How to Remove a Page from Microsoft Word..!

Tables, repeatedly pressing the Enter key, unneeded section breaks, unintended page breaks, excessive paragraph markers, and other things can all contribute to an increase in the number of pages beyond what was intended.

Because you do not want your Word document to appear unprofessional due to this oddity, I will demonstrate how to eliminate blank and additional pages in Word in the following section of this article.

In this video, I will be using Microsoft Office 2016, but you may follow along with it using any version of Microsoft Office because the majority of the steps are the same across all versions.

How to Delete a Blank Page in The Middle of A Word Document

If you are working with a long Word document and you are getting ready to present it or print it, it is a good idea to check to see if there are any blank pages and if there is an additional page at the end.

You may accomplish this by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + 8, or you can go to the Home tab and click the icon that looks like a paragraph.

how to delete a page in word

This combination of keys displays paragraph markers () at the end of each paragraph and at the beginning of the extra blank page. More specifically, the paragraph markers appear whenever you hit the ENTER key and at the beginning of each blank line.

To get rid of these additional pages, select the paragraph markers using your mouse or trackpad, then press the DELETE button on your keyboard. You can get rid of any of the markings that are still there by pressing the BACKSPACE key.

You can also get rid of the blank page (or pages) if you have the patience to do so by navigating to the page(s) in question and repeatedly pressing the BACKSPACE key until the paragraph markers are removed.

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How to Delete an Extra Blank Page in A Word Document

Step 1: Select the View menu from the top menu bar. This will allow you to eliminate any extra blank pages that may have been appended to the end of your document.

Step 2: Navigate to the Pane for Navigation. This will show a sidebar on the screen, and it will contain three tabs: Headings, Pages, and Results. Simply selecting the Pages option will bring up the document’s entire page listing in the sidebar.

Step 3: The currently active page will be chosen for you automatically. Simply select the additional blank page by clicking on it, and then use the Delete key on your keyboard to get rid of it.

how to delete a page in word

You can also get rid of this additional blank page by using the BACKSPACE key on your keyboard.

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You should now be able to give the impression that your documents were professionally prepared after reading this post because you learned how to delete blank pages in Word.

I would want to thank you for reading. If you think that your friends and family could benefit from reading this post, please send it along to them.

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