing it on your computer.
  • You must use your Google account to log into the emulator.
  • then enter “Shareme” into the search bar.
  • Your download will start as soon as you click the install button.
  • Your app downloads quickly, and the Nox player on your computer can be used to execute it.

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Using Blue Stacks to Install Share Me on A Computer

One of the most reliable and high-quality Android App Emulators, BlueStacks offers a sizable selection of Android Apps that can be downloaded and used on a computer. Using Bluestacks Emulator, follow these simple steps to download and install Shareme on your PC:


  • You must first download the emulator from Bluestack’s official website.
  • After it is finished, start the emulator.
  • Enter the emulator using your Google account and wait for verification.
  • After some time has passed, you can click the My Apps icon and use the search bar to look for the Shareme app.
  • To download and install Shareme on your computer, click the install button when it appears in the desired results.
  • Wait for the Shareme App to download before using the Bluestacks emulator to use Shareme on your PC.

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