The Best Way to Update Your IPhone Apps and What to Do if They Refuse to Update!

The importance of updating your iPhone apps cannot be overstated. In addition to ensuring that you have access to all the newest features available in your apps, it also enables the developers to fix any security problems that might put you in danger.

Any app you download to your iPhone should automatically update by default. But it’s simple to manage updates manually if that’s what you desire.

Here are instructions on how to manually update iPhone apps, how to disable automatic updates, and what to do if your apps refuse to accept updates.

How to Manually Update Apps on Your IPhone

The App Store is where you’ll handle app updates after downloading them there first.

1. On your iPhone, go to the App Store and tap your profile symbol in the top-right area.

2. Once you see a list of apps, scroll down. While the ones that indicate Open have already been updated, those that say Update next to them can be updated.

3. The download and installation process will start once you tap Update next to each app you want to update.

how to update apps on iphone

How to Enable or Disable Automatic App Updates

You May Change This in The Settings App if You Want to Enable or Prevent Automatic App Updates.

1. Scroll Down in The Settings App on Your  IPhone and Tap App Store.

2. Tap the App Updates Toggle to Enable or Disable Them Under the Automatic Downloads Header. Automatic Updates Are Enabled when It Is Turned to The Right and Green.

Make Sure Wi-Fi Is Activated.

If You’re Using Cellular Data, Some Apps Won’t Update. Before Attempting to Install the Update, You Should Wait Until You Are Near a Wi-Fi Signal.

Open the Settings App and Select Wi-Fi to See if You’re Connected to Wi-Fi. You’ll notice a Network Name with A Checkbox Next to It if You’re Connected.

how to update apps on iphone

Pause the Update, Then Resume It.

You Won’t Be Able to Start an App when Its Icon Is Grayed out During an Update. the Majority of The Time, This Disappears Within a Few Minutes but Occasionally Updates Become “stuck” and Remain in This Grayed-Out Form Forever.


In Order to Resolve This, Try Touching the App’s Icon Once to Pause the Update and Once Again to Resume It. if It Doesn’t Work, Tap the Icon While Holding Down the Button until A Menu Appears. Pick Pause Download First, Then Choose Resume Download the Next Time.

Switch Off Your IPhone.

Restarting Your Phone Can Sometimes Fix Updates that Have Stopped Working.

If You’re Unsure How To Do This, See Our Article on How to Restart or Force-Restart Any iPhone Model Before Turning on And Off Your I IPhone.

Reinstall the Application

You Might Need to Uninstall the Program and Reinstall It from The App Store if Nothing Else Has Worked.

Don’t Worry if The App Is Paid; You Won’t Have to Pay for It Again. Every App You’ve Ever Installed Is Recorded in The App Store, and You May Reinstall Them With A Single Swipe.

Reinstalling the Application Will Give You the Most Recent Version, Which Contains the Update.

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On  IPhone and  IPad, how To Update Apps

The App Store Had a “updates” Tab at The Bottom Prior to I Os 12. but With I Os 13, the “arcade” Tab Took Its Place. However, Following These Steps Will Help You Quickly and Easily Get the Most Recent Version of An iPhone App:

how to update apps on iphone

1) Launch the App Store and Click Your Profile Image in The Top-Right Corner.

2) to Reload the Account Screen, Pull It Down.

3) Select Update Next to An App in The Available Updates Section.

4) You Can Choose to Update Every Application at Once by Selecting Update All.

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App Store for Apple Watch Displays “no Updates”

In My Testing, I Discovered that The Apple Watch App Store’s Upgrades Section May Display “no Updates” Even if You Have Pending App Updates. when You Restart or Forcibly Stop the Apple Watch’s App Store App, It Still Displays the Message “all Your Apps Are up To Date.”

It seems more dependable to update Apple Watch apps via the iPhone or through automatic upgrades. You may refresh the updates screen on an iPhone by pulling it down. This is absent from Apple Watch, though. As a result, occasionally you won’t see updates listed here even when they are. It’s also conceivable that the version of watchOS 8.1 I’m using has a problem. The issue could have been resolved by the time you read this.

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