Have You Completed Your Wordle for Today? Next, Try These Puzzles.!

There are many games worth your time if you’re still playing Wordle and want new puzzles to keep your mind active.

Wordle challenges users to correctly guess a five-letter word in six or fewer attempts (get some tips here). The game displays grey blocks for incorrect letters, yellow blocks for correct letters in the incorrect spot, and green blocks for correct letters in the correct place after each guess. Although the game is addictive, you have to wait until the following day to play again once you have finished the daily puzzle or used all of your guesses.

Why not use your freshly developed problem-solving talents to solve other puzzles as well? You’ve probably already picked up a few tips, techniques, and lessons from the well-known word game. Wordle isn’t the only app available, after all. Here are 24 other puzzle games.

Multiple Word Wordle Spinoffs: Quordle, Octordle, Doodle, and Sedecordle

Do You Relish a Good Challenge? Check out Quordle, Octordle, Doodle, and Sedecordle if You Enjoy Wordle and Desire a Puzzle Game that Requires More Mental Effort. These Four Word Games Each Have More Rows, Columns, and Words to Solve than Wordle Does. on Dordle, You Must Simultaneously Solve Two Words. Four at Once, Quoddle. Octordle Has Eight Members, and Sedecordle Has Sixteen. Best Wishes.

Every Web Browser Supports Playing Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, and Sedecordle.

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Word Master

You Have Six Chances to Correctly Identify a Five-Letter Word Using This Wordle Replica, but With a Small Change. Similar to The Original, Word Master Uses Blocks in Shades of Grey, Yellow, and Green. What Makes It Unique from Wordle? You Don’t Have to Wait a Full Day to Play Word Master Because There Are No Time Limits.

Word Master Is Playable with Any Web Browser.

Hello World

Another Wordle Remake, Hello World, Gives You Six Chances to Guess a Word and Tracks Your Success Using the Same Coloured Blocks. You Can Modify the Number of Letters in The Word You’re Guessing on Hello World in Addition to Playing an Endless Number of Games.

Choose a Four-Letter Word to Guess, or Use the Game’s Slider to Go up To an 11-Letter Word. Regardless of How Long a Word Is, You Still Have Six Chances to Guess It.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Hello World.


The Content Warning for the Lewdle States that Before Playing, “the Game Lewdle Is About Foul Language. Go Play Wordle if The Use of Profanity, Vulgarity, or Obscenity Is Likely to Upset You.” It Is Wordle, but With Offensive Language. the Language Ranges from Polite—like “poopy”—to Offensive—words that Would Make a Sailor Blush.

Slurs Are Not Featured, Despite the fact that The Game Uses a Lot of Foul Language. Similar to Wordle, There Is Only One Puzzle per Day and You Have Six Chances to Correctly Identify a Five-Letter Word. Gray, Yellow, and Green Blocks Are Also Employed in The Same Way. Let the Foul Language Fly at Will!

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Lewdle.

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The “adversarial Variation” of Wordle, According to Absurdle, Absurdle “is Aggressively Trying to Avoid Giving You the Answer,” According to The Game’s Website, Whereas Wordle Guides You Toward the Correct Answer with Each Guess. the Player Is Not Given a Word to Guess at The Start of The Game by Absurdle.

to Make the Game Last as Long as Feasible, It Instead Uses the Player’s Predictions to Reduce the Number of Words on Its List. Even a Yellow Letter from One of Your Previous Predictions that Was Included in The Final Word Might Not Be Present. the Most Points You Can Earn Is Four Guesses, and You Can Guess as Often as You Like, Which Is Useful. Fun Times!

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Absurdle.


Wordle Is Entertaining, but What if There Was a Crossword Component as Well? Come On, Crosswordle. You Must Determine how Two Words Differ in Length and Intersect One Another in This Wordle-Inspired Game. There Is One Puzzle a Day, with Identical Grey, Yellow, and Green Colour Blocks. on The Other Hand, It Appears that You Can Guess as Often as You Like up Until You Either Get the Words or Give Up.

Crosswordle, in Contrast to Other Wordle-Based Games, Allows You to Make Your Own Unique Crosswordle Puzzle to Share with Your Friends. Here Is One I Created. as If Crosswordle Weren’t Challenging Enough, the Settings Tab Reveals that The Developers Are Developing a Hard Mode.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Crosswordle.


Are You Sick and Tired of Seeing That Green Blocks All Over Your Social Media Feeds? Try out Antiwordle. Whereas Wordle Wants You to Correctly Guess a Word Each Day in As Few Attempts as You Can, Antiwordle Wants You to Guess the Word Incorrectly as Many Times as You Can. Letters Will Turn Grey, Yellow, or Red Depending on Your Guess.

Gray Indicates that The Letter Is Absent from The Word and Cannot Be Used Again, Yellow that The Letter Is Present in The Word and Must Be Considered in Every Subsequent Guess, and Red that The Letter Is in The Precise Location Within the Word and Is Locked in Place. You Succeed if You Can Type with All the Letters on The Keyboard but Still Get the Wrong Term. Although It Seems Simple, I’ve Found This Iteration of Wordle to Be Considerably More Challenging than The Original.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Antiwordle.

