James Hardin Weight Gain: The Reason Behind Weight Gain In 2022!

He is the NBA’s top shooting guard and one of the league’s most prolific scorers. He is also among the best players in the league overall.

He is also well-known to the public by the moniker “The Beard.” We are referring to none other than James Harden, a skilled and motivated player.

Harden is a professional basketball player from the United States who currently competes for the National Basketball Association’s Houston Rockets.

Is James Harden Putting on Weight or Donning a Fat Suit?

During the 2016 summer, James Harden (@jharden13) first made headlines for his weight gain rather than his performances. At the time, he was a member of Houston Rocks. Unfit, he arrived at the training camp.

It found out that James had severely damaged his ankle over the summer, forcing him to discontinue all kinds of physical activities like training, exercises, and workouts. He reportedly spent a lot of time sitting down while tending to his ankle, which contributed to his weight gain.

James Harden went 0-4 in the fourth quarter of the game he played in following the injury against the Atlanta Hawks. Due to the Rockets’ sluggish 4-7 start to that season, head coach Kevin McHale was ultimately fired.

The coach then attributed James Harden’s bad performance to his lack of sufficient preparation for the season and his weight. James claimed of the game that it lacked excitement and that he fell behind.

james hardin weight gain

The basketball player eventually recovered and lost all the weight he had gained as a result of his broken ankle.

He regained peak physical condition, which he maintained through the offseason of 2020. Everyone was shocked when he showed up during his first preseason game with the Houston Rockets in the 2020–21 season appearing much rounder than usual. The NBA star’s season that year was contentious.

He was the topic of conversation among basketball fans a few weeks prior when he failed to show up for preseason practice. He was beginning to grow frustrated with the state of affairs in Houston by this point. Additionally, he made no attempt to mask his discontent.

He was eager to break up with the Houston Rockets. The Beard fought with the team’s insiders for a move away from the franchise over the entire winter. He started requesting a trade to a playoff contender. The star player for the Houston Rockets declined $50 million in order to remain with the group.

When the footballer began leading a reckless and expensive lifestyle, he openly expressed his displeasure to everyone. He partied hard, drank much, and overindulged over the entire off-season.

James Harden put on roughly 40 additional pounds throughout the offseason because he didn’t care to be in shape for the games and even skipped the gym.

The formerly fit MVP had some of the poorest performances of his career during that season, which was linked to his additional weight. Over the course of the games, his scoring decreased.

People realized that James Harden was just not motivated to play for the team after his poor performance and desire to leave the Rockets. As a result, he was dealt by the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets.

James Harden once more astounded everyone in his Brooklyn Nets debut when he suddenly reverted to the thin 220-pound scorer he once was. How fast he had gotten back into shape surprised everyone.

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People struggled to explain the sudden weight drop within the brief window of time—just a few days—between his final games with the Rockets and his debut with the Nets.

The hypothesis that James Harden wore a fat suit to convince the Rockets to trade him and then removed it as soon as he received the transfer he so desperately desired was developed by the onlookers as a result.

This version of the narrative, however, has some obvious plot problems since it ignores how difficult it would be for James Harden to conceal the fat suit while under the continual observation of team doctors who keep tabs on their physical condition.

He would also need to come up with a strategy for keeping his fat suit hidden from his teammates when he changed in the locker room.

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In addition, it is said that NBA players lose a significant amount of weight simply by working out. Therefore, it’s possible that Harden might have avoided looking bloated by exercising frequently and reducing the amount of salt in his diet, especially if he had been retaining water weight.

However, in the first preseason game of 2021, James Harden seemed to be putting on weight once more.

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