How to Cancel Your Paid Spotify Premium Membership.!

After a legendary musician took issue with a well-known podcaster, Spotify has been deluged with cancellation requests over the past week or so.

Neil Young demanded that his songs be taken off the streaming platform if Joe Rogan’s show wasn’t taken down after publicly accusing Rogan of spreading false information about COVID on his podcast, which is only available on Spotify. Many listeners are dissatisfied since Spotify chose Rogan, and the majority of Young’s songs have subsequently been taken off.

Users have threatened to cancel their Spotify memberships in protest over the removal of popular artists like Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren as well as Young’s work. Twitter users stated last week that due to an excessive volume of queries, Spotify momentarily shut down live customer assistance.

Here’s how to immediately cancel your Spotify Premium membership if you want to. And here’s where you can access Young’s songs if you want to switch to another service like Apple Music, YouTube Music, or Tidal.

How to Terminate Your Paid Spotify Membership

First of All, None of The Spotify Apps for ios, Android, Mac Os, or Windows Allow You to Cancel Your Membership. Instead, You’ll Need to Use a Web Browser on Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer to Access Your Spotify Account. This Is How:

how to cancel spotify premium

1. Log in To Your Account at Spotify.Com/account.

2. Click Change Plan Under Your Plan in Account Overview.

3. Next, Select Cancel Premium Under Available Plans.

4. to Complete the Cancellation Process, Press Yes, Cancel.

While Your Spotify Account Won’t Be Deleted as A Result, Your Paid Subscription Will Be Cancelled and You’ll Be Downgraded to The Free Tier, Which Still Allows for Ad-Supported Music Listening.

All of Your Saved Songs and Playlists Are Also Kept. You Will Still Have Access to Your Premium Account up Until Your Next Billing Date, Even if It Is Still a Few Days or Weeks Away.

If for Some Reason, You Are Unable to Modify Your Subscription, It May Be Because Apple, Your Cell or Internet Provider, or Another Company Is Providing Your Subscription as Part of A Package. if This Applies to You, Get in Touch with The Third Party and Ask Them to Discontinue Your Paid Subscription.

for instance, if You Have an iPhone, You Can View the Services You Pay for Through Apple by Going to Settings, Tapping Your Name at The Top, and Then Selecting Subscriptions.

As an Alternative, You Can Complete This Form and Mail It or Email It to Terminate Your Spotify Membership.

You Can Leave the Plan but Not Cancel the Subscription if You Are a Member of A Family Plan but Are Not the Manager of The Plan. that Can Only Be Done by The Plan’s Owner.

Where Should You Go Now that You’ve Cancelled Your Spotify Subscription? See how Apple Music and Spotify, the Two Most Popular Music Streaming Services, Stack up Against the Best Music Streaming Services of 2022.

how to cancel spotify premium

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How to Stop Using Spotify Premium in A Browser

You Must Utilise Spotify’s Website to Cancel Your Subscription if You Signed up For a Premium Subscription There. the Desktop or Mobile Apps Cannot Be Used to Cancel a Subscription.

1. on Your iPhone, Android Phone, or Pc, Go to The Your Account Page on The Spotify Website.

2. Open Your Account and Log In. Select Log in By Tapping the Three Horizontal Lines Icon in The Top-Right Corner of A Mobile Web Browser. Click Log in In the Top-Right Corner of The Page Using a Desktop Web Browser.

3. Navigate to Your Account Page After Logging In. to Choose Account from The Drop-Down Menu on A Mobile Device, Tap the Three Horizontal Lines Icon in The Top Right Corner. on A Desktop, Pick Account from The Drop-Down Menu by Clicking Profile in The Top Right Corner.

4. Tap or Click Change Plan Under Your Plan in The Section at The Bottom of The Page.

5. Scroll Down to The Spotify Free Section on The Following Screen and Select or Tap Cancel Premium.

how to cancel spotify premium

6. You Can Find out What You’ll Lose if You Cancel Your Premium Subscription on The Following Page. to Cancel, Click Continue at The Bottom. on The Following Page, Click Continue to Cancel Once More.

7. Confirm Your Cancellation by Clicking Yes. After That, Your Spotify Free Account Will Be Restored.

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How to Revoke Your Apple Id from Spotify Premium

You Can Cancel Your Spotify Premium Subscription Through the Apple Id Settings on Your I IPhone if You Initially Signed up Through the Apple App Store.

1. Launch the Settings Application on Your iPad or iPhone.

2. on The Settings Page, Tap Your Name and Apple Id at The Top.

how to cancel spotify premium

3. Tap Subscriptions on The Page for Your Apple Id.

4. Find and Choose Spotify from Your List of Subscriptions.

5. on The Spotify Page, Click Cancel Subscription.

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