TikTok Reposting: How to Repost on TikTok in 2022

TikTok, one of the most widely used platforms for social media, is continuously developing new features in order to maintain its customers’ interest. Now, the platform has lately introduced a new feature that can be accessed through a button that is called “Repost.”

What does the “repost” button on TikTok do? Where can I find the “Repost” option on my TikTok account? And how exactly does one reverse a repost on TikTok? Everything that you need to know is included below.

What Is the Tik Tok Repost Button

Because TikTok did not have any official way to repost videos in the past, users who wanted to repost something were required to first download the video and then re-upload it on TikTok. This process, which in some instances could even result in a copyright warning, was necessary when users wanted to repost something.

Users are now able to share other people’s content on TikTok without infringing on anybody else’s rights thanks to the new report option that was just added to the TikTok app.

how to repost on tiktok

The “Repost” button on TikTok looks to function in a manner that is analogous to the “Retweet” option on Twitter. That is, it enables you to share content with your followers while giving credit to the person who initially created it. On the other hand, a TikTok repost does not display on your own profile as a Twitter retweet does; rather, it solely distributes the reposted video to the For You feeds of your friends.

How to Repost on Tik Tok

TikTok’s “Repost” button makes it very simple to re-share videos with other users. Now, if you want to repost a video on TikTok, check out the easy methods that are listed below:

Step 1

Launch the TikTok app on your mobile device, navigate to the video you wish to repost, then tap the “repost” icon.

Step 2

Tap the Share button, which is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, once you have located the video that you want to repost for your followers.

how to repost on tiktok

Step 3

You should now go to the Send to poop-up option. Once you are there, you will see a new option labeled “Repost” that displays next to your contacts; all you need to do is touch on it.

Step 4

After that, the material that has been reposted should show, and you will be able to add a caption massage here in order to repost it.

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How to Undo Repost on Tik Tok

Even though some users have found the new function to be helpful, others have complained that the location of the TikTok repost button always allows them to share movies that they hadn’t intended to share, which can be rather frustrating.

If you find that you have mistakenly reposted something on TikTok and would like to remove or delete the report, you are able to undo the repost on TikTok with a few simple clicks.

To remove the repost on TikTok, simply tap the Share button once more, and then click on the “remove repost” button. After that, a pop-up window will appear; in this window, tap the “remove” button to delete the report from your TikTok account permanently.

how to repost on tiktok

Step 1: Tap the Share button once more.

Step 2: Click the “remove repost” button.

Step 3: Tap the “remove” button.

Step 4: Tap the ”

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What Does the Repost Button Actually Do?

The retweet button on Twitter is similar to the TikTok repost button in that it enables users to easily share content from their own For Your Page with their own followers without the need to actually repost the video. The video that you have reposted will show up on the For Your Page of the people who follow you, but you won’t be able to see it on your own For You Page if you click the repost button.

how to repost on tiktok

You may add your own caption to your shared video, similar to how Twitter’s retweet tool works, and it will appear alongside your video in the feeds of other users.

Currently, users can only repost a video if it has already been displayed on their FYP. This means that not all videos can be reused. This implies that if you go onto someone’s profile and click on a video from there, or if a friend sends you a video, you will not be able to repost it. This also applies if you are sent a video by a friend.

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