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Charge Your AirPods and Find out How Long Their Batteries Last.!

The difference between making it through your trip home and being stuck listening to the squeal of train wheels could be as simple as forgetting to check the battery life on your AirPods. Fortunately, no matter what gadgets you happen to have on hand, it is comparatively simple to determine how much battery life is remaining in your AirPods.

Charge Your Air Pods

Put Your AirPods in The Case and Let Them Charge. Your Case Has Multiple Full Charging Slots so You Can Recharge Your Air Pods While on The Road. Put Your Air Pods in The Case While Not in Use to Keep Them Charged.

How to Charge Your Air Pods

With a Qi-Approved Charging Pad, You May Charge Your Mag Safe Charging Case or Wireless Charging Case. the Status Light Should Be Facing Up, and The Lid Should Be Closed, when You Put Your Case on The Charger. the Charge Level Should Be Displayed for 8 Seconds via The Status Light.

how to check airpod battery

when Placing Your Air Pods Pro or Air Pods (3rd Generation) on The Charging Pad, You Can Tap the Case to See if They Are Charging (amber Light) or Are Fully Charged (green Light).

What You Can Expect with Air Pods (3rd Generation)

  • If You Have Numerous Charges, You Can Have up To 20 Hours of Conversation Time or 30 Hours of Listening Time.
  • With Spatial Audio Enabled, Your Third-Generation Air Pods May Provide Up To 5 Hours of Listening Time or 4 Hours of Speaking Time on A Single Charge.
  • You Receive Around 1 Hour of Listening Time or Approximately 1 Hour of Speaking Time from Your Third-Generation Air Pods After Charging Them for 5 Minutes in Their Case.

What You Can Expect with Air Pods Pro

  • You Receive More than 24 Hours of Listening Time with Numerous Charges or More than 18 Hours of Conversation Time.
  • On a Single Charge, Your Air Pods Pro Can Last Up To 4.5 Hours for Listening or Up to 3.5 Hours for Talking.
  • You Can Converse for Around an Hour and Listen for About an Hour After Charging Your Air Pods Pro for Five Minutes in Their Case.

how to check airpod battery

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What You Can Expect with Air Pods (2nd Generation)

  • You Receive Up To 18 Hours of Conversation Time with Several Charges in Your Case or More than 24 Hours of Listening Time.
  • Up to 5 Hours of Listening Time or 3 Hours of Talk Time Can Be Obtained from A Single Charge of Your Air Pods.
  • You Can Receive Up To 3 Hours of Listening Time17 or Up to 2 Hours of Speaking Time With Only 15 Minutes of Charging Your Air Pods in Their Case.

How to Check Air Pod Battery Life without Using a Paired Device

The Battery Life of Your AirPods and The Case May Both Be Checked Even if You Don’t Have Any External Devices Handy. Depending on The Type of Air Pods You Own, the Status Light on The Outside or Inside the Buds when The Cover Is Open Will Let You Know How Much Battery Life Is Left.

Amber Suggests There Is Less than One Full Charge Left, While Green Denotes that The Battery Is Fully Charged. if The Buds Are Not in The Case, the Light Will Then Show how Fully Charged the Case Is.

how to check airpod battery

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Using Siri

It Probably Won’t Surprise You if You’ve Used Apple Products for A While so that You Can Check the Battery Status on Your iPhone or I Pad Using Siri. if You Don’t Have “type to Siri” Set On, You’ll Have to Speak Aloud to Siri, Which Is a Drawback for Library Patrons.


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