The Steps You Need to Take to Modify Your Twitter Handle or Username..!

On Twitter, in contrast to other social media networks, you are in no way required to use your real name anywhere on the platform. Your handle can be a play on your own real name

a pun or meme, or even just a collection of random digits and letters. All of these options are valid. The only requirement is that it be completely original and free of any slurs or other things that go against the guidelines.

The very greatest part is that you are free to alter your Twitter handle whenever you see fit. Simply opening your account settings is all that is required of you.
Here is how you may change your Twitter handle and start using a new @ name for your account.

How to Modify Your Profile Name on Twitter

This Tutorial Will Show You How To Alter Your Handle on Twitter by Using the Mobile App; However, the Methods to Do so May Also Be Found on Twitter’s Website.

how to change twitter username

1. Swipe to The Right to Open the Side Menu, and Then Press the Settings and Privacy Option that Is Located at The Bottom of The Screen.

2. Select the Account Option, Then Select Username.

3. Type in The New Name You Want to Use. There Is a Possibility that You May Also Be Shown with Several Recommendations; You Can Tap Any of These to Quickly Set It as Your Username.

4. to Save Your New Handle, Tap the Done Button.

When Will Your Previous Twitter Handle Be Deleted?

As Soon as Your New Twitter Handle Is Saved, Twitter Makes Your Previous Username Available for Someone Else to Use, and It Is Removed from The Pool of Options Altogether.

how to change twitter username

the Number of People Who Follow You on Twitter, Any Prior Tweets, and The Rest of Your Profile Will Not Change. It Is in Your Best Interest to Inform Your Followers that You Have Changed Your Twitter Handle in Order for Them to Be Able to Mention or Respond to Your New Username.

How to Modify Your Twitter Handle on An Apple Device Such as An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

  • Launch the Twitter App on Your Apple iPhone or IPad.
  • To Access Your Profile Page, Navigate to The Bottom of The Screen and Tap the “me” Button.
  • Click the “edit” Button.

how to change twitter username

  • Tap the “done” Button After Creating a New Username.
  • If You Would Also Like to Alter Your Name, Select “change Name,” Type in The New Name, and Then Select “done” when You Are Through.

The Steps to Take in Order to Modify Your Twitter Handle on An Android Device

  • Navigate to “Settings and Privacy” and Then Select “account” from The Menu.
  • Simply Select Your Username After Tapping the “Twitter” Button.
  • In the Area that Appears, Type in The New Twitter Handle, and Then Click the “ok” Button.

How to Modify Your Twitter Handle with A Conventional Computer

  • Visit the Website at Www.Twitter.Com.
  • You Can Access Your Account by Logging in With the Email Address and Password You Created.
  • Simply Select the Individual Depicted by The Icon Located at The Very Top of The Screen.
  • Click the “Settings” Button.
  • At the Very Bottom of This Screen, Select the “name” Option.
  • Simply Enter a New Name Here (optional)

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How to Determine the Most Appropriate Twitter Handle for Your Company

The Most Effective Twitter Account or Handle for Your Company Is One That Is Succinct, Easy to Recall, and Not Difficult to Spell. in addition to That, It Ought to Include the Name of Your Business. as An Illustration, the Mercedes-Benz Twitter Account Can Be Found at @mercedes Benz USA.

Because You Want People to Be Able to Readily Find Your Business on The Network, the Twitter Handle that You Choose Should Be as Brief as Possible While yet Being Easy to Remember.

It Is Not the Time or Place to Crack a Joke or Demonstrate Your Wit. Because of This, It Will Be More Challenging for Folks to Locate You.

how to change twitter username

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When It Is Beneficial for Your Company to Have Many Twitter Handles.

It’s Possible that Your Company May Benefit from Having Many Twitter Handles.

For Instance, You Could Use @company Name as Your Primary Handle, and Then Use @service1 or Something Similar as Your Secondary Handle.

People Will Be Able to Track Your Company’s Updates in A Single Location While at The Same Time Finding the Particular Service They Require on Twitter Thanks to This Feature.

Mercedes-Benz Has a Separate Twitter Handle, @mb Press, for Their Press Releases and Any Requests They Receive from The Media.

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