How to Increase the Volume of Your AirPods: Time-Tested Methods!

Despite their enormous popularity, AirPods have a number of performance flaws, such as a loudness that is too low, especially in environments with a lot of background noise.

Imagine you’re on a crucial phone call, but the background noise is so loud that you are unable to hear anything. Or perhaps you just want to listen to some music while traveling to work. Surprise! Your AirPods are already at their maximum level, yet they still sound eerily quiet.

We share your disappointment if you expected more from a pair of expensive headphones like AirPods but were left wondering why they are so quiet. To help you get the most out of your AirPods and make sure you get your money’s worth, we’ve put together this list of tricks.

How to Adjust the Air Pods’ Volume

Since Air Pods Are Entirely Wireless, They Lack the Same Electronic Space as Wired Headphones with In-Line Audio Controls.

For a Wider Range of Control, Premium Earbuds from Other Brands, Such as the Sony Wh1000 Xm4, Provide a Variety of Integrated Gestures. but Regrettably, All Air Pods Models Have Touch-Only Controls, with The Exception of The Air Pods Max, Which Has a Digital Crown.

how to make airpods louder

You Still Have Access to Various Audio Playback Options for Your Air Pods, Like the Ability to Change the Level of Your Audio.

You Might Be Able to Communicate with Your Air Pods in A Variety of Ways Depending on The Model You Have. for Instance, the Controls on Air Pods Pro Differ Slightly from Those on Normal Air Pods Because They Use Pressure-Sensitive Sensors Rather than Touch Sensors.

Let’s Go Over Each Method for Adjusting the Volume on Your Air Pods Individually.

Use of Siri

Using Siri Is the Most Practical Way to Change the Volume on Your Air Pods. Simply Ask Siri to Change the Volume up Or Down by Saying Something Along the Lines of “hey Siri.” However, You Must Enable Voice Commands on Your iPhone or IPad for This Approach to Function. Follow These Steps to Do So:

how to make airpods louder

1. Open Your  IPhone’s Settings App.

2. Go to Siri and Search

3. Turn on The “hey Siri” Listen to Option.

4. Turn on Allow Siri when Locked; Although Optional, It Is Strongly Advised for A Hands-Free Experience.

Since Siri Is One of The Most Capable and Well-Liked Virtual Assistants, She Should Have No Trouble Doing Straightforward Tasks Like Turning up The Volume.

Rather than Only Responding to General Volume Up/down Orders, Siri May Also Be Asked to Perform More Intricate, Detailed Tasks, Like Lowering the Level by A Specified Percentage. You May Say, “hey Siri, Turn the Volume Up By 40%,” as An Example.

Utilizing the Play and Volume Commands Together in A Single Command, Such as “hey Siri, Play Sour by Olivia Rodrigo on Spotify at Maximum Volume,” Is Another Clever Technique.

Adjusting the Loudness

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier than This. to Change the Volume, Simply Reach for Your Phone and Press the Volume Rocker. Additionally, You May Adjust the Volume on Your Phone There by Pulling Down the Control Centre.

how to make airpods louder

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Setting up The App’s Sound Settings

You May Adjust the Level of Some Mobile Apps so That the Sound You’re Listening to Is Louder. for Instance, when You Play a Song on The Apple Music App, a Volume Slider Will Appear at The Bottom of The Screen.

Mobile Games and Other Media Apps Frequently Contain an Audio Control Feature that You Can Modify. if You Want to Hear the Music Better While Playing a Mobile Game While Listening to It, You May Simply Turn Down the Game’s Volume In-Game.

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Wax and Dirt Accumulation

To Avoid a Drowning or Closed-Off Feeling when Wearing Them, Air Pods Also Contain a Tiny Hole on The Outside of The Earphones. These Little Gaps Can Allow Dirt and Dust to Enter Your Air Pods.

Aside from That, Earwax Buildup Is Another Frequent Problem that Frequently Happens if You Wear Air Pods for Longer Periods of Time or If You Have High Earwax Production.

As You Use Your Air Pods, Dirt and Ear Wax May Accumulate in The Speaker Mesh and Block the Audio Signal from Leaving the Drivers. Because Some of The Audio Signals Are Being Blocked by The Dirt and Earwax Buildup, the Sound You Hear Will Be Softer as A Result.

how to make airpods louder

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Incorrect Settings

Many Functions of Air Pods, Such as Calculating how Loud Your Audio Should Be, Are Handled by Software. Low Volume from Your Air Pods May Is Caused by Incorrect Phone or Music App Settings.

Your Air Pods May Sound Quieter than Usual if You Accidentally Change the Equaliser, Enable Volume Limits, or Switch to Low-Power Mode. if So, All It Takes Is a Small Adjustment to The Settings to Solve the Issue.

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