Lauren London Weight Gain: The Story Behind Weight Transformation Explained!

Lauren London is lovely and gorgeous. She is an attractive American actress, model, and TV host. The actress has a really attractive physique and has made use of it in the modeling industry.

She has occasionally been spotted performing on stage and taking part in live performances in a number of music videos. Lauren London is well-known for playing the extraordinary Erin in the American drama film ATL.

The Gain in Weight of 50 Pounds for Lauren London!

A long time has passed since Lauren London (@laurenlondon) was last spotted in the open. Since her companion Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot in 2019 she has taken a public sabbatical and has been hiding out for a while.

She recently appeared in advertisements for her new film, You People, having returned from her work-related break. Even if some of her followers were happy to see her back, she wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms.

Because for every fan who was pleased to see her return, there were others who made snarky comments about her weight and then started body-shaming her.

So, during the roughly three years that the 37-year-old remained hidden from the world, she added a few pounds to her body.

The ATL actress was 110 pounds and had a height of five feet two inches. She apparently weighs 160 pounds at this time.

The pictures from the promotional event began circulating online as soon as she finished the event advertising her new movie and continued with her business. Within a short period of time, Lauren London became popular online.

lauren london weight gain

Comments on the actress from Without Remorse’s weight gain and her thickness exploded as the general public gained a peek of her.

On Twitter, images of her quickly became popular, and so did the comments criticizing her weight.

People started criticizing her for gaining a few purportedly unsightly pounds without stopping to consider what state of mind she was in.

When some criticized her for gaining weight while a true pandemic was occurring (how insensitive), others protected her and praised her for handling the tragedy that befell her.

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The actress hasn’t responded to those repulsive comments about her body yet, and it doesn’t seem like she will. It seems that from now on, she would only complete her task before retiring to her private space. This is acceptable as long as she is unaffected by what others think of her.

Lauren London, however, has previously been the victim of ridicule due to her weight. When she gained a little postpartum weight in 2017, she was previously called out for being overweight.

Others detested the post-baby weight that the star of The Perfect Match bore with grace, and they vehemently aired their detestation online.

Lauren London, however, had always been a very sorted and secure young lady, as evidenced by her response to the bullying. She didn’t care about the persistent harassment she received online from anonymous names.

I’ve just had a revelation regarding superficiality thanks to what the Games People Play actor said in reaction to fat-shaming. Since she entered the glam world, Lauren London has received many comments on her appearance, but she has never allowed that to go to her head.

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Likewise, when the public turned against her when she failed to meet the expectations for female beauty, she never let that break her spirit.

She admitted that after her physique altered, she knew the internet would be nasty and that her reputation with casting directors would suffer, but she didn’t let that stop her.

She claimed that she made the decision to be at peace with herself despite the fact that doing so would put her at odds with the rest of the world.

She never once considered denying herself the pleasures life has to offer out of concern for what a few unpleasant strangers might think of her.

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