Mac Weight Gain: How Did Mac Gain 60 Pounds In 2022?

For their roles, most actors want to look their best. Unless Rob McElhenney plays the part. In the lighthearted show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s star and creator is renowned for dramatically altering his lean figure twice.

You’d think Mac, the character created by McElhenney, would look better as the series went on since he is the author of the longest-running comedy in television history. He had another concept in mind entirely, though, one more in keeping with the darkly humorous humor of his show.

The character Mac puts on a lot of weight in season 7. But by the following season, he is exceedingly trim and toned, and as the show goes on, he starts to get more and more muscular. Then how precisely did Rob McElhenney put on and shed 60 pounds for the show?

  • Putting On Weight To Perform Took 3 Months

The initial hints of Mac’s weight growth appeared in season 6, but by the seventh season, his weight gain had nearly rendered him unrecognizably changed.

To combat the sitcom cliché of characters being better-looking as the actors became wealthier, McElhenney, better known as “Fat Mac,” created the character.

He used Friends as an example. After 3 months of weight gain, McElhenney went from 160 pounds to 220 pounds.

  • He Ate 5,000 Calories Every Day.

mac weight gain

McElhenney had to consume five 1,000-calorie meals per day in order to gain weight. At first, he tried eating chicken, rice, and veggies, but he found it difficult to finish his meals and swallow the heavy food. That is, up until he was presented with a considerably simpler answer.

  • Two Big Macs For Mac

McElhenney said that he indulged in Big Macs like in Super-Size Me, which infuriated his doctor, during an appearance on actor Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert. “I saw my doctor as a result because I wanted to be kept under observation because this is humorous. My doctor then stated: “Let me be clear: this is not funny. Stop doing this. The danger here is great.”

  • Drinking Ice-Cream

However, he spoke with a nutritionist who advised him to have two Big Macs every day because they were simpler to consume than the aforementioned chicken, rice, and vegetables.

McElhenney complied with the nutritionist’s advice. You “start to see the Big Mac and realize it’s a lot simpler to get down,” the actor told Nick Kroll, according to the comedy show.

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  • Eating Cottage Cheese At 2 am Was Key

Eating cottage cheese at two in the morning sounds dreadful because it doesn’t look particularly delicious. To emphasize his dedication to his weight gain aim, McElhenney did exactly that in order to pack on the extra pounds.

But he said to Dax Shepard, “This was the key. “The last thing you want to do if you consume cottage cheese is to eat it shortly before bed because, according to what I’ve read, it metabolizes very slowly in your stomach. So, in the middle of the night, I began consuming cottage cheese. At two in the morning, I would consume cottage cheese.”

  • But Soon It Was Time To Lose The Weight

mac weight gainMcElhenney was able to shed 23 pounds of the 60 pounds he had gained in a month. He quickly shed the last few pounds after that. He explained that he genuinely enjoyed living in a larger body and did not experience weariness or other adverse effects from the weight gain, but he was rather sorry to let go of the extra weight.

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  • Getting Ripped Took Less Work

Alongside his wife Kaitlin Olson and co-star Danny DeVito, McElhenney participated in the 2018 Los Angeles Pride Parade to support LGBT+ rights. The actor, who had previously been chubby, was now completely shredded, which startled everyone the most.

McElhenney clarified that the process of being ripped and losing weight was actually quicker than the process of gaining weight. “It’s simple to lose it. Simply cut back on your eating, “He advised Nicholas Kroll.

  • Working Out Three Times A Week

mac weight gainMcElhenney may now flaunt a six-pack, but only a few years ago, his physical condition was completely different. He exercised three times each week in an effort to get fit.

He ran three miles each day while weightlifting an amazing six days a week, which helped him shed weight and develop a muscular definition.

  • He Got Ripped With the Aid of This Celebrity Personal Trainer

Fitness expert Arin Babaian has worked with the Magic Mike cast. Babaian helped Channing Tatum get in shape, so McElhenney assumed he could assist him as well.

McElhenney was forced to perform incline dumbbell presses, high cable chest flyes, bench presses, and cable rotations by Babaian in order to get in condition.

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  • The Diet, However, Was Brutal.

McElhenney has been open about his efforts to get healthy. He had to go through a difficult and strict diet to remove the 60 pounds he had accumulated for the role of “Fat Mac.” “Are you a foodie? Leave that alone.

You won’t ever love anything you eat, therefore. Alcohol? Sorry. That can be eliminated. As a result, you must ask your chef to prepare lots of chicken breast for you. Keep your caloric consumption inside a set range as well “He revealed to Men’s Health.

In the same interview, McElhenney did point out that males—not women—are the ones who push other men to get jacked: “There’s this attraction that men want to appear like that and men want to be visually acceptable to other men.”

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