How Old Is Violet Grohl? Age, Early Life, Career, Networth & More Info In 2022!

Violet Grohl is the oldest child of well-known American musician, singer, and composer David Eric Grohl, who is also the band’s drummer. In addition, Violet is a rising singer and drummer who has shared the stage with her father’s bands Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

The Life of Violet Grohl

Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum’s oldest child is Violet Grohl. The younger sisters of Violet Grohl are Harper Willow Grohl and Ophelia Grohl. Although she and her sisters are quite close, she has a far closer relationship with Harper and Violet Grohl.

Being the daughter of a well-known musician, Violet Grohl has enjoyed singing since she was a young child. Violet Grohl became increasingly proficient and fluent at signing as time went on.

Her father allegedly predicted that she would learn a new instrument in a week, thus it is easy to imagine her intense interest in music education. A student in a school in Encino, California, Violet is in her mid-teens.

Young Life

how old is violet grohl

The first child of famous parents Jordyn Blum and Dave Grohl is Violet Maye Grohl. On April 15, 2006, my daughter was born, and Dave immediately felt like he had changed from a hot rock star to a regular dad. From that point forward, his thoughts shifted away from music and alcohol-filled nightclubs and toward diapers.

Harper Willow Grohl and Ophelia Grohl are her two other younger sisters. Lisa Grohl, her aunt, also studied music when she was younger.

Dave even said that Violet would pick up any instrument in a week. Violet has always enjoyed singing and playing music.

Violet is currently in her early teens and is enrolled in school in Encino, California, in the United States. Regarding the name of her school, there is no pertinent information.

Violet Grohl Age,

Violet Maye Grohl, a stunning and gifted singer, was born into a famous family. Every year on April 15, she has a birthday party.

Violet Grohl is Dave Grohl’s daughter, and as of 2022, she is 16 years old.

Body Stats: Height, Weight, and Hair Color

Violet Grohl is 46 kilograms and has a height of 5 feet, 1 inch. Additionally, he has Blue eyes and Brown hair.

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how old is violet grohlViolet has done a lot in her brief life despite having only aged 15 in 2021. Dave gave Violet a touching introduction and explained that Violet’s idea to sing with the band was what inspired her to perform on stage with her father at the Leeds Festival in 2019.

My Hero was a song Violet Grohl had hoped to perform, and she did so. Additionally, she appeared at a Nirvana concert in 2019 and took Kurt Cobain’s place on stage. According to Dave, Violet is also a top vocalist and drummer around the globe. Violet, who also provided backing vocals for the Foo Fighters record, has high hopes for her career as a musician.

In promotion of Medicine At Midnight, the tenth studio album by Foos, she has gone on tour. She appeared in the band’s most recent #SaveOurStages event at The Roxy in Los Angeles, where she also joined her father on stage for a 2020 Nirvana reunion.

In honor of X and the Bonebrake tradition in the upcoming documentary WHAT DRIVES US, Violet, and Dave Grohl released their first joint song, “Nausea,” on April 23, 2021.

Dave produced the doc, which serves as both inspiration for young people who want to pursue music careers and a love letter to the exclusive rock and roll club.

Following her father’s inquiry regarding her musical aspirations, Violet will be seen releasing her songs after she mentioned that she was working on a new album in response. Violet is anticipated to carry on her father’s legacy despite the absence of details.

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Violet Grohl’s estimated net worth ranges from $200K to $400K USD.

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  • The zodiac sign or birth sign of Violet Grohl is Aries based on her date of birth.
  • As a budding record producer, Violet Grohl has also begun her career in the music industry.
  • Her father’s ex-wife is called Jennifer Leigh.
  • The names of Violet Grohl’s two younger sisters are Harper Willow Grohl and Ophelia Grohl.
  • My Hero, Nirvana, the stage presentations of the Foo Fighters, and many other songs have been covered by Violet Grohl in some of her most well-known performances.

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