How to Upload Several Pictures at Once on Instagram in 2022

It will save you time to upload several photographs on your Instagram Stories or posts, which will boost interaction and help you develop a consistent tone for your material.

To add several photographs to your Instagram Stories or posts, there are a few different methods. You can select the approach that works best for you by following the detailed instructions we’ll provide for each one.

How to Add More than One Photo to Your Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are great since they are more informal and less permanent than standard Instagram postings. Why not upload many photos at once or make a special collage using several images if you’re seeking novel ways to fill out your Instagram Stories?

It’s really simple and a terrific method to increase interaction and develop your following to post multiple photographs to your Instagram Story.

how to add multiple photos to instagram story

How to Include More than One Photo in An Instagram Story

You can upload up to 10 photos at once when creating a Story series on Instagram using numerous images from your photo library. This process just takes a few seconds. As follows:

  • To access your Stories, tap the camera symbol.
  • On the screen’s bottom, tap the photo icon.
  • Select the symbol for multiple photos, which is visible above your photo gallery.
  • In the order you want the photos to appear in your Stories, tap the pictures you wish to add. You can see the sequence by tapping each photo, which will reveal a number. 10 photographs can be added to your Stories at once.
  • When you’re ready to start modifying your photos, tap Next.
  • Tap Next once you’ve finished editing your pictures.
  • For an orderly sharing of your images, tap Your Story.

How to Add Multiple Pictures to The Same Story

Use the sticker feature if you’d like all of your photographs to appear in one Instagram Story on the same screen:

how to add multiple photos to instagram story


  • To access your Instagram Stories, tap the camera symbol.
  • After that, tap the photo icon to include a main image in your Story.
  • Tap the sticker symbol at the top of the screen after that.
  • Tap the photo sticker after scrolling down to find it.
  • The screen will display your second photo.
  • Until you get the images you desire for your Story, keep doing this.
  • Reposition your pictures by dragging them around. To make the images smaller or larger, pinch or spread two fingers across the screen.
  • To finish your story, add text, music, or drawings.
  • To add pictures to your Stories, select Your Stories.

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Why Can’t I Use Multiple Photographs in My Story?

You might not be able to use the multiple images feature in Stories where you live since it is currently being rolled out globally.

When uploading your Stories, consider updating the Instagram app to the most recent version if you don’t see the multiple photo icon. Keep waiting if the feature still doesn’t show up. Soon, Instagram will make this new feature available in your region.

Can You Update an Instagram Post from Before with New Pictures?

An Instagram post that has already been made and published cannot, sadly, have new photographs added. The only other choice you have is to erase the original post and start over with the new photographs.

how to add multiple photos to instagram story

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How to Upload Numerous Pictures to Instagram on A Pc

A new tool called Creator Studio enables you to use Facebook to schedule Instagram posts from your desktop. However, in order to use Creator Studio, you also need a personal Facebook account in addition to a Facebook page. How to utilize it to make an Instagram post with numerous photographs is as follows:

  • Go to your page on Facebook after logging in on a computer.
  • Select Publishing Tools from the menu in the left sidebar.
  • Click on Creator Studio in the sidebar’s tool section.
  • At the very top of the screen, click the Instagram button to continue.
  • Click Create Post > Instagram Feed after that.
  • The option to select pictures from your computer’s photo collection is available when you click Add Content.
  • Hold down the command key (control on a PC) while clicking each photo to select them all.
  • You can add your caption and location after the photographs are posted.
  • Finally, choose whether you want to publish your post right away by clicking Publish or schedule it for a later time by clicking the arrow.

Once you get the hang of doing so, you’ll discover that using numerous photographs in your Instagram posts and Stories is a great way to liven up your profile, tell a story, or establish a theme throughout your posts.

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