How Old Is Broly? Everything You Needs to Know In 2022!

In the most recent Dragon Ball Super film, how old is Broly? If you stick around, we might have an answer for you to this question that many of our fans have been asking repeatedly.

Since Broly was reintroduced, many inquiries have been made concerning him, including his age and other details.

Because after Dragon Ball Super Broly became Canon, everything we knew about the original Broly was tossed out the window.

Everyone was thrilled to learn that, immediately following the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super, a new Dragon Ball Super Broly film will be released.

It was the cherry on top for those of us who enjoy Dragon Ball. However, there were a lot of negative reactions to Broly’s comeback.

Because of the long-running feud between Broly and Goku in past films, fans expected a new character to be introduced in this one.

To be quite honest, when I originally learned that Broly would be returning, I was extremely upset.

However, after watching a few movie trailers, I became heated up and eager to watch the film.

Apart from Goku and Vegeta, Broly is the strongest Saiyan still alive.

But instead of discussing Broly’s sexual orientation in this article, we’re going to learn how old he was in the most recent Dragon Ball super movie.

How Old Is Broly?

how old is brolyAt the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Super Movie, Broly was 52 years old. He was 35 years old and still living with his father Paragus on the planet Vapma during Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga.

On the planet Vegeta during the Dragon Ball era of 732, Broly was born. King Vegeta banishes infant Broly to a planet named Planet Vampa after learning that the child would grow up to be stronger than his own son Vegeta.

Paragus, Broly’s father, searched for him on the planet, but he and his friend Beats ran into problems and were unable to escape.

This was a result of Paragus and his companion being stranded there for some time after their spaceships sustained damage.

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Dragon Ball Z: The Super Movie, Broly on Planet Vampire

Therefore, seven years later, Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta; from this point on, time passed and Baby Broly remained on Planet Vampa.

For young Broly, life became difficult, and he ultimately learned to fight. Because Kid Broly was too powerful one day, his father Paragus cut off his tail, and he changed into a giant ape.

Sometimes Broly would lose control, and his father, who is a bad man, would construct a collar that would electrocute Broly if he did.

In this manner, Paragus can manage and soothe Broly. In a sense, Broly became his father’s prisoner.

All of this was taking place while the Dragon Ball plot unfolded. At the time of the 749th Dragon Ball start, Broly was 17 years old.

Dragon Ball Z begins at age 761, while Vegeta and Nappa landed on earth and were beaten at age 762.

In order to find the Dragon Balls, the Z fighters travel to Planet Namek, where Gokus transforms into a Super Saiyan and vanquishes Frieza.

Broly is now 34 years old at this point. Future Trunks then showed up in Dragon Ball Age 764 and informed the Z fighters about the future and the Androids.

But throughout this time, Broly remained on the planet Vampa.

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Age of Broly during The Cell Saga

how old is broly

Broly is now 35 years old in Dragon Ball Age 767, and everyone on earth was engaged in a battle against Perfect Cell.

Then, in Dragon Ball Age 774, Majin Buu was made public, and by this time, Broly had reached the age of 42.

Time goes on, and in the Dragon Ball Z era 778, Beerus invades Earth and engages Super Saiyan God Goku in combat.

Broly is 46 years old at this point. When the Tournament of Power was held in Dragon Ball Age 780, Android 17 from Universe 7 won the competition.

Soon later, Broly was brought to Earth by Frieza to battle Goku and Vegeta after being saved from the planet Vampa.

After a protracted, epic struggle, Goku and Vegeta combined to form Gogeta, who then vanquished Broly.

The Dragon Balls and Broly were later returned to the planet Vampa, where Broly is now 48 years old.

When we skip ahead to Dragon Ball Age 784, Super and Dragon Ball Z come to an end.

However, Broly is 52 years old since he is most likely still alive at the end of Dragon Ball Z Super.

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