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Please Check Your Public Profile on Snapchat!

how to make a public profile on snapchat

Please be aware that access to this feature may not yet be available as it is presently under beta testing.

A brand will be allowed to have a Shop option on their profile that links to their Store if they have a validated Public Profile for Businesses and a Catalog.

With Stores, businesses may add a new sales channel to their Public Profile that will allow users of Snapchat to explore, discover, and buy things right from the app. A brand’s store will show up as a Shop tab on the Public Profile, linking to items’ product detail pages and pages from the catalog.

You can show products to Snapchatters if you create a Store and link it to your product catalog. Products will be shown on the Shop tab of your public profile. To keep more real-time inventory updates, catalogs can be manually updated or connected through a data feed login.

Please check your public profile.

When shown across the app, Verified Public Profiles for Businesses have a yellow star next to the Display Name. If a profile satisfies the following requirements, it will be verified:


Your profile must reflect a legitimate, legally existing company or entity. We may decide not to give or withdraw the verification and/or disable the account if we find that the information provided about the Profile is inaccurate or deceptive.

Notable: The general public must be familiar with your company or organization.

The yellow star will be added to your Profile once it has been verified. You won’t, however, get a message or email about this change.

Please request verification in cooperation with your account team.

Please Take Note

This does not apply to anyone attempting to become verified “Snap Stars,” only to Public Profiles for Businesses (Public figures, influencers, celebrities, etc).

Before receiving the yellow star, profiles must first confirm the email address they used to register for their Snapchat account. Here are the procedures to manually re-request verification if you didn’t do so while setting up your email address:

Visit your email inbox and finish the verification there.

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Retail FAQs

Will I get immediate access to the ability to create Stores?

No, in order to create a Store, a brand must already have a confirmed Public Profile for a Business setup and a Catalog attached.

Is this accessible everywhere?

Yes, any company that has a catalog and a validated Public Profile for Businesses can open a store.

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What kind of currency will be shown in the store?

Please be aware that for international enterprises, regardless of the user’s location, the currency displayed in the Store will correspond to the currency in the chosen product catalog (e.g. USD will be shown for all users globally if USD is the currency included in the catalog).

Please take note: If you have many regional or national profiles, it’s best to create a store, particularly for each nation, and link it to its public profile. A multi-Profile approach is probably the best if you’re investing in local content, although we do advise gathering data from a few important regions before developing too many Profiles.

Can I choose more than one catalog for one store?

You cannot choose goods from various catalogs, despite the fact that you can arrange or hide things from your catalog in your Store. Use your most comprehensive and recent catalog, please.

How are items at a store ranked?

Products in a Store will be ranked according to the overall trending products (i.e., number of product views, number of times “View on Website” has been tapped, etc.). You can make many categories and rate how each category is shown in your store, but you cannot rate specific products inside a category.

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