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Live Tv Channels, Sports, Pricing, Plans, and Packages on Hulu !

One of the most well-known streaming services available is Hulu, which provides a variety of subscriptions. Currently, monthly subscriptions cost $7, but starting in October, costs will double.

What each of Hulu’s four packages — Hulu (Ads), Hulu (No Ads), Hulu (Ads) + Live TV, and Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV — will give you for your money is shown in the chart below. There is yet another breakdown of Hulu’s numerous add-ons.

Hulu costs how much?

Starting on October 10, the price of Hulu (with advertisements) will increase to $8 per month or $80 per year from its existing $7 monthly or $70 annual cost. All of Hulu’s on-demand content is accessible with this package via advertisements.

You’ll need to upgrade to Hulu (No Ads), which is at present at $13 per month, to stream without commercials. On October 10, the cost of the ad-free plan will rise to $15 per month.

how much is hulu live tv

There are a few options available to subscribers who desire live TV in addition to Hulu’s on-demand selection. Starting at $70 a month, Hulu + Live TV offers access to Disney Plus and ESPN+ as well as over 75 other channels.

The Handmaid’s Tale and Only Murders in the Building are two Hulu original programs, as are popular current TV shows like “What We Do in the Shadows” and vintage sitcoms like “I Love Lucy,” which are all available to view on-demand with any Hulu plan.

What is the price of the Hulu package with Disney Plus and ESPN+?

Disney Plus and ESPN+ are included in a reduced package from Hulu. The current starting price for the package on Hulu’s ad-supported plan is $14 per month.

However, when Disney Plus introduces a new ad-supported tier on December 8, bundle options and pricing will change.

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Basic Hulu Plan

The most user-friendly tier of the service is Hulu Basic, which offers a large selection of series and movies that you may watch with sporadic ads. In addition to whole seasons of your favorite included shows, you can watch live TV replays of the episodes the day after they air. You can also access the Hulu Originals collection of material including popular shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Little Fires Everywhere, and more with basic Hulu.

Although the advertising can be viewed as a “downside,” Hulu Basic allows users to benefit from the same technical features as its more expensive subscription packages. These consist of:

how much is hulu live tv

  • 30 day no cost trial
  • Autoplay functionality and a 1080p/60fps viewing experience
  • Your “My Stuff” page contains personalized show recommendations and stored programs.
  • Making up to six profiles to create individualized streaming recommendation systems
  • capability for 2.0 stereo and 5:1 surround sound

You may also get this membership tier for $69 per year if you want to buy a year’s worth of memberships at once. You can still access Hulu and its extensive library of shows and movies thanks to this, which is competitive with current cable and on-demand alternatives from other providers given the size of their continually expanding streaming library.

This is probably the subscription plan for you if you don’t mind advertisements, like the choice of specialty channels and tailored add-ons, and want a straightforward streaming service with lots of options similar to Youtube TV. Given that it offers affordable monthly and annual prices, it is the greatest option for streamers on a tight budget.

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Plan for Hulu (No Ads)

Many of the advantages of the standard Hulu Basic subscription are available with a Hulu (No Ads) account. Your viewing experience won’t be interrupted by commercial breaks if you choose the No-Ads plan, which is the primary distinction between the two packages. Given that you can take advantage of all the technical advantages and the same content catalog as the Basic plan, this is one of Hulu’s most affordable subscriptions.

how much is hulu live tv

You may have a more binge-worthy autoplay experience that can liven up your nights for an additional $6 per month (putting your total cost to $12.99 per month). You always have the choice of selecting some supplementary add-ons if you’re looking for a live TV streaming service.

This option’s exclusions list from Hulu is the only real “contradiction.” While the Hulu No Ads plan does, of course, guarantee no advertisements, there are a few situations when you might be required to take a little pause in between episodes.

Overall, this bundle is for you if you want a premium viewing experience that is comparable to traditional TV options. Streamers will be able to binge-watch in peace on Friday nights thanks to no commercial breaks and a large library.


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