Lordle of The Rings

The Wordle Game Lordle of The Rings Is for Tolkien Fans Who Want to Participate. Players Get Six Chances to Correctly Guess a Five-Letter Word from The Primary Lord of The Rings Text Using the Grey, Yellow, and Green Blocks that Are Present. Characters Like Frodo and Smaug, as Well as Less Well-Known Individuals Like Turin, Hurin, and Idril, Are Among the Possible Guesses. There Is Only One Puzzle per Day, but You Are Free to Play It More than Once on The Same Day.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Lord of The Rings.


Primel Is for You if You Prefer Working with Numbers. You Get Six Chances in This Game to Guess a Five-Digit Prime Number. There Is Only One Puzzle Available Each Day, and The Grey, Yellow, and Green Colour Blocks Are Back. However, the fact that The Game only Takes Predictions that Are Prime Numbers Makes It Much More Annoying. when You Include the Wordle Component, You’ll Undoubtedly Be Perplexed.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Primel.

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For Those Who Are More Interested in Numbers, There Is Also Nerdle. You Have to Hazard a Guess as To the Math Problem and Its Resolution This Time. Remember Pemdas. You Have Six Chances to Correctly Estimate the Equation and Solution, and The Equation Itself Must Be Sound Mathematically.

Numbers or Symbols that Are in The Right Location in The Equation After Each Guess Will Be Green; Those that Are in The Wrong Place in The Equation Will Be Purple; and Those that Are Not in The Equation Will Be Black. You Must Wait Eight Hours Before Starting the Next Puzzle After Completing the Previous One. This Is a Hint: In The Puzzle, the “=” Sign Is Always Present. Later On, You Can Thank Us.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Needle.

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The Same Team that Created #culture Tags Also Created Iykyk, a Wordle and #culture Tags Card Game Hybrid. You Must Identify the Acronym in This Game in Three Guesses or Less After Being Given the Acronym. After Your Second Guess, You Are Also Given the Green, Yellow, and Grey Blocks, the Initial Letter of Each Word, the Number of Letters in Each Word, and A Suggestion. Despite Being Built on #culture Tags, Iykyk Doesn’t Utilise All of The Same Acronyms.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Iykyk.

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Dislike Both Words and Numbers? Test out Worldle. You Are Given Six Chances to Identify the Country or Territory Displayed in This Geography-Based Wordle Spinoff. You See Distance, Direction, and Proximity Percentage, Similar to A Game of Hot and Cold, Instead of Grey, Yellow, and Green Blocks Indicating Letters or Numbers Following Each Guess. for Instance, if You Selected Chile, Worldle May Display 13,557 Kilometres and An Arrow with A 32% Northeastern Direction.

According to This, There Is a 32% Closeness Rate and The Correct Nation or Territory Is Located 13,557 Kilometres to Chile’s Northeast. You’re Chilly, It’s True. There Is Just One Puzzle per Day, and Players Have the Option to Make the Game Harder by Either Hiding the Country or Randomly Switching It Out.

Every Web Browser Supports Playing Worldle.


Can You Identify a Song After Just a Few Seconds of Listening? You Have Heard. in This Game, a Song from A List of Musicians Who Are Frequently Streamed Is Picked, One Second of The Song Is Played, and You Have to Guess What It Is. Each Incorrect Guess Reveals More of The Music, Giving You a Total of Six Guesses.

Additionally, Skipping a Turn Allows You to Hear More of The Song. a Timer Will Indicate how Much Time Has Passed Since You Completed the Problem or Whether You Failed to Complete It.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Heardle.

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Name that Ride

Do You Consider Yourself to Be a Gearhead Who Can Distinguish Between a 1955 and A 1957 Chevy Bel Air? Try Name that Ride, It Might Be Fun. in This Game, when More of The Image Is Shown, You Have 20 Seconds and Six Guesses to Identify the Car.

when You’re Confident that You Recognise the Car in The Image, Click Guess to Pause the Countdown and Type Your Response. There Is a Pre-Determined List of Vehicles, so Even if You Are Unsure of A Vehicle’s Year, You Can Make a Good Approximation.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Name that Ride.


In Lookdle, Which Is Similar to Name that Ride, You Must Determine Which Famous Person Is Depicted in A Pixelated Image. You Are Given Five Chances to Guess, and With Each Incorrect Selection, the Image Becomes Increasingly Clear. There Is Also a Pre-Set List of Names You Can Select From, but Not Every Well-Known Person Is on The List.

This Can Be Advantageous Since It Limits the Potential Participants in Each Image or Detrimental Because It May Exclude the Person You Assume Is There.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Lookdle.

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Try Framed if You Can Decipher a Movie by Just Looking at A Few Frames. in This Game, You Must Infer a Movie’s Title from A Succession of Frames. Each Incorrect Guess Earns You an Additional Movie Frame, Giving You a Total of Six Guesses. the Frames Can Also Be Reviewed by Clicking Back Through Them.

the Frames, in My Opinion, Progress from Being Rather Neutral to Becoming More Precise. as, With the Other Games on This List, You Can Choose From A Pre-Determined List of Movies, Which Could Assist You Determine the Title of The Movie without Guessing.

Any Web Browser Can Be Used to Play Framed.

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