The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro May Be Waterproof in Secret: Findings from Our Water Test.!

The iPhone 11 has an IP68 rating for water resistance but is not waterproof. This means that the iPhone 11 can tolerate being immersed for up to 30 minutes in six feet of water, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max can withstand being submerged for 30 minutes in 13 feet of water.

The iPhone 11’s water resistance will, however, gradually deteriorate with time due to regular wear and tear. Knowing this is crucial because Apple’s warranty does not cover liquid damage. Therefore, if your iPhone gets damaged by water, you might need to get a new one.

It could be time to switch to a newer model if your iPhone suffers water damage. Find the one that works best for you by visiting the iPhone page on Amazon.

Can You Use an iPhone 11 in The Shower or The Pool?

Apple Does Not Advise Swimming or Taking a Bath While Using the iPhone 11 Because It Is Not Waterproof. According to The International Electrotechnical Commission, the iPhone 11 Will Be Harmed by High-Pressure Water Jets or Steam Because It Has an Ingress Protection (IP) Classification of Ip68 (IEC).

Consequently, You Should Refrain from Using Your iPhone when Bathing, Utilising the Sauna or Engaging in Water Sports.

iphone 11 waterproof

How to Recognize Water Damage on Your iPhone

Since 2006, Every iPhone Has Included a Liquid Contact Indicator (LSI) that Turns Red when It Comes Into Contact With Liquids, Including Water. This Will Reveal Whether Water Managed to Enter Your iPhone. on More Recent iPhone Models, the Lci Can Be Found Inside the Sim Card Tray.

With a Paper Clip or Other Long, Pointed Instrument, Open Your Sim Card Tray on An iPhone 11 to Gain Access to The Liquid Contact Indicator. in Order to Hold Your iPhone at An Angle Under a Light, First Remove the Tray. if The Small Sticker Beneath the Serial Numbers Is Red, Your iPhone Has Internal Water Damage.

See Our Detailed Instructions on How to Factory Reset Your iPhone if You’ve Done Everything and It’s Still Not Working.

See Our Instructions on How to Contact Apple Customer Service if Your iPhone Isn’t Operating Properly.

Dive 1: Verifying the Assertion (13 Feet)

We Intended to Test the iPhone 11 Pro’s Advertised 13-Foot Water Resistance for A 30-Minute Dive. We Were Unsure of What to Anticipate from The Cheaper iPhone 11, Which Is only Rated for Half This Depth.

iphone 11 waterproof

We Returned the Drone to The Ground After 30 Minutes with Both Phones Still Attached. the Screens on Both Phones Still Functioned After Drying Them Down with A Lint-Free Cloth, and The Camera Lenses Showed No Signs of Fogging (Front or Back).

The iPhone 11 Sounded a Touch Soggy While Playing Back an Audio Clip I Had Previously Recorded Before Submerging the Phones, While the iPhone 11 Pro Had Some Distortion but Was Louder than The iPhone 11 Playback. Buttons and Speakers Were Still Functional.

Dive 2: Exaggerating the iPhone 11 (26 Feet)

We Doubled the Dive Depth to 26 Feet for The Same 30-Minute Period for The Second Session, Taking Our Boat out Farther Into the Bay. We Could Watch the Phone Screens Live to See if Anything Unusual Occurred Thanks to The Camera on The Front of The Trident.

Not at All. Both Touchscreens Were Still Functional After 30 Minutes, the Cameras Continued to Take Pictures with No Signs of Lens Fogging or Water Infiltration, and The Speakers Continued to Play Back Audio. the iPhone 11 Was Once More Quieter than The iPhone 11 Pro.

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Dive 3: Go to The Bay’s Bottom (39 Feet)

We Had Time for One Last Dive Because the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Were Still Functional. We Pushed the Boat out Into Open Water and Dove the Trident 39 Feet to The Bottom of The Ocean.

The Screens on The iPhone 11 Pro Flickered from The Stopwatch to Another Screen in The Clock App While the Devices Were Submerged in Water.

We Brought the Drone Back up To Check on The Phones After Waiting the Whole 30 Minutes (and Watching Some Sea Lions Swim By).

iphone 11 waterproof

To Our Amazement, upon Initial Inspection, Both Phones Appeared to Be in Mint Condition. However, on Playing Back Audio on Both Phones, the Speakers Suddenly Sounded Muffled and Neither Phone Operated as Well as It Had when It Had First Been Unwrapped.

In Case the Water Left Us with Any Surprises, I Rinsed the Phones in Clean Water, Dried Them With A Lint-Free Cloth, Switched Them Off, and Allowed Them to Dry Completely for 72 Hours.

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The iPhone 11 Is Water Resistant.

It Was Time to Check if There Had Been Any Extra Damage After Three Days After Waiting for The Phones to Totally Dry. I Repeated the Same Tests, This Time Examining the Cameras, Microphone, Speaker, and Charging Status.

Except for A Few Minor Scrapes on The iPhone 11’s Screen, the Phones Were in Pristine Condition, and There Was No Obvious External Water Damage. Everything Was Still Functional.

iphone 11 waterproof

The Speakers on Both the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Sounded Less Clear and A Little Softer at Maximum Volume Compared to Two Brand-New IPhones that Hadn’t Been Submerged, but That Was the Only Drawback I Could Identify.

Using the Apple Watch’s Sound App, I Was Able to Verify This by Seeing that The Submerged Phones Were Producing Sound at A Somewhat Lower Volume than The Newer Models.

When I contacted Apple, They Advised Me to Visit Their Official Support Page for Instructions on What to Do if Liquid Gets on Your iPhone, Which Is to Rinse It out With Fresh Water and Wipe It Down with A Soft, Lint-Free Cloth.

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