How to Remove Pdf Security Passwords More Updates!

You may need to enter the password to decrypt some PDFs each time you wish to see them. If you’re keeping the PDF in a secure location, you can erase the password to save yourself some hassle.

Here, we’ll go through two approaches to accomplishing this: the official approach, which calls on Adobe Acrobat, and a practical workaround that is compatible with all operating systems and existing apps. Both approaches presuppose that you are aware of the PDF file’s encryption password. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the password, there is no simple way to do so.

The Official Method: Use Adobe Acrobat Pro

With the official method, you can use the premium program Adobe Acrobat Pro. The majority of people use the free PDF viewer Adobe Acrobat Reader, but this program is different. A free week-long trial of Acrobat Pro is provided by Adobe. Even if the PDF has printing restrictions and can’t be printed in other programs using the aforementioned approach, Adobe Acrobat Pro will still function.

remove password from pdf

To see the PDF file, open it with Adobe Acrobat Pro and enter the password. Click “Permission Details” after selecting the lock icon on the window’s left side. Additionally, you can choose File > Properties and then select the “Security” tab.

To remove the password, click the “Security Method” box, choose “No Security,” and then click “OK.”

To save your changes, select File > Save. Additionally, you can just shut off Adobe Acrobat Pro DC without being required to save any changes. When you do, the original PDF file’s password will be erased.

Why remove a password?

One of the things that people frequently wonder about but are reluctant to ask is password removal. Even while it may seem like a suspicious query, the majority of the time, passwords must be changed for good reasons.

You no longer require a password for that information, which is the most frequent justification for removing passwords from protected PDF files. It’s possible that after a document becomes public, its contents are no longer regarded as sensitive or private. It might not be shared with anyone anymore, or it might not even be necessary to keep it secure. It’s time to take the lock off at that point.

remove password from pdf

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How to Disable Password Protection in a PDF Using a PDF Viewer

Only ever unlock a PDF that you have access to and are aware of its password for legal reasons. Passwords are frequently used to protect content from plagiarism or to encrypt data before sending it over the internet.

1. Activate Google Chrome

2. Select “File” > “Open File.”

3. Click Open after locating your password-protected PDF file.

4. Enter the document’s password.

5. Hit “Submit.”

6. Press Print.

7. Select your destination from the drop-down menu.

8. Then select Save as PDF.

9. Press Save.

10. Click Save after giving the new document a name.

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remove password from pdf

How to Remove PDF Password Protection Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is a premium application that offers additional features for customers that frequently need to alter PDFs, whereas Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free PDF viewer for everyone. It is also regarded as the more appropriate method of deleting a PDF’s security.

1. Activate Adobe Acrobat DC.

2. Hit “Open File.”

3. Click Open after locating the file whose password you want to erase.

4. After providing the password, click OK.

5. Press File > Properties.

6. Toggle Security.

7. Select Security Method from the drop-down list.

8. Then select No Security.

9. Select OK.

10. Once more, click OK.

11. The file’s password has now been deleted, and you can save it or do anything else you wish with it by selecting File > Save.

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