Elisabeth Moss Weight Gain: Why Did Elisabeth Moss Weight Gain In 2022?

The Handmaid’s Tale star Lisabeth Moss is a well-known actress who has had success in theatre, television, and film.

Born in Los Angeles, Moss was trained in dance techniques and was an avid dancer as a young child, even taking ballet classes at the esteemed School of American Ballet.

However, her time as a professional dancer was brief because she attracted acting assignments in her early years.

Her acting career began on television when she had several appearances in shows in the early 1990s. She gradually made the switch to film, but it wasn’t until she starred in James Mangold’s Girl, Interrupted in 1999 that she found success.

Even after ten years of acting, Moss found it difficult to break through in the early 2000s, but she continued to earn money from commercials while pursuing larger film roles.

In the latter half of the decade, she found employment in further TV programs and as a supporting actress in a number of films in addition to making her Broadway debut in Speed-the-Plough.

Moss continued to work in theatre throughout the decade, but she also increased her involvement in TV and movies. She has been starring as Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale since 2017, for which she won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama Series.

Fans are also enquiring about the financial success of Moss’ three-decade-long career in light of the recent confirmation of a fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Elisabeth Moss on The Handmaid’s Tale: Pregnant?

elisabeth moss weight gain

The actress’s pregnancy has not been hinted at by Moss or her representatives. Therefore, it’s feasible that these are just wild conjectures. Such misconceptions frequently circulate when an actress plays a pregnant woman on screen.

Although real-life pregnancies are occasionally used in a show’s plot, sometimes it is just what the character is experiencing. The Handmaid’s Tale’s second season shows June carrying Commander Fred Waterford’s child.

Moss once shared a marriage with ‘Saturday Night Live’s famed actor and comedian Fred Armisen. However, their relationship didn’t last long because they broke up less than a year later. There were no kids born to them.

Following that, not much is known about Moss’s dating life because she is renowned for keeping her personal matters out of the spotlight. In a May 2018 interview with Marie Claire, Moss was open and honest about dating, marriage, and having kids.

I do want to be a mother,” the actress acknowledged. I like the concept of sharing what my mum taught me with others. It’s not for everyone, and I wasn’t sure whether it would be for me, but recently, I believe it is. She continued, “However, I have no notion what the strategy is, nor do I know how I want to achieve it.”

Moss stated in the same interview that she is “romantic” and therefore open to being married once more. But she doesn’t think marriage is a requirement for a strong, long-lasting relationship. While she waits patiently for life to reveal its plans for her, it appears that the actress is more concentrated on her work right now.

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Elisabeth Moss: Did She Put on Weight for the Part?

elisabeth moss weight gain

If Elisabeth Moss specifically gained weight for her role in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” it hasn’t been brought up in public. You might recall the actress from the historical drama series “Mad Men,” when she played Peggy Olson.

Peggy begins gaining weight in the first season even though she is not aware that she is pregnant. The actress employed makeup, a fat suit, and clothing with greater padding to make her physical metamorphosis appear believable.

She didn’t actually put on any weight for that part. Moss responded, “I had, like, four phases of padding and then two stages of prosthetic make-up,” when asked about the same in a January 2009 interview with The Guardian. Thank goodness I wasn’t expected to do it myself because I would have, but losing weight would have been more difficult.

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Moss was prepared to gain weight for Peggy’s story arc, but June’s character might have also been that way. She hasn’t mentioned any such stipulation for her part in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” either. We think that her weight gain, if any, has nothing to do with her portrayal of June Osborne, after all, is said and done.

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