How to Cancel Subscriptions Using the Settings App on Your IPhone. !

One-stop shopping is typically associated with convenience. Typically, we want to be able to pay all of our bills using a single banking account, buy all of our groceries at the same location, and listen to all of our music on a single music service.

In order to consolidate all of your recurring payments for music, in-app purchases, and similar subscriptions in one location on your iPhone, Apple created the Apple ID subscription manager.

If nothing else, you should use these procedures to remind yourself what subscriptions you are paying for each month. You might be shocked to learn that you are still being invoiced for some subscriptions you no longer use. Once there, you can remove any that are no longer necessary.

Just keep in mind that only subscriptions that you purchased with your Apple ID account are affected by this. If you follow these instructions but are still unable to locate the service you’re looking for, it is likely because you did not register for it using your Apple ID.

How to Cancel a Subscription on An iPhone

1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app and hit your name and Apple ID at the top.

2. Click “Subscriptions” on the Apple ID page. To log into your account, you might need to enter your password or use Touch ID or Face ID.

3. Look through the list of current subscribers. Tap the one you wish to know more about or cancel if you see one.

how to cancel subscriptions on iphone

Both your current subscriptions and any previous, canceled subscriptions are listed on this screen.

4. Examine the information regarding your subscription on the subscription page. Tap “Cancel Subscription” and then “Confirm” to end this subscription. Instead, you might see a notice that says “Cancel Free Trial” if you are currently enrolled in a free trial.

Be aware that if you cancel a subscription in the middle of a cycle, you usually retain access to the service until the end of the current billing cycle. You will often be able to use a service until the beginning of March, for instance, if you cancel it on February 15 but the membership would typically be renewed on January 1.

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How to Reactivate a Cancelled iPhone Subscription

Want the service you canceled out of regret? No issue; you can accomplish it without difficulty by going back to the same location in Settings.

1. Launch the Settings application, and then tap your name and Apple ID at the top of the window.

2. Select “Subscriptions.” 2. To log into your account, you might need to enter your password or use Touch ID or Face ID.

how to cancel subscriptions on iphone

3. Scroll to the screen’s bottom to find the list of expired memberships. The one you want to reactivate should be tapped.

4. Select the desired subscription option on the subscription page, then confirm your selection. We’ll re-subscribe you right away.

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What Subscriptions Are Cancellable?

What sort of subscriptions can you directly cancel with an Apple device, then? only those that are linked to your Apple ID account and that you have installed from the App Store. They don’t, however, only apply to Apple products like Apple Music. Your list of subscriptions may include access to other streaming services, online subscriptions to newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, Hulu, and Spotify, and more.

What about those subscriptions, though, which aren’t connected to your Apple account? It depends, really.

how to cancel subscriptions on iphone

Certain businesses make it more difficult to cancel than others. You might need to send each other emails or give customer service a call in order to speak to a professional; it might not be as simple as hitting a button.

There are services that can complete the process for you if you lack the time or patience to do it yourself. For free subscription tracking, for instance, the Rocket Money app links to your bank accounts. The concierge will even cancel undesirable memberships on your behalf if you have a premium membership.

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