How to Gain Experience in Elden Ring..!

Do you wish to learn the Elden Ring leveling process? It’s imperative to understand Elden Ring’s character leveling if you want to endure some of the difficult battles that lie ahead, such as Margit and Godrick in Castle Stormveil.

Elden Ring does not, however, allow you to level up right away, in contrast to earlier FromSoftware RPGs. Instead, you must wander around Limgrave until an explicit NPC interaction occurs. Fortunately, we can assist you.

We’ll go over every step of leveling up in Elden Ring in this guide. We’ll also go over which skills are most crucial for new players so you can start off strong on your journey across the Lands Between.

Elden Ring’s Best Stats for Levelling Up

You Have to Decide Which of Your 8 Stats to Boost Every Time You Level Up. We’ll Discuss Which of Your Stats You Should Prioritise at The Beginning of Your Quest Below. Here Is Our Suggested Ranking of The Stats You Should Level up If You’re Not Using an Elden Ring Build:

how to level up in elden ring

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  1. Endurance:  Matter Which Elden Ring Class You Choose, Is the Most Crucial Stat to Level up Early on Because It Raises Your Stamina. for Hitting, Blocking, Dodging, Running, and Just Simply Surviving Throughout Combat, Stamina Is Necessary. at The Start of The Game, It Is by Far What You Need the Most. Additionally, Endurance Boosts Your Equip Load, Allowing You to Wear Some of Elden Ring’s Strongest Armour.
  2. Vigor:  Because It Raises Your Maximum Health, Comes Next. Fighting Becomes More Simpler as A Result, as It Now Takes Two Hits to End Your Life Rather than Simply One Fatal Blow.
  3. Strength and Dexterity: Are Necessary for Using the Majority of Weapons. They also Scale-up The Damage You Deal with Certain Weapons, However, the Impact Is so Tiny that Improving Your Weapon with Smithing Stones Easily Outweighs It. Early On, I’d Advise Focusing on Some of The Strongest Weapons You Can Find and Raising Your Strength and Dexterity until You Meet the Necessary Standards.
  4. Knowledge and Faith: Using Spells and Incantations, You Can Control Your Power, Accordingly. Elden Ring’s Spells Have a Lot of Power, but Again, the Damage Scaling You Get from Raising these Stats Is Relatively Small. Instead of Just Pumping These Stats with Points, Strive to Meet a Spell Requirement.
  5. Mind Development: Your Mana, or Maximum Fp, Is Available. if You’re Not Aiming for A Specialist Spellcaster Setup, It’s Worth Adding a Few Points to Your Mind Stat Throughout the Course of Your First Dozen or So Levels. Otherwise, You Can Pretty Much Leave It Alone.
  6. Arcane: Increases Your Likelihood of Finding Goods to Plunder from Corpses, or Item Discovery. It’s Wonderful, but It’s Not Something You Should Prioritise Unless You Come Across a Spell or Weapon Like Reduvia, One of Our Favourite Early Weapons in Elden Ring, that Needs a Certain Level of Arcane Understanding.

how to level up in elden ring

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Increasing Your Elden Ring Level

You Must Visit a Specific Grace that Melina Will Visit in Order to Gain the Opportunity to Level up In Elden Ring.

  • Two of These Can Be Located on Either Side of The Gatefront Ruins Location, Including the Nearby Gatefront Site of Grace.
  • Aside from Learning How To Level Up, Keep in Mind that Gate front Ruins Is Where You Can Find Your First Map Fragment and The Whetstone Knife. It Also Puts You on The Critical Road to Castle Stormveil, Whenever You Are Ready to Attack It.
  • To Earn the Opportunity to Level up At Subsequent Grace Sites, Accept Melina’s Offer of Assistance During the Cutscene. if You Accidentally Decline, You Have the Chance to Accept Again.
  • You Can Also Call Torrent Through This Interaction, Which Unlocks Elden Ring’s Mount and Makes It Easier for You to Travel About.

how to level up in elden ring

When You’re Finished, It’s Worthwhile to Return to The Church of Ellen, Where Renna the Witch Should Be Waiting for You. She Can Offer You the Spirit Calling Bell, Which Will Enable You to Call on Spirit ashes to fight for you.

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