Uninstalling and Reinstalling Google Play Store on Android.!

On the majority of Android smartphones, the Google Play Store comes preinstalled. You can download apps, books, movies, and other content to your phone. Uninstalling and reinstalling Google Play Store is occasionally one of the suggested fixes for issues with Android phones. But how exactly do you do that? Let’s look at how to uninstall and then reinstall the Google Play Store.

How to Uninstall Google Play Store

Let Me Be Clear About One Thing: You Cannot Entirely Delete the Google Play Store from Your Phone. You May Disable It or Uninstall Any Recent Updates, Though.

1. Disabling the Play Store

1. Click Settings on Your Tablet or Phone.

2. Select “Google Play Store” from The List of Apps Under All Apps in Apps (app & Notifications).

3. Press the Button Labelled Disable. There Will Be a Confirmation Pop-Up. when Prompted, Affirm.

how to uninstall and reinstall google play store on android

What Takes Place when Play Store Is Disabled?

The Play Store Icon Will Vanish from The Home Screen and App Drawer when Play Store Is Disabled. neither Installing nor Updating Programmes Will Be Possible. However, Current Apps Won’t Experience Any Changes. They Won’t Be Taken Off of Your Phone.

2. how To Remove Updates from The Google Play Store

1. Go to Settings on Your Phone.

2. Tap Apps, Then Under All Apps, Tap “Google Play Store.”

3. Select “uninstall Updates” from The Menu by Tapping the Three Dots at The Top of The Screen.

What Takes Place when Play Store Updates Are Uninstalled?

Play Store Updates Can Be Uninstalled to Return the Device to Its Factory-Fresh State. You Have the Option of Leaving It as Is or Manually Updating as Stated in The Next Section. You May Still Access the Play Store Icon on Your Phone and Use It as Usual. Apps Can Be Updated and Installed. the Apps You Already Have Will Be Secure.

how to uninstall and reinstall google play store on android

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Reinstalling the Google Play Store

There Are Four Different Ways to Reinstall or Upgrade the Google Play Store.

1. Automatic Update

As long as The Google Play Store Is Connected to A Functional Internet Connection, It Will Default Update Itself in The Background. the Google Play Store Will Update Itself After You Disable or Delete Its Updates if You Don’t Touch It for A Short While.

2. Make Google Play Available

You Must Re-Enable the Google Play Store if You Disabled It as Previously Demonstrated in Order to Use It. Open “settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store” to Do This. Click Enable.

3. Manual Update

Google Provides a Secret Method to Check for New Updates if The Google Play Store Doesn’t Update Automatically or If You Want to Do So.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store Application.

2. Select Settings from The Menu by Tapping the Profile Picture Icon at The Top.

3. Select About, Then Choose the Play Store Version. the Play Store Will Update Automatically if An Update Is Available. if not, a Pop-Up Notice Stating that The Play Store Has Been Updated Will Appear.

how to uninstall and reinstall google play store on android

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4. Manually Install or Update Play Store Using Apk

Last but Not Least, You Can Manually Install the Play Store’s Apk on Your Android Phone. Here Are the Steps to Take.

1. Go to One of The Reputable Apk Download Sites, Apk Mirror.Com.

2. on The Webpage, Look for The Google Play Store.

3. Click the Google Play Store Link. to Find Different Variants, Scroll Below. Click the Download Icon After Selecting the Version that Works with Your Phone.

4. Tap the Downloaded File to Install It. It’s Possible that Installing Programmes from Unidentified Sources Will Require Your Consent. Give the Required Permission.

5. to Install the Google Play Store, Follow the Instructions that Appear on The Screen.

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