How to Unlock IPhone Passcode Without Computer..!

You have all your personal files and information stored on your iPhone storage behind the little passcode-protected screen. Finding a method to unlock the iPhone will come in handy when you can’t recall the screen passcode.

Apple offers the ability to unlock the iPhone by connecting it to a computer, then recovering from recovery mode to reset the passcode using iTunes or Finder.

Obviously, the major goal of this method is to assist you with removing the iPhone’s screen password so you can quickly get it running either at home or at work.

What can you do, then, if you don’t have a computer to use to break the iPhone password or if iTunes isn’t functioning? Fortunately, just because you don’t have access to a computer doesn’t mean you can’t unlock your iPhone passcode on your own for a variety of reasons. You may have other options.

Unlock Your iPhone without Computer Using Erase iPhone on Device’s Screen

You Can Now Unlock the Passcode on Your iPhone Directly from Apple, so Don’t Worry if You Don’t Have Access to A Computer. if You Keep Entering Incorrect Passcodes up Until “iPhone is Unavailable.

“Your iPhone Will Reset to Factory Settings and Unlock Itself if You Choose the “erase iPhone” Option on The Screen that Appears After 15 Minutes of Trying Again.

Select “erase iPhone” from The Menu on The Screen, Sign out Of Your Account with Your Apple Id Passcode, and The Factory Reset Will Start.

Just Wait Until Your iPhone Resets. After the Procedure Is Complete, You Will Be Able to Access Your iPhone, Set It Up, And, if necessary, Restore it from A Backup.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

Unlock an iPhone Without a Computer via Find My iPhone in iCloud

If You Forget Your Passcode, It’s Probable that You Won’t Be Able to Unlock Your iPhone Using ITunes on Your Computer. Apple Is Aware of This and Provides You with A Solution Online Called Find My iPhone.

Make Sure You Haven’t Disabled the Find My iPhone Option (settings > [your Name] > Find My) Before Using This Feature to Remotely Unlock the Passcode Without A Computer. Before Forgetting Your Password and Having Your iPhone Connected to Wi-Fi or A Cellular Network, It Is Already Enabled by Default) on Your Device.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

How to Unlock the Locked iPhone Is Provided Below.

1. the First Thing to Do Is to Use a Mobile Browser (Safari, Chrome, Etc.) on Another Device or Borrow a Friend to Log in To I Cloud.Com with Your Apple Id and Password. a Device Running IOS or Android Is Ok.

2. when You Have Logged In, Choose the Find iPhone Icon from The Menu List. All of Your I Os Devices Will Thereafter Be Shown on The Map.

3. from The List at The Bottom of The Page, Select the iPhone for Which You Wish to Reset the Password.

4. Click “erase iPhone” when You See Three Alternatives on The Screen. Confirm Your Move and Carry out The Following Instructions to Begin Erasing Your Device. During the Procedure, All of Your Data Will Be Entirely Deleted, and The Factory Settings for Your iPhone Will Be Restored.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

5. the Forgotten Screen Password Is Eliminated Once You Reset Your I IPhone Without A Computer. You Are Prepared to Set up Your Phone and Get Everything Back by Selecting Restore from Backup if You Recently Made a Backup of Your Data.

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Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer via Find My App (another Device Needed)

The Amazing Thing About the Find My App Is that It Comes Pre-Installed on IOS Devices Right out Of the Box and Can Accomplish the Same Task as A Computer by Factory Resetting an iPhone.

for Those Who Don’t Currently Have Access to A Laptop or Desktop, It Works Similarly to The Find My iPhone Feature in That It Remotely Erases All of Your IPhone’s Data and Resets Your iPhone to Its Default Settings.

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You Must Get Ready with Another Usable iPhone or iPad.

1. on A Different IOS Device, Use the Find My App. Borrow One from A Friend or Neighbour if You Don’t Have One Already.

2. Use Your iCloud Credentials to Access the App. You Might Need to Log out Of the App and Then Back in With Your Credentials if You Borrowed a Friend’s Device.

Following That, a List of Apple Devices that Have the Same Apple Id Signed in Will Appear Along with A Map.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

3. Select the Device You Wish to Unlock by Tapping It in The Available Devices List.

4. on The Following Screen, Click “erase This Device” at The Bottom of The List.

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To Finish Wiping, Adhere to The Instructions.

Done! the Lost iPhone Passcode Is Eventually Unlocked. Setting up Your iPhone Like You Did the First Time Is the Last Step. You Might Be Asked to Provide Your iCloud Credentials Throughout the Setup Procedure.

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer

As You Can See, There Are Built-In Methods for Unlocking a Locked iPhone without A Computer on Both IOS and iCloud, Whereas the Desktop-Based Method Is Now Inoperable.

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