OG WhatsApp Download: How to Download OG WhatsApp APK by AlexMods?

Another WhatsApp mod that offers users a straightforward, understated, and cost-free messaging service while keeping security and functionality is OGWhatsApp. Advanced features that are very helpful for those who prefer a higher privacy setting were added by the mod’s developers.

OG Whatsapp: What is it?

A simple, useful, and secure messaging service is provided to users of OGWhatsApp, a modified version of the well-known messaging software. The creators of this mod added extra features so that users might take advantage of more privacy and security features.

Users can choose who can view their profile images, and status updates, and who can contact them with OGWA’s enhanced security features. It is one of the most dependable messaging apps due to these characteristics.

In its most recent APK, developers added new features to OGWhatsApp. These options include the ability to delete sent messages and conceal your internet presence. OGWA is a top-notch WhatsApp Plus substitute.

Developers of the OG WhatsApp APK

Team XDA first released the first iteration of OGWhatsApp in 2013. It is a modified version of WhatsApp that resembles the original WhatsApp almost exactly in terms of features. The APK version contains a fresh update with new features. The Download button below will take you to the most recent OGWhatsApp APK Download version.

After Team XDA, the other developer, Team AlexMods, also released their own version of OGWhatsApp. This OGWhatsApp version is delivered as a zip file. To begin downloading, the user must first extract the apk file from the file.

Before downloading OGWhatsApp, make sure your device meets the minimum requirements. Versions of AlexMods might not function on specific hardware. Some customers claim that throughout the installation process, they saw the error message “app is not responding.”

Features of XDA OGWhatsApp Latest Version

og whatsapp download

  • Anti-ban
  • updated base (Google Play)
  • specific theme
  • Cut off contacts
  • Without saving the number, dial

Download OG WhatsApp APK by AlexMods

After XDA, AlexMods’ version of OGWhatsApp is made available. Several of the newest features are present in this version. The number of users is lower than the one for the original OGWhatsApp, nevertheless, because of various mistakes. Here is a link to the OGWhatsApp APK zip file for download.

Features of OGWhatsApp Latest Version

  • Revised Base
  • fixed flaws
  • Custom themes
  • conceal terms of the privacy

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Please confirm that your device satisfies the minimal requirements before downloading the APK file. These prerequisites include the Android operating system’s version and sufficient storage space for your app’s data.

For its users, OGWhatsApp is a solid mod. To download, use the “Download OGWhatsApp APK” button on this page. We have ensured that the download URL we have given you is secure and safe.

Installer’s Manual

Go to the Downloads folder or the location where the APK file is located after downloading it. Find the OGWhatsApp APK file and click on it. This could take a short while to automatically start the installation procedure. You can open the mod after installation to begin learning more about its features.


OGWhatsApp has a tonne of customization and security settings, as we’ve previously highlighted. The features are described below so that you can review them once the installation is complete.

Unblock APK

Using WhatsApp modifications in the past put your account in danger of being banned by WhatsApp Inc. Your account won’t be banned if you use a third-party mod of the chat app thanks to the anti-ban feature.

Contact Non-Saved Numbers

og whatsapp download

Sometimes, all you need to do is get in touch with someone for a single transaction. To contact somebody using WhatsApp, you must save their phone number to your phone’s contact list. This comes with the hassle of having to immediately remove their number following the transaction.

With OGWhatsApp, you don’t need to save a number in your phonebook in order to call or message it.

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Integrated Message Scheduler

Users adore using this feature, which was included in the newest edition of OGWhatsApp. Those who must send messages at a certain time but are unable to get online at that moment will find the built-in message scheduler to be extremely helpful.

The built-in message scheduler was added by the developers as a solution to this problem, allowing users to send messages at a later time.

Choose a Group Name with Up to 35 Characters.

Due to its group message capability, WhatsApp is also quite well-liked. With the help of this software, we enjoy staying in touch with our loved ones, friends, and even coworkers. Group names on the original app are limited to a maximum of 25 characters. You can add an additional 35 characters to your group name with the most recent version of OGWhatsApp.

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Integral Status Download Function

Only status photographs and videos could be viewed in the original WhatsApp. Because it can now be used for more than just messaging, this feature makes the messaging app more enjoyable to use. Utilizing OGWhatsApp’s status downloading ability can help you have more fun by allowing you to share and save those memories.

Copy the status of someone to your clipboard.

You can put anyone’s status on your clipboard with this tool. You cannot simply copy and paste someone else’s status into the official version of the app. You can copy a contact’s status in OGWhatsApp and paste it wherever you like. The most recent version of OGWhatsApp includes this capability.

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Integrated WhatsApp Locker

Users have been looking for a safe method to keep their messages private ever since its release. Nobody has created a WhatsApp extension or standalone locker, not even third-party developers. You may safeguard your app from prying eyes with the help of the built-in locker provided by OGWhatsApp.

Block calls from a certain contact

Sometimes you simply need to ban a few contacts in order to prevent major issues. By adjusting the settings for a specific contact, OGWhatsApp allows you to block contacts. The block won’t even be apparent to your contact.

Send Ninety or More Images at Once

WhatsApp has the advantage over other messaging apps in that it allows you to send high-quality photographs, which is a terrific feature. However, the software only allows you to submit ten images at once.

We are aware of how monotonous and time-consuming it may be to continually choose photos from your phone. However, OGWhatsApp allows you to transmit up to 90 images at once, allowing you to send everything at once.

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For Written Status, More Characters

You are only allowed 130 characters for your status in the official app. It can be difficult to write this. The restriction was raised to 250 characters in the most recent version of OGWhatsApp. This is excellent if you like to use lengthy status updates.

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