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Step-By-Step Instructions for Altering Your Google Mail Password.!

Frequently changing your Gmail password increases account security and safeguards your private and commercial data. Setting a new password is essential if you’ve forgotten your old one or if your account has been compromised.

Fortunately, Google has simplified both processes—necessary reset/recovery and optional change. This how-to manual will teach us:

On an  iPhone, how To Modify Your Gmail Password

1. If you don’t already have it, launch the Gmail app or get it from the Apple App Store.

2. Click or tap your profile photo in the top-right area of the screen.

3. Depending on the app version you are using, Google Account may also be shown as Manage your Google Account.

4. Select Personal information, which is near the top of the screen.

how to change gmail password

5. Tap Password in the Basic Info area. You might be asked to log in once more using your current password.

6. Select Change Password after entering your new password twice as instructed.

On Android, how To Modify Your Gmail Password

1. Launch the Settings App on Your Device.

2. Tap Google in Order to Access Your Account.

3. on The Top, Click Manage Your Google Account.

4. Click Security in The Menu at The Top of The Screen.

5. Click Password Under Signing in To Google. to Proceed to The Next Step, You Might Need to Sign Into Your Account.

6. when Prompted, Type Your New Preferred Password.

7. Select Change Password

how to change gmail password

On a Pc, how To Modify Your Gmail Password

1. Log in To Your Google Account if You Need To.

2. in The Left Sidebar, Choose Security.

3. Click Password Under Signing into Google. You Might Need to Sign in Once More.

4. as Instructed, Type Your New Password Into the Text Fields.

5. Select Password Change.

After Changing Your Gmail Password, What Happens?

You Should Be Aware that You Will Often Be Signed out Of that Account when You Change or Reset Your Password. You Must Sign in Again with Your New Password.

The Sign-Out Rule Does Include a Few Exceptions, Though. in The Following Places, Signing out Will Not Be Permitted:

how to change gmail password

  • Devices You Use to Confirm Your Identity when You Sign In.
  • Some Devices to Which You’ve Granted Account Access Use Third-Party Apps.
  • Home Gadgets That You’ve Previously Given Account Access.

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Advice on Selecting a Reliable Gmail Password

Let’s Go Through the Best practices for Choosing a Strong New Password to Replace Your Old One Before We Get Into the Specifics of Changing It. Choosing a Strong Password Is Essential to Protecting Your Account from Account Hacking Attempts and Keeping Your Personal Information, Emails, Files, and Other Data Secure.

Here Is Some Advice from Google for Creating a Strong Password:

Use a Minimum of 12 Characters, Using a Mix of Symbols, Numerals, and Upper- and Lowercase Letters. the More Complicated the Password, the Safe It Is (only Make Sure You Can Remember It).

Avoid Using Obvious Terms (like “password” or “letmein”), Common Words (like “your Nickname” or “birthday”), or Sequences (like “1234” or “abcd”) that Are Simple to Decipher.

Don’t Write Down or Leave Your Password on Your Computer or Work Desk if You Have Difficulties Remembering It. Instead, Keep It Hidden or Use a Password Management Programme. There Are Numerous More Trustworthy Password Management Programmes Available, and Google Provides One Through Chrome. Request Recommendations from Your It Department.

how to change gmail password

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How to Modify Your Desktop Gmail Password

1 Log Into Your Google Account First.

2. from The Left Menu, Choose “security,” Which Is Denoted by A Lock Icon.

3. Click “password” Under “signing in To Google” After Scrolling Down.

4. Click “Next” After Entering Your Current Password if Requested to Confirm Your Identity.

5. Click “Change Password” after entering a new password and verifying it on the following page.


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