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Melanie Lynskey Weight Gain: Did She Put on Weight for Candy?

melanie lynskey weight gain

Melanie Lynskey is a vocal and acting actress from New Zealand. She primarily works for independent firms and is known for portraying eccentric, soft-spoken, but determined characters.

She recently portrayed Betty Gore in the popular TV miniseries Candy (2022). She also appeared as Shauna in Yellowjackets (2021–2022), Don’t look up (2021), Zara Skelton in Sunshine (2017), and Rose in Two and a Half Men.

Melanie Lynskey: Did She Put on Weight for Candy?

Many famous people have drastically reduced their weight in order to get ready for dramatic film roles, which typically lead to success during awards season. On the other side, many roles ask for actors to put on weight in order to accurately portray the role.

Due to the fact that Melanie Lynskey’s character in the series, Betty Gore, was an obese pregnant lady, it’s possible that she put on weight to play Candy. She also discussed with People her thyroid condition and eating disorders, all of which were factors in her weight gain in 2016. She stated,

“I spent a lot of time being unwell. I was having issues with my eating and was telling myself, “I’m not going to make it!” I wasn’t dying or anything, but I was miserable and losing my hair. I simply thought, “I just need to look the way I’m supposed to look,” and I’m confident that people will want to put me in a movie or on a television show if I look like this.

As a woman who has a different form than many of the women on television, it is what sometimes motivates me. I put on 20 pounds and have thyroid issues.

Nevertheless, Candy’s director cast her in the part and accepted her for who she is. She was given the advice to reduce weight by a crew member on the Yellowjackets set.

According to Lynskey, she didn’t want to diet for the program since she wanted her Shauna character to appear real rather than staged. Jason Ritter, her husband, recently spoke out in her defense against online trolls who ridiculed her weight, joking that they may swan dive straight into the sun. She continued,

“I considered it essential for this character to be simply at ease and sexual without giving it any thought or discussion. Women should be able to watch it and reflect, in my opinion. Wow, no one is claiming she is the overweight one even though she resembles me,

She ultimately performed the YellowJackets without deviating from her diet, and the crowd loved her.

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At the age of 16, Melanie Lynskey began her acting career. She made her screen debut in the 1994 movie “Heavenly Creatures,” which was released on October 14 in New Zealand and November 16 in the US.

She made appearances in a number of critically acclaimed and financially successful movies, including Don’t Look Up, 1 Mile to You, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, Rainbow Time, The Intervention, etc.

She made her television debut in Rose Red in 2002. She afterward guests starred in a number of well-known TV shows, including Yellowjackets, Two and a Half Men, Future-Worm!, Castle Rock, etc.

She had won five accolades as of September 2022 for the TV show “Yellowjackets,” including those from the Hollywood Critics Association, the Gracie Awards, the Dorian Awards, the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, the Critics’ Choice Super Awards, etc.

She also received honors from the Hollywood Film Awards, San Diego Film Critics Society, Behind the Voice Actors Awards, and others.

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Melanie Lynskey’s Earnings and Net Worth

The range of Melanie Lynskey’s net worth is between $5 million and $10 million. Additionally, her compensation has not yet been made public.

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