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Frank’s Speech App: How Do I Get the Frank Speech App?

frank's speech app

What is Frank’s Social Media App?

In order to receive a VIP invitation for the app’s anticipated debut, Frank App has encouraged users to provide their mobile phone number.

People were unable to submit their phone numbers repeatedly, though, as the software tries to prevent spam. It is currently plagued by so many problems that the app was unable to launch on schedule.

There is a static page on the website for now, and by April 20th, the organization hopes to release the app.

How Do I Get the Frank Speech App?

Upon launch from the Apple Appstore, the Frank speech platform with the app is available for download. Additionally, the download location would be at

Sincere words It was supposed to be launched by Mike Lindell, but it has yet to do so.

Frank Speech App for Android

With the aid of a third-party server, downloading the Frank app is fairly simple.


To download programs from unknown sources, simply navigate to your Menu>Settings>Security menu.


Go to any independent app store that offers access to the app now, and then click the download option.


Click to install the program after it has been downloaded.


You can use the app after installing it.

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2. Frank speech App iPhone, iOS

Once the software is released, an official version will also be made available for iOS users.

Once the app is accessible on the Appstore, you may quickly download it for your convenience.

The steps would be largely the same as those for downloading any other software from the Appstore.

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Frank the Free Speech Advocate Features

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How Should I Use the Frank Social Media Platform?

The only thing that is well-known about its use is that the app’s design would make it very user-friendly and allow for free speech.

The number of times a person can use the message and video uploading services during the day would not be limited. There would be writing and typing board and a platform for posting videos that would allow them to submit as many video and audio files as they like.

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