How Old Is Therese Coffey? Age, Early Life, Career, Networth & More Updates In 2022!

Since September 6, 2022, Therese Coffey, a British politician, has served as both the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

She was previously Secretary of State for Work and Pensions from 2019 to 2022. She is a Conservative Party member.

Theresa Coffey’s Early Life

On November 18, 1971, Coffey was born in Billinge, Lancashire, but spent the majority of her early years in Liverpool. She had St. Edward’s School in Liverpool and St. Mary’s School in Rhos on Sea as her top two school options.

She was actively involved in numerous facets of the Oxford Union while attending Somerville School in Oxford. She made the decision to continue her study after that and enrolled at College School London.

She graduated from College School London with a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1998.

how old is therese coffey

Coffey worked for Mars, Inc. for several years after graduating from college, holding a variety of positions, including financial director for Mars Drinks UK, until he decided to leave the organization. She then began working as a director for the BBC in the division of property finance.

Coffey was a candidate for the Conservative Party in Wrexham for the general election of 2005. 20% of the total votes were cast for her (6,079 votes). She was now in third position.

Coffey ran as a candidate for South East England in the European Parliament elections in June 2004.

Coffey did not win the election even though he was the eighth candidate when this proportional representation method was applied. The Conservative Celebration received 35.2% of the vote and four seats, which explains this.

Coffey, a resident of Andover, Hampshire, just missed being elected by one vote to the European Parliament in 2009 to represent South East England. Despite the fact that she was the fifth candidate on the party list, the Conservative Party was still able to garner 34.79 percent of the vote and four seats.

Therese Coffey’s Age

Therese Coffey, now 50, was born in Billinge, Lancashire, on November 18, 1971. She has British citizenship and is a member of the white ethnicity. Scorpio is her astrological sign.


Thérèse Coffey has a charming 1.65m height and a pleasing body weight that go well with her personality.

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 Therese Coffey Career 

how old is therese coffeyShe was a director in the BBC’s property finance division. In the Wrexham constituency of the 2005 general election, Coffey ran as a Conservative Party candidate. With 6,079 votes or 20% of the vote, she received, she came in third.

Coffey ran for election as a representative of South East England to the European Parliament during the June 2004 elections.

Even though Coffey placed tenth on the list under this proportional representation system, he did not win the election. This is due to the Conservative Celebration’s 35.2% electoral victory and four seats.

Coffey almost missed getting elected to the European Parliament for South East England in 2009 while residing in Andover, Hampshire. Despite the fact that she was the fifth candidate on the party list, the Conservative Party received four seats and 34.79% of the vote.

Since 2010, Coffey has served as Suffolk Coastal’s Member of Parliament (MP).

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Value of Thérèse Coffey

The value of Thérèse Coffey Around $5 million is thought to be Thérèse Coffey’s net worth. Her career as a politician is her primary source of income. With other revenues from her job, Thérèse Coffey makes about $1 million a year in income.

She is one of the most wealthy and powerful politicians in the UK. Her lucrative business has allowed her to live a luxury lifestyle and take extravagant excursions.

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