How to Use Widgetsmith on Your iPhone? Complete Details Are Here!

Apple started allowing users to add widgets to the iPhone Home Screen with iOS 14. Widgetsmith is one of the widget programs that became popular at the time and soon gained popularity among users.

You may add a variety of widgets to the Home Screen, including the time, date, photographs, calendar, weather, astronomy, health, tides, reminders, custom text, and even empty space. We demonstrate how to utilize Widgetsmith on an iPhone running iOS 14, iOS 15, or a later version in this lesson.

Use of Widgetsmith

To acquire Widgetsmith for free, go to the App Store and do the following:

1) When you launch Widgetsmith, you’ll see:

Square is a small widget that occupies the same space as four app icons.

Medium Widgets: Rectangular and using the same space as eight application icons.

Square is a large widget that occupies the same space as 16 app icons.

Select the widget size that you prefer.

2) The Style screen will then be displayed. Photos, Time, Date, Weather, Step Counting, Health & Activity, Battery, Calendar, Reminders, Tides, and Astronomy are just a few of the categories available here. You have a variety of widget choices under the categories. Select whichever you prefer.

3) To customize the widget’s appearance, tap Aesthetic/Theme after selecting the widget style. Select a solution from the list. To add even more customization, select Customize Theme.

4) Additional customization options can be available, depending on the widget design. You can choose the desired album or photo filter, for instance, if you choose Photos in Album style. You can modify the location and time formats if you chose the Sun Rise/Set widget.

There aren’t any more options available after choosing a theme if you went with something basic, like a monthly calendar.

5) To finish configuring your widget, press Back in the upper-left corner of the screen.

6) A preview of your widget will appear. To rename it, tap from the top. When placing the widget on the Home Screen, this name will make it easier to recognize it.

7) Widgetsmith’s Add a Timed Widget feature enables you to include widgets that update automatically. Details are provided below. However, you don’t have to utilize timed widgets if you want a widget that only does one task.

8) Press Save.

Our first leg is now complete. A widget that you built is now complete. The Home Screen must now be set and displayed for it to take effect.

How to Add a Widgetsmith Widget on The Home Screen of An iPhone?

Once you have designed and customized a small, medium, or big widget inside the Widgetsmith program, adhere to these steps:

1) Navigate to the iPhone Home Screen where the widget should be added. It’s fantastic if there is empty space on the Home Screen. If it is already filled with app icons, installing the widget will make some apps migrate to the following Home Screen.

2) Tap any open space on the Home Screen. When all of the apps begin to tremble, tap the + sign in the top left corner.

3) Scroll down to Widgetsmith, which is the last widget displayed.

4) Select a widget size: Small, Medium, or Large, then press Add Widget. This will depend on the widget you made previously in the app.

5) Click Done when the Widgetsmith widget has been added to the Home Screen.

6) Your widget ought to appear. If not, select Edit Widget by pressing (not tapping) the Widgetsmith widget.

7) Click the Small #number or the name of your widget next to Widget. Select the widget that you designed in Widgetsmith.

8) To return to the Home Screen, tap anywhere outside the widget.

The set widget is now being displayed flawlessly on the iPhone Home Screen via the Widgetsmith widget. It may be moved around and placed in different places, just like any iOS widget.

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Widgetsmith Widget Editing

Within the Widgetsmith software, you may edit the widget you made and change its content or appearance. Open the Widgetsmith app, tap the widget name, tap the widget preview, make any necessary edits, tap Back, and then tap Save.

When you’ve made two or more widgets using the Widgetsmith app, you can set them up on the Home Screen as different widgets or edit the current widget and select a different one.

Press the Widgetsmith widget, select Edit Widget, tap the blue widget name, select one of your many widgets, and then tap outside the widget area to return to the Home Screen with the new widget active.

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What are Widgetsmith’s timed widgets, and how do I utilize them?

Once steps 1 through 5 have been completed, the widget preview screen will appear. You can choose to Add a Timed Widget in Widgetsmith from this menu.

You can add up to 12 distinct timed widgets, and they will change automatically throughout the day. For instance, you can set the widget to automatically modify and display your upcoming calendar events from 8 AM to 10 AM, your step count from 6 AM to 8 AM, reminders from 10 AM to 12 PM, and so on. You see what I mean.

If used properly, Widgetsmith’s Timed Widget is a brilliant idea. You only need one widget that can cycle between different widgets throughout the day, providing you with the pertinent information, as opposed to having many widgets on your Home Screen.

The Timed Widget from Widgetsmith can be compared to Apple’s Smart Stack widget, which automatically switches between widgets to provide the most pertinent information throughout the day.

To set up and use Timed Widgets in Widgetsmith, follow these steps:

1) Select a widget in Widgetsmith by tapping Add Small, Medium, or Large Widget. When you’re done styling it, tap Back.

2) Click on Add a Timed Widget.

3) To add a timed widget, tap the inconspicuous blue addition sign inside the clock.

4) At this point, tap the widget to style and modify it. Once finished, tap Back. Repeating steps 2 and 3 will allow you to add more widgets.

5) Click and drag the dark grey area to reposition this time slot.

6) A timed widget displays for two hours by default. Drag one of the lines to the left or right to shorten (to a minimum of one hour) or lengthen (to a maximum of 23 hours) the time that the widget will be visible.

7) Tap a widget and then the trash icon to remove it from the timed widget.

8) When you’re finished, select Save to save the timed widget. After that, proceed as usual to add it to your iPhone’s home screen.

How to Remove a Widget from Widgetsmith?

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  • Open the Widgetsmith app, swipe left on a widget, and select Delete to remove one of the widgets you made. Additionally, you can select Edit > Red minus > Delete.
  • Press the Widgetsmith widget and select Remove Widget > Remove to remove it from your iPhone Home Screen.
  • iPhone Widgetsmith usage
  • These are all the prerequisites for using Widgetsmith on an iPhone. The app is basic, however, it needs some effort to configure and set up. Once you’ve done that, your Home Screen will continue to be educational and useful.
  • To find out more about the app, check the other menu options. For instance, the Tools section’s Wallpaper Generator function is a useful addition! To access all the options, you can upgrade to premium.
  • Do you have a large iPhone and little hands? The blank medium rectangle Widgetsmith widget will push the app icons down, making them more accessible, and you may add it to the top of your Home Screen.

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How to Repair Widgetsmith on I Phone Not Working? 

If Widgetsmith isn’t functioning on your iPhone and displays a black screen rather than a widget, follow these fixes:

  • To add a widget, be sure to select Widgetsmith > Edit Widget.
  • Verify that the widgets have not been deleted by opening the Widgetsmith app.
  • Make sure the widget is not modified to discontinue displaying the image, text, or other configured widget information.
  • Verify that the widget file, such as the particular photo or calendar event, was not deleted from the main Photos or Calendar app.
  • Make sure Widgetsmith has the necessary permissions, such as access to your location, photos, and health information. When you attempt to utilise a widget that calls for these, a popup window for accessing them will only appear. Open iPhone Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Widgetsmith to verify that the app has the necessary permissions.
  • For Widgetsmith, enable Background App Refresh. To do that, navigate to iPhone Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • Switch off your iPhone.
  • Update the Widgetsmith app by opening the App Store.
  • Install the Widgetsmith program again if nothing else works. You will need to set all of your widgets anew once this deletes them all.

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