Naomi Osaka Weight Gain : The Story Behind Weight Transformation Explained

One of the most famous tennis players in the world is Naomi Osaka, a professional tennis player from Japan. She holds the distinction of being the first Asian player to reach the top spot in the singles rankings of the Women’s Tennis Association.

Since Serena Williams in 2015, she also became the first female to win back-to-back Grand Slam singles titles. Osaka, who was the highest-earning female athlete of all time by annual income in 2020, is one of the most marketable athletes in the world. She was ranked ninth among male and female athletes in endorsement money that year.

Although her father is from Haiti, Osaka was born in Japan. In order to address numerous social concerns and encourage girl empowerment, she also founded the Osaka Foundation, which is working in Haiti.

People Make Hypotheses About Naomi Osaka’s Weight Gain: The Tennis Player Gained Weight!

naomi osaka weight gain

Naomi Osaka (@naomiosaka) lost to Danielle Collins in the first round of the 2022 US Open on Tuesday night, which not only derailed her tennis career going forward but also drew a lot of negative attention to her and fueled rumours about her weight increase.

Many people have expressed their deep concern about Naomi Osaka’s “notable” weight increase and the media’s seeming lack of interest in it in the days after the match. They remarked that it was extremely unusual for a 24-year-old professional athlete and questioned whether there may be an underlying medical condition.

Of course, they worded the query in a way to appear to be discussing it from an athletic perspective. However, I don’t believe it would make Naomi appreciate it anymore.

Some individuals attempted to defend Naomi Osaka from this type of unfavourable scrutiny when she was at her lowest point and responded to the comments about weight gain by saying that they were reading too much into it and that people’s weight fluctuates more frequently than we know, so they don’t always look the same and that it could also have been the outfit.

Such followers believed that there is always a negative aspect of someone, and that is exactly what it was. She was never incredibly thinly built, but she hasn’t either put on “notable” weight.

Other groups of people have the same opinion about Naomi Osaka’s weight gain. They noted that Osaka had been accumulating weight consistently for years, and while she is not obese—

at least not in comparison to the average population—she is carrying too much weight for an elite athlete competing in a sport that calls upon both agility and stamina. Additionally, she ought to be able to improve her condition given the resources at her disposal.

When she was told she needed to get in better shape, Naomi Osaka’s supporters defended her, saying that no matter how overweight she is, it has never stopped her from competing. They also added that statements of this like are excessively demeaning and cruel.

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But these comments and rumours about gaining weight would never cease. People guessed that it might be because of the antidepressant’s side effects. She has never acknowledged taking antidepressants; she has only ever mentioned seeing a therapist, but they started talking about it. While some blamed the drugs, others said that the depression itself was to blame.

We don’t know for sure whether Naomi Osaka’s weight gain was related to her depression because she never said it, although she did speak about having depression. She acknowledged that ever since she defeated Serena Williams at the US Open in 2018, she had “suffered long spells of despair.” In order to “take care of herself emotionally,” she even skipped the press briefings for the French Open.

When explaining her decision to withdraw from the French Open, Naomi Osaka wrote on Twitter that she frequently felt that people had no regard for athletes’ mental health. This is especially true whenever she attends or observes press conferences, she said, because athletes, including herself, are frequently just sat there and asked questions that they have already been asked several times or questions that make them feel insecure.

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Anyway, Naomi Osaka battled depression for a very long time; however, we are unsure if this is what caused her to acquire weight. She had previously been singled out for weight gain, as well. Before she disclosed that she was depressed, this had already begun.

One of the photos she uploaded of herself lounging by the pool was a shot of her wearing a yellow bikini. People were speculating on that shot as to whether she was pregnant or had put on weight as a result of being quarantined.

Untrue rumours have recently circulated that her boyfriend has also gained weight.

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