How Old Is Bill Clinton? Age, Wife, Career, Networth & More Info In 2022!

Former American President Bill Clinton is renowned for his balanced budget policy and historically high employment rates.

Early Years

On August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas, William Jefferson Blythe III was given the name Clinton. Three months prior to his birth, his father passed away unexpectedly in a car accident.

Soon after his birth, his mother Virginia Dell Cassidy relocated to New Orleans to get a nursing degree, while his maternal grandparents Eldridge and Edith Cassidy reared him in Hope.

He was raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas when his mother moved there after her 1950 homecoming and subsequent marriage to Roger Clinton Sr. Clinton changed his name legally when he reached 15 and almost immediately started using his stepfather’s last name.

As a senator for Boys Nation, Clinton went to the White House in 1963 to speak with the president at the time. This occasion, along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” address, motivated a young Bill Clinton to pursue public service.

Clinton continued on to Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where he received a degree in foreign service and later attended. He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to University College, Oxford after graduating.

Clinton attended Yale Law School after leaving Oxford. Here, he first met Hillary Rodham, a fellow law student whom he would later marry. Clinton was elected class president at Georgetown in 1964 and 1965. Additionally, he worked as a clerk and an intern in Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas’ office.

On October 11, 1975, Bill and Hillary Rodham got married. Chelsea, their lone child, was born on February 27th, 1980.

Age of Bill Clinton

how old is bill clintonOn August 19, 1946, Bill Clinton was conceived. Bill Clinton is currently 76 years old. A well-known former US president is Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton Height

As previously stated, Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946. Bill Clinton has been alive for 76 years. The former president of the US is 1.88 meters tall.

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Bill Clinton Wife

how old is bill clinton

Chelsea Clinton is the name of the kid born to Bill and Hilary Clinton. His path into public service was paved by a chance encounter with John F. Kennedy, the president at the time.

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Professional Life

how old is bill clinton

Following his legal education, Clinton returned to his native Arkansas and started working as a law professor at the University of Arkansas. In 1974, he ran for the House of Representatives and lost to Republican incumbent John Paul Hammerschmidt by a razor-thin margin.

In the general election that followed, he ran unopposed for attorney general of Arkansas in 1976, winning the job. He was elected governor at the age of 32 after defeating Republican Lynn Lowe at the age of 31 just two years later, making him the youngest governor in the nation.

The public was drawn to Clinton because of his emphasis on healthcare and education reform. Even the possibility of him running for president in 1988 was considered. Clinton was prepared to run by 1992.

He defeated incumbent President George H.W. Bush and his running mate Al Gore in the 1992 presidential election, and they both lost. He was elected to a second term in 1996 after serving his first term as president from 1993 to 1997.

From 1997 until 2001, he served as president for the second time. He signed the Brady Bill, and the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, and increased the earned income tax credit while he was in office.

In addition, he named Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg as justices of the Supreme Court in 1993 and 1994, respectively. His 66% approval rating upon leaving office was the highest of any President since World War II.

He did experience some difficult times during his time in the White House, though. On December 19, 1998, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Clinton. He had been impeached by the House 228–206 for allegedly lying to a grand jury, and he has been removed from office again 221-212 for obstructing the administration of justice.

The accusations that Clinton had tried to improperly hide and cover up his relationship with White House staffer Monica Lewinsky served as the foundation for the impeachment process. In the end, Clinton was exonerated by the Senate on both accusations. Andrew Johnson was the first US president to be impeached, and Donald Trump was the most recent.

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Worth of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton has had a very successful career and is very well-liked. Bill Clinton gained a lot of support. Here is the information if you are one of those people that search for Bill Clinton’s net worth. Bill Clinton’s net worth is reportedly $30 million, according to acknowledge.

